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  1. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    A lot of similarities between Antonio Brown and Kanye West.
  2. Dalvin Cook holding out.

    The NFL should go back to only having one year contracts. It would solve a lot of problems. Right now some players get paid a ton while producing little and others get paid little while producing a ton.
  3. Drew Brees

    Brees wanted to push his opinion. Exactly the same thing that LeBron did. You're trying to come up with a reason why it is okay for Brees but not LeBron but all you're doing is rationalizing. You've never been able to talk about the Saints objectively.
  4. Drew Brees

    My point was that what you wrote wasn't polished like his speech even though you wrote "See how easy that was? I guess I've been rehearsing that very response this whole time too." And it is far easier to write something polished than speak it.
  5. Drew Brees

    flag it anthem? You need to rehearse a bit more. His speech is polished. And well-written. He is a good speaker. He doesn't pause or collect his thoughts even once during it. 100% canned speech.
  6. Drew Brees

    Yep, he wanted to make sure everyone knows how patriotic he is. Listen to his response. It is clearly rehearsed.
  7. Drew Brees

    You're grasping at straws. There is zero difference. Brees knew he was on a national platform. He knew that question was going to be asked. In fact, it's pretty obvious that his response was practiced. He might have done the interview specifically because he wanted to make that response.
  8. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    The Onion is extremely reliable.
  9. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Roger Goodell Insists Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Wanted 17-Game Football Season In Front Of Full Stadiums
  10. DeAndre Hopkins says he's the NFL's best wide receiver

    DeAndre has an overall adp of 11. Anyone here willing to draft him that high?
  11. Bye Weeks 2020

    Week 13 byes hurt in public leagues where the postseason starts in Week 12 but in regular fantasy leagues I love having a player with a Week 13 bye because I will normally have built up nice depth by then. It's much more difficult to have built quality depth by Week 4 or Week 6.
  12. Joe Burrow 'waiting to see before signing Bengals contract

    Are they allowed to withhold the money after he signs?
  13. Joe Burrow 'waiting to see before signing Bengals contract

    It could mean that he could still be traded.
  14. Gronk to the Bucs

    According to playerprofiler.com, he played 50.5% of slot snaps last year. When they had Adam Humphries in 2018, Godwin played 24.2% of slot snaps.
  15. Gronk to the Bucs

    Arians is not going to enforce his beliefs over Tom's. Tom will keep doing what he has been successful doing. Arians might add a little. Arians is a smart offensive mind. I'm curious if they'll add an elite slot receiver? Edelman could still come over. I'm excited if they keep all 3 tight ends. Will they do a 3 tight end/2 wide receiver formation with an empty backfield?