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  1. Tough call - dpends if you think Cincy will maintain this run. I had CJ last year and he would be great one week and stink the next - very streaky.


    On the other hand - FWP will start to lose touches as his team get healthier and they face tougher matchups.


    In short - Go ahead and do it - you are already strong at RB (First - Check your TO and Moss owners to see if they need RB help - they probably do since they spent a pick on those guys)

  2. This deal would be an upgrade RB v. RB (IMO)


    WRs - not sure J Smith can litght it up, but he can also stink it up. I like Moulds better so I would go for this deal.


    Of course, I am making some assumptions without scoring knowledge.

  3. Bruce (recently traded in my league) has produced great numbers the last two weeks. I see no reason for his numbers to decrease, but everyone keep talking about Curtis stealing some throws and it could start happening.


    I like to gamble a little too much so I am leaning towards Cole with the old gamblers thought process: He's due!!

  4. I had Akers too and I just dropped him - he is not that valuable and there are others perfoming better. I know he is supposed to be a teir 1 Kicker (is there such a thing?), but if you look at the numbers for last year the kicker line is flat (all are the same).


    IMO - Pick up another

  5. LJ is not a one week wonder - he may not produce at Gonzo's level but he is a great TE and Mcnabb is gaining more and more confidence.


    Other than that i see this a a teir 2 or 3 transaction. Trading points depending on matchups. At the end of the season there will not be a handful of difference in points.