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  1. WDIS TE?

    I would go with McMichael. if Smith has another week this week like had last week (or even semi close) then I would start thinking about him, until then I would start McMichael
  2. Davis v Dillon

    If it were me Dillon would not leave my lineup. then I would start Julius Jones and see what Davis does this week. remember he is a little banged up.
  3. Stevens Cooley Heiden Anderson
  4. RB issues

    I would go with Martin if you HAVE to make the decision now. he is the best of the choices you have.
  5. here's another wdis

    I would trust Collins (especially since he has Moss now) against a good defense before I would trust Warner behind that bad Cardinal line against a good defense.
  6. Mewelde Moore

    IMO Bennett is the best RB they have. I don't expect either RB to have a great game running the ball. I would not be suprised to see both do decent in the passing game though. my predictions Bennett = 40 yards rushing 70 yards recieving and a TD Moore = 30 yards rushing and 40 yards recieving. When a QB is struggling like Culpepper the best thing you can do is shrink the offense down and make it simpler. I would expect a shorter passing game with the TE's and RB's more involved and then to stretch the field as the day goes on.
  7. I am STARTING KROB this week

    Yeah then after we do that we can jump off a cliff together. On the serious side I think Koren will eventually be there go to player on offense, not sure it will be this week though.
  8. WDIS. Favre or Greise

    Griese is going against the easier defense. I would go with him. Favre had a hard time looking good against the Browns last week yet the Buccaneers.
  9. What you make this trade?

    This deal would not even cross my mind. I would stay put .
  10. Palmer for Gonzo?

    I would make this trade if I was you. you still have Bulger to start.
  11. who would you rather have?..........

    I would go with Dillon. he does not get the catches as you said. but he does get the TD's. and playing on the Patriots I would expect at least 15 from him this year if he stays healthy.
  12. I would make this trade. let Culpepper have a good week this week (this is what I expect anyways)..then unload him the following week as everyone jumps back on his bandwagon.
  13. Dump or keep

    If I was to hold onto a Bronco back it would be Anderson. I would not drop Anderson for Jacobs.
  14. Was I way off?

    I would not give you Johnson for Palmer either. His 2nd trade looks like 1 that was just meant to pizz you off because he felt it was a dumb offer and you were trying to take advantage of him(I have been known to this myself). My opinion is the offer was not that bad for him to be pizzed about though.
  15. He has been thrown to 10 times this year and has 9 catches. no reason for this stat (his catches)not to increase.