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  1. Martavis Bryant rest of season

    No JuJu is some good juju for Martavis. I had been on the fence. I am now starting Martavis in 3 leagues. I started Vernon in 2 of the 3 leagues so I can't afford a stinker.
  2. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    What a turkey
  3. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    It looks like Vernon will get the start again. Opposing tight ends has scored an average of 19.45 points against the Giants this season which is the most in the NFL by a wide margin. In only one week this season has an opposing tight end not scored more than 10 fantasy points against the Giants. Has a tight end ever won the Turkey Leg Award?

    The food at McDonald's is horrible except for their french fries. But I find myself going there every day when I'm on the road because I can get a 32 ounce iced tea for 99 cents and their wifi is good and easy. Once you log into one McDonald's wifi, you'll automatically log into every McDonald's wifi. Their wifi links up even in the parking lot. I have made many fantasy football free agent pickups in their parking lot.
  5. Martavis Bryant rest of season

    Martavis has a nice matchup this Sunday night against the Packers. Martavis is a receiver that needs the offensive line to block well so that he has time to get deep. The Packers' already anemic pass rush will be worse than normal with Clay Matthews being either out or limited because of a groin injury. Opposing receivers in general have done well against the Packers but fast deep threats have done especially well. The top three receiver performances against the Packers this season have been Marvin Jones (29.70 fantasy points), AJ Green (27.10 fantasy points), and Ted Ginn Jr. (21.10 fantasy points). All three of those receivers are very fast and excellent deep threats. The top two performances, Marvin Jones and AJ Green, are also tall like Martavis. Hopefully the game stays close enough that Ben doesn't hesitate to take deep chances.
  6. Dede Westbrook

    I could see rostering him if I were weak at receiver. Starting him his first week back is sheer lunacy.
  7. checking in

    I've rostered Jamaal where he was available. Samaje Perine, too. I already owned a lot of shares of Orleans Darkwa, Kenyan Drake and Alex Collins. My rosters are getting thick with running backs who are technically starters but still not worth much.
  8. Jordan Reed

    As a fantasy owner currently relying on Vernon Davis, I agree that Jordan Reed should retire immediately! But seriously, I think tight ends are just so big that their feet, ankles, knees, and hips have trouble withstanding all of stress put on them. Also, tight ends aren't very elusive and take some monster hits in the middle of the field.
  9. Leonard Fournette not practicing Friday

    The Browns might just be a good quarterback away from being good.
  10. Leonard Fournette not practicing Friday

    The Browns run defense has been pretty good. Opposing running backs have scored the 10th fewest points against their defense. The 4 running backs that have scored the most against them are Jerrick McKinnon (26.10 points), Buck Allen (21.10 points), Giovani Bernard (16.10 points), and Theo Riddick (13.70). All 4 are running backs that get a lot of receiving points. All 4 had more than 10 fantasy points against the Browns from receiving stats. Allen, Bernard, and Riddick each had a receiving touchdown. This probably doesn't bode well for either Fournette or Ivory.
  11. Fournette (ankle) downgraded to DNP on Friday http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/12132/leonard-fournette Leonard Fournette (ankle) is not practicing Friday. Fournette was limited on Wednesday and Thursday, so this is a downgrade for him. It's possible the team is just being easy on their offensive centerpiece, but this is now something to watch this weekend. Fournette has admitted he's not looking forward to playing in the cold weather at Cleveland this weekend, but we don't see it as a reason to downgrade him from RB1/2 status. The Browns' elite run defense is more of a blockade to his fantasy success. Nov 17 - 11:14 AM Source: Ryan O'Halloran on Twitter
  12. Martavis Bryant rest of season

    Ideally I won't have to start him. He is my 5th receiver. But I do like him more than any receiver on the waiver wire. And he does have nice matchups upcoming. It'll be hard to keep him on the bench week 15 against New England.
  13. Playoff Stashes?

    I haven't cut him either. If Johnson does come back, I'll start him his first week back without hesitation. At this point, it is looking 50/50 that he comes back.
  14. Playoff Stashes?

    It looks likely that Aaron Rodgers will be back week 15. Even if the Packers go 1-3 in the next four weeks, they'll still have a shot to make the playoffs. I doubt Rodgers is the type to sit as long as the Packers aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.
  15. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    The Chiefs have Smith under contract for one more year at $17 million. It would be hard to replace a proven commodity like Smith for an unproven commodity like Mahomes. Smith is still leading the league in passer rating, interception percentage, and average yards per attempt. Any quarterback can have a down game or two. And Smith has had a couple of mediocre games but not a truly bad game. There would be nothing wrong with having Mahomes sit on the bench for another year. The Chiefs are a Super Bowl contender. No matter how much potential Mahomes is showing in practice, pinning your Super Bowl hopes on a first year starter is a hugh gamble.