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  1. I was reading "the edge" commentary by Kevin Ratterree and was think of making this add/drop:


    "I avoided drafting Jerry Porter this year, but made it a point to draft Ronald Curry on most of my teams. Bottom line: Curry is a superior talent, and superior talent has a way of rising to the top. Porter's lingering hamstring injury has only reinforced my belief that Curry is a potential super sleeper this season. "


    Drop Wiggins TE

    Add Ronald Curry


    I have Gonzo and was using wiggy for my backup. As you can see (below) I am a littlw weak at WR.


    What do you think??



  2. I picked up T Bell - but I am not expecting much (just hoping). Denver has a revolving door of RB's. No one saw the old man taking the #1 RB slot, but it won't last long. IMO it is just a coaching tactic to get T Bell perfoming better and to apprciate the position not take it for granted.


    To answer your question T Bell will be the #1 RB more times this season than Anderson.

  3. Not sure how you can pass up Payton - I know that eveyone says you should go RB RB, but he can carry a team - the only problem I see is that your keeper RB is not the strongest (more becasue his team than his ability).


    You are probably looking at 250 - 300 pt contribution from the RB's you have to pick from. Payton should land you around 550 - 600. So the math would point you to RB QB (Portis 300 + PM 600 = 900) as opposed to (Portis 300 + RB 300 = 600).


    Not sure if this makes sence, but it is how I would approach this draft. On your followup round be sure to grap top WR's everyone will be done selecting RB's - you won't have the strongest RB tandem, but you will have a solid team.

  4. I stole Larry J. from our Priest owner too. So I am torn between what I can get for him and what he will be worth if PH gets hurt. It is a gamble either way:


    1) If PH stays healty then you get some point during relief and blowouts - so a WR would be more valuable, but...


    2) If PH gets hurt then you have a Tier 1 RB and no WR is worth that...

  5. I would give the advantage to SJ - he seems to be running downhill and I expect a lot from him this year. And the offense can move the ball so they D can't stack the line. I wish I would have seen this game prior to my draft - I drafted Tiki over SJ and I think that may have been a mistake - hopefull not.

  6. Not sure I buy into all the dowside talk about Tiki this year. I am sure he will not get as many carries because of the new guy (name?), but how could a coach not utilize him in the same manner when he produced so much last year.


    I expect a reduction, but not substantial.


    Any thoughts?

  7. I have posted this before and gained valuable knowledge - so I am looking for some more data.


    Our league gives qb's a point for completions (I won't post the whole socring system) the rest is normal performance. So qb's score a lot of points - top 13 scorers were qb's with the 14th being a RB.


    Looking for some position drafting advice. I was thinking going RB RB WR TE/WR and then QB.


    Any of you drafted #9 and have some experience to pass on.

  8. If Randy Moss is #1 (Tier1) WR then why is K. Collins so low in the qb rating - most drafts have him going in round 6. I see a lot of overlooked value here - what do ya'll think?


    I am drafting 9th in a 12 team league and think I can pick him up in round 5 or 6 - might be some hidden value there - what if Dante's # were wrapped around Moss - it might transfer to Collins.

  9. I am in the same slot, but a 12 team league. I have run every senario and come to the conclusion that my gameplan is totally dependant on what the 1st 8 picks are. My league favors passing QB (giving points for completions) but like you said after PM and DC the 3- 10 group are all about the same.


    Not sure if this helps - but more than liekly the top 2 qbs will be gone by my pick (which is good - should push done so quality rb's). I am going to load up on RB's and then teir 1 TE or top tier 2 WR and hope for some quality during round 5 at qb.


    Let me know if you think this is crazy.