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  1. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Maybe the smartest move would be for Denver to trade down in the first round and stockpile some draft picks in order to trade up for a franchise quarterback next year. Elway probably wouldn't like it but he should be on double secret probation and not have 100% authority over the situation. Although, with ownership in complete disarray, he probably does have 100% authority and won't trade down.
  2. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Whether they should have dedicated more resources to drafting quarterback is a separate issue to the signing of Keenum and the Flacco trade. And to be fair, Denver has been perennially good so from 2012 to 2017 they didn't have a 1st round pick higher than 20. Maybe Elway would have drafted Mayfield or Darnold if they had dropped to 5. And maybe he would have drafted Mahomes or Watson if they had dropped to 20. You could argue that Elway should have sold the farm to move up in the draft. Again, 20/20 vision.
  3. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Keenum had a pretty good season in Minnesota. 22 touchdowns vs 7 interceptions for a 98.3 quarterback rating. But what free agent quarterback should Elway have signed instead of Keenum?
  4. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Flacco might be manure but he has a higher ceiling than Keenum. A 4th round pick has little value compared to the quarterback position. Teams in the NFL generally don't go into a season with the intention of tanking. I'm glad they don't.
  5. Joe Flacco to Denver

    It is easy to criticize. It is easy to look at things in retrospect with 20/20 vision. Getting a franchise quarterback is not easy. Elway gave up a 4th round pick to acquire Flacco and his salary is about the same as Keenum's. It is an insignificant move. The far more important question is whether Denver drafts a quarterback in the 1st round of this year's draft. Last year the Cardinals signed Bradford to an $16 million contract and drafted Rosenrosen. The Browns traded a high 3rd round pick for Tyrod and his $16 million contract and drafted Mayfield. The Jets signed Josh McCown to a $10 million contract and drafted Darnold. Trading for Flacco is a nothing burger. A question to the people criticizing the move: who should Elway have signed instead?
  6. Browns sign Hunt

    It would have been far wiser to return to his room. Even after he was smacked in the face. An NFL career is far more important than dealing with the drama of some crazy biotch.
  7. Joe Flacco to Denver

    This whole quarterback thing is more complicated than anyone here thinks. Fantasy footballers think that being an NFL GM is easy. Teams go many years without a franchise quarterback but people here think it is easy to get one. Baker Mayfield seems legit. Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen might not be franchise quarterbacks. Or they might be. Time will tell. And if they fail, you all will say how stupid the GM was for drafting them. John Elway has not invested much draft capital into the quarterback position. His failings have been gambles. Maybe John Elway has had too much confidence in himself similar to the people in this forum.
  8. Joe Flacco to Denver

    That'll hurt a bit if they can't trade him for a conditional 7th round pick. But I'd pay an extra $7 million for Flacco. Maybe you're right that they should just rebuild. But I'm not going to fault Elway for being competitive and trying to win this year. In the NBA, teams intentionally tank in order to rebuild. General Managers don't do that in the NFL. They sign a stop-gap quarterback while trying to develop another.
  9. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Yup, he's the 26th best quarterback in the league. He might even be the 18th best quarterback with a good offensive line and if he stays healthy. And Case Keenum might even start for some other downtrodden team. I gotta say it's nice being a Packers fan and not having had worry about having a junky quarterback for the last 25 years. Edit: the last 30 years, a big up to Don "Majik" Majkowski!
  10. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I think you are looking at this in a fantasy perspective. Flacco and Keenum have zero fantasy value. Foles, too. What quarterback available on the free agent market is better? Flacco is a small upgrade over Keenum. If Denver has a good offensive line, Flacco will definitely be better than Keenum. If Denver doesn't have a good offensive line, they aren't going to do much in the playoffs anywho. If Denver could sign Aaron Rodgers, they would. But they can't. Beggars can't be choosers. Flacco was the best option of a bunch of bad options.
  11. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Fantasywise, they are equal. But when building a real NFL offense, they provide very different attributes.
  12. Browns sign Hunt

    I'm a feminist. I'm proud to be feminist. But when I watch the video, it looks like the woman is the instigator. At first, Kareem looks like he is trying to diffuse a situation. The woman keeps coming at him. She hits or slaps him in the face. Kareem does do a couple of aggressive shoves. My guess is that she was saying some pretty rude stuff in addition to coming at him. Men are usually the aggressors but sometimes women can be just as crazy. Or even crazier. I think this is one of those instances.
  13. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Flacco and Keenum are opposites in most regards. Flacco is very tall, Keenum is very short. Flacco is immobile, Keenum is mobile. Flacco has a rocket arm, Keenum does not. If Denver can provide good protection, Flacco will be better able to utilize Denver's skilled receivers. Keenum would be a better quarterback if Denver's offensive line fails. I'd rather have the quarterback who will succeed with a good supporting cast than the crafty, short guy that can turn lemons into an average offense.
  14. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Denver only gave up a 4th rounder for Flacco. If they were to have used that pick on an offensive lineman, I wouldn't be any more optimistic about the offensive line. Flacco is due $18.5 million this year while Keenum is due $18 million. If Flacco is even a small upgrade, it is worth it. Denver might even be able to trade Keenum and recoup a little of the draft capital they lost.
  15. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I bet they plan on addressing their offensive line. They probably wouldn't have traded for Flacco otherwise. They really don't have any other needs on offense except tight end. The Broncos' offensive line was respectable last year until injuries set in. Adding a legit OL or two could turn it into an area of strength.