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  1. Washington has released Jordan Reed

    There are several teams that would be intriguing with Patriots being one of them. Since no team will be willing to pay him much, he'll likely be able to pick a team that is a contender and that will feature him in the receiving game. He has made a lot of money in his career so he isn't going to choose a bad situation just to get a little extra coin. And he must covet the opportunity to play on a team that has a chance to win the Super Bowl after playing for the hapless Redskins for his entire career. It's unlikely I'll invest a draft pick on him in redraft but I wouldn't kick him to the curb if I already owned him on my dynasty team. He was still playing at an elite level the last time he played.
  2. Playoff Expansion

    Yeah, I meant division winners, I fixed it
  3. Playoff Expansion

    I wouldn't mind expanded playoffs if they extended the playoffs by a week. So Week 1, 4 wildcards in each conference would play and the 4 division winners would have byes. Week 2, the 2 winning wildcards in each conference and the 2 bottom division winners would play and the 2 top division winners would have a second bye week.
  4. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Steve's descent has been sad to watch. He was a nice guy his first few years on this board. Now, about 90% of his posts are angry.
  5. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Whataboutism Pot meet kettle
  6. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Lifetime supply
  7. Official QB domino thread

    It's conceivable that Burrows has already notified the Bengals to not draft him. There is no reason to go public with it until he is traded or right before the draft if the Bengals refuse to trade him.
  8. Official QB domino thread

    Brees is still playing at a high level. I have trouble believing that he will retire if he plays well in 2020. He also has the all-time passing touchdown and passing yardage records as incentive to keep playing.
  9. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Rudolph could endorse mayonnaise during the Tomi Lahren hour.
  10. Deal for Dak?

    If the Franchise Tag didn't exist, Mahomes could easily get $55 million/year on the open market.
  11. Jameis Winston underwent LASIK surgery

    No, you do not speak the truth. I believe only the Oracle. I believe!
  12. Deal for Dak?

    Truly elite quarterbacks are vastly underpaid. It makes people believe that tier 2 and tier 3 quarterbacks are overpaid. Dak is easily worth $35 million/year.
  13. Jaguars to London?

    At least field conditions will be proper if they get a permanent team instead of the subpar surface of a soccer field.
  14. 49ers vs Chiefs (Superbowl)

    Andy Reid went full retard running it on 2nd and 1. Never go full retard.
  15. Super Bowl gambling thread

    This is the most evenly matched Super Bowl possible. Either offense and either defense could do well. The most sure thing is that the 49ers' run game will do well, but a run game can't win it alone. Is anyone confident on any bets? I'm thinking prop bets are the most prudent bets.
  16. Eli Manning retiring...

    You can't be serious? He is the Richard Chamberlain of quarterbacks. He was an All Pro zero times. He was never even close to being a top 5 quarterback in the league. He is Trent Dilfer. He is Joe Flacco. He just played longer and won 2 Super Bowls instead of 1. Eli is case in point of how it is possible to win a Super Bowl despite having a middling quarterback. In the his first Super Bowl season, Eli completed 56% of his passes, threw 23 touchdowns, and led the league with 20 interceptions. He had the 25th highest qb rating in the league. They made playoffs with a 10-6 record because of a great run game and great defensive line. Eli was a major liability. In his second Super Bowl season, they made the playoffs with a 9-7 record. He is not John or Paul. He is not even George. He is Ringo. And I'm not talking about Jim Ringo because Jim Ringo was an All Pro 9 times.
  17. Super Bowl gambling thread

    I like the under on the prop bet of Kittle getting 6.5 receptions. I don't think the 49ers are going to get cute and go away from the run game. They have run the ball dominantly all season. Teams know it's coming and still can't stop it. Why change things up when it has worked brilliantly all year? And I don't think that their defense will allow them to fall far enough behind that they have to abandon the run. Kittle had more than 6.5 receptions 4 times out of 16 weeks this year including the playoffs (he missed 2 games). It should be noted that he had exactly 6 receptions on 6 occasions so he could have easily had 7 receptions a few more times. The Chiefs gave up more than 6.5 receptions to a tight end 1 time this year when they gave up 7 receptions to Darren Waller in week 13. They did give up 6 receptions on 3 occasions. So this year's history would indicate that Kittle isn't likely to get 7 receptions. And with how the 49ers have been gameplanning in the playoffs, it is highly unlikely that they pass enough for Kittle to have a big day unless they fall behind by a large margin which is not likely. I put his odds of getting more than 6.5 receptions at 23.7%.
  18. Jason Garrett to NY

    The Punt Pass Kick Competition of 1971.
  19. Eli Manning retiring...

    And he has played in an era of inflated passing stats. 5 out of the 6 players who have passed for more yardage than Eli are contemporaries of him. And by the time he will be voted on for the HOF, Roethlisberger, Ryan, Rodgers will have passed him. Even Stafford and Flacco might surpass him for career passing yardage before they are done. There are 26 quarterbacks in the HOF who entered the league in 1946 or later. Brady, Brees, Peyton, and Rodgers are shoo-ins. If Roethlisberger, Ryan, Rivers, and Eli all get in, that'll be a whole lotta quarterbacks who were contemporaries in the HOF. 8 quarterbacks from the same era don't deserve to get in. That is 25% of the league. And that doesn't include Kurt Warner and Brett Favre who played 6 and 7 years with Eli. The discussion should be whether Roethlisberger deserves it, not Ryan, Rivers, and Eli.
  20. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    Foles' 2020 salary is guaranteed. All that would be saved by cutting him is a $5 million roster bonus for the 2021 season that guarantees on 3/20/20. He won't be cut.
  21. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    Nick Foles would also be a possibility.
  22. Derrick Henry in walking boot.

    I was totally wrong. I hate running backs that don't get receptions. But I will have to admit that Derrick Henry is special.
  23. Le'Veon Bell won't be tagged

    Steelers won’t use any tag on Le’Veon Bell Posted by Josh Alper on February 20, 2019, 12:53 PM EST https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/02/20/steelers-wont-use-any-tag-on-leveon-bell/ Running back Le'Veon Bell will be a totally unrestricted free agent come March 13. There’s been speculation since last season that the Steelers might use a transition tag on Bell in hopes of getting better compensation back than they might wind up in line for through the compensatory draft pick system. That would have involved a lot of jumping through hoops, including Bell’s willingness to sign the tag and let the Steelers trade him after two years of acrimony because of franchise tags. None of that jumping will be required because General Manager Kevin Colbert quashed that theory on Wednesday. “Le’Veon is still a great player,” Colbert said, via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com. “We can’t afford to use any other type of tags. Le’Veon will be an unrestricted free agent at the start of the new league year.” Bell’s agent can start talking to teams on March 11 and the No. 7 free agent on PFT’s annual listprobably won’t be waiting long to hear from teams interested in getting him on the field for the first time since 2017. Whether those teams are looking to pay what Bell was hoping to get from the Steelers will be a big storyline in the early days of free agency.
  24. Where does AB end up?

    On the field, he would be a perfect fit for either the Packers or Patriots. Not sure if either organization would want him.
  25. Anyone else hate thursdays games.

    I wish there were games 7 nights a week. I wouldn't come close to watching them all but I would love the opportunity to watch a game any night I wanted.