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  1. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

    James Lofton is a horrible announcer.
  2. Need help w/ ESPN

    Can't he just manually switch the players?
  3. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

    I think it is only on tv in local markets. Yahoo is streaming it: https://nflstream.yahoo.com/
  4. Alfred hasn't played any special teams snaps so far this year. He played 3 special teams snaps last year in 14 games active. The Dallas coaches must like him. He did play very well in the preseason. He had 158 yards on 30 carries. Though McFadden also did well with 102 yards on 20 carries. Maybe Morris has been active because they prefer his power running between the tackles over McFadden's all-around skills. Usually a team would want a different kind of running back as a change of pace but maybe Dallas has Morris as the second running back because they just want more between-the-tackles power running due to the strength of their offensive line. The only reason I can think of why they might have had Morris active while preferring McFadden is that they wanted to keep McFadden healthy for when he is actually needed.
  5. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    Dang, I had totally forgotten about him. He is only 27!
  6. Howard not on injury report?

    Howard the Cuck
  7. Devante Parker projection

    Buster Skrine is only 5'9". DeVante Parker is 6'3". DeVante Parker isn't good at getting separation but he is good at coming down with jump balls. Jay Cutler isn't afraid to throw him jump balls in coverage. Skrine's shortness could definitely be exploited. This might be enough reason for Claiborne to be covering Parker the whole game. I'm sitting Parker for Joe Mixon. It might be a foolish move by me.
  8. What Site do you use?

  9. Bradford Out

    The dreaded second opinion................
  10. Derrick Henry

    I wish I would have drafted Henry. He generally went in round 6 in my drafts which is a high price to pay for a player who is potentially just a part time player. But sometimes you just gotta go for the players with talent and let things work themselves out. Henry to get 'significant workload' Sunday http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/363770/henry-to-get-significant-workload-sunday?ls=roto:TEN:topheadlines According to ESPN Titans reporter Cameron Wolfe, Derrick Henry is expected to get a "significant workload" regardless of whether or not DeMarco Murray (questionable, hamstring) plays against the Seahawks in Week 3. Per Wolfe, Murray "appears more likely to be out than to have a full workload" on Sunday, even after getting in a limited practice session on Friday. Wolfe said he'd be comfortable firing up Henry as a fantasy RB2 regardless of Murray's status and said he'd even consider bumping him into the RB1 tier if Murray is inactive. Henry out-touched Murray 14-10 in last week's victory over the Jaguars while compiling a career-high 92 rushing yards. It's not an ideal matchup for Henry but his workload should be strong enough to warrant starting consideration in all formats. Source: ESPN.com Sep 22 - 3:13 PM
  11. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    I've never understood why teams don't make a more concerted effort to hire better coaches and general managers. The top paid coaches get $7 or $8 million per year. General managers get paid less than coaches. Kenny Britt just got a 4 year/$32 million contract. Isn't having a top flight coach or general manager worth more than having Kenny Britt (even assuming he was playing well)? I would pay $15 or $20 million per year if that is what it took to get one of the best. I would pay Bill Belichick $50 million per year without hesitation. And it wouldn't even affect the salary cap. There must be some collusion among the owners at work.
  12. Devante Parker projection

    Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
  13. Devante Parker projection

    Sometimes it is very predictable. Some defenses have their top corner shadow the offense's top receiver the whole game regardless of where the receiver lines up. This is especially true when the defense has a shutdown corner. Morris Claiborne isn't a shutdown corner but he is significantly better than the other Jets corners. While in Dallas, Morris started his career playing almost exclusively on the right side of the defense. Then he switched to playing almost exclusively on the left side of the defense. In this type of situation, an offense can put a receiver on the other side of the field to guarantee that they won't be matched up against that corner. I took a look at the Jets highlights from this year. Morris is lining up on both sides of the field. He even has lined up on the slot receiver at times. My guess is that he covered Amari the entire game. If the Dolphins only had one elite receiver, I think Morris would for sure be covering him. With Landry and Parker both being elite, it's a more difficult call.
  14. TNF

    Watkins hadn't been on my radar because of Tyrod Taylor. A receiver has a low ceiling when his quarterback only throws for 3,000 yards and 15 touchdowns in a season. And I figured the situation wouldn't be much better with the Rams. But Goff looks legit. I'd still have injury worries with Watkins but I would still like to own him.
  15. London Games

    You're in England? Are you going to the game?