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  1. Which one to start in my flex? Thanks
  2. I need a FLex!! URGENT!!!

    Dede vs that secondary
  3. Higbee great matchup with Everett out but he looks like a lumbering blocker out there. Griffin has been decent but Cincy in the middle of the pack vs TE’s. 1 pt PPR- thanks
  4. I drafted this guy in the 6th round and have been holding onto his ass all year. But I really don’t think he’s going to risk playing on a crappy team during his contract year. Idk why the Bungles just don’t put him on IR
  5. Both have great match ups- vs Cincy and Giants but don’t trust either qb. Lamar and Balt will want to run vs bad def and Darnold has been horrible but they will throw. Thanks
  6. Conley or Jeffery!

    Wouldn’t drop any of them for Conley but if you felt strong enough to do so, would be Curtis
  7. Conley or M Williams? 1 pt ppr

    Thanks- any other opinions? Williams leads all receivers in air yards in the last 4 weeks but I truly can go either way. Both games have potential to be high scoring
  8. Williams is due and will have the better match up in the game with King from pack in coverage. Conley has a great match up vs Houston beat up defense but could be a sloppy rain game in London. Is Dede playing?
  9. Jets or Eagles this week?

    Eagles, Jets are a bad team with lots of injuries on the defensive side. Plus, Eagles are at home and Jets on the road. Actually think Miami has a chance to win this game w Fitz at QB
  10. Should I pick him up?

    Only thing OJ Howard is going to explode is diarrhea
  11. League only allows four RB’s and just had Kerryon go on IR. Have Gurley, Montgomery, Ty Johnson and Walton. Receivers are Hopkins, Anderson, Gallup and C Davis. Thanks
  12. Line up in sig team 2. Someone offering me Edelman for Montgomery straight up. Just lost Kerryon so I don’t have RB depth. But Montgomery has been garbage. Full point ppr. Appreciate thoughts
  13. Team 2 in sig, I would be getting Ertz. PPR, thanks in advance
  14. Hit accept fast before they change their mind