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  1. Doc,


    Standard Performance w/ points for receptions


    RB Thoughts: WDIS (2RBs)


    DD - Facing a tough D with a lowsy O

    Tiki - Good option this week - new guy will steal some points but I think he is a great 2nd this year

    Bell - will he amount to anything or should I try and trade him before he totally crashes

    LJ - Everyone know s the Priest injury senario, but does this guy make your starting lineup or was week 1 a fluke

  2. I am still not convienced that LJ is a starter - I hope so, just look at my lineup. If he wouldn't have slapped his girlfriend then he would be hard to get, but there is a lot of uncertainty around him right now.


    IMO - If you are a gambler - then try and make the deal



    1) Legal trouble

    2) Sharing caries - will it continue - Increase or decrease?

  3. I was very surpriseed by LJ's performance - if you could answer the question of "will it continue" then there would be scrambling all over the league. I guess we will find out with Oak. they should play a little better Def.


    Must say that I haven't seen this senario play out before - really interesting.

  4. Hugh One - all that may be true, but what I am saying is that DD did not produce good numbers and to offer a trade right now - he whould not bring me anything. I like DD, but the Houston O looked pretty bad hopefully they can turn it around this year.


    Similaries = bad opening performance = bad return for a trade offer

  5. Its a gamble - last year they traded great numbers - I think Driver gets open more because most teams double Walker. However, keep in mind one rule:


    Always start your studs - they are there for a reason


    #2?? Driver wouldn't be a bad pick, but I would lean towards a gamble and start Bouldin (no one knows what to expect this year with a true passer in Arz.)

  6. You are right you could use so QB help - but it looks like you went the right direction and got your RBs and some quality WR's too. Depending on the matchup of your QB's your might have a great team (changing the starting position weekly).


    I would hold and see how it goes - don't try to make any deals until you see some performance.