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  1. Or is there a lot of trade offers going on early in the season. My 12 team league genrates about 2 or 3 trades (not ww pickups) a season. Can't imagine dropping anyone or picking someone up with only two games to analyze.


    Maybe it just me.

  2. One of those deals where if you drop him he will produce in the second half of the season and if you don't he will do nothing all year except rob a roster spot - really disappointing


    On the serious side: Does anyone think he is worht a roster spot anymore?

  3. Vermil doesn't care about records - lj's record is probably behind when trash day is in his mind. I have LJ and I am tempted to play him over DD (I know this is crzy but I said tempted).


    Go with the bird lovers advice and start Dunn (and just like me watch LJ rack up points for you reserve team)

  4. There in lies the delima - I do not think we have seen this senario in a few years: Two great RB's on one team and them splitting carries.


    I have a somewhat similar senario in that I have DD v. Pitt and am considering starting LJ. This one is a toss up, but I will probably go with the starter and wathc my reserve players rack up the points.

  5. Honestly - you wont find that quality post drat - WR's just don't sneak up and become stars - What you are trying to do is find a good T2 wr


    From the group I like Keshawn - he has burned me in the past, but I am putting a little more faith in him this year due to a decent QB throwing him the ball. And you know Bledsoe won't run so he will have to throw it to someone.