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  1. Don't threaten me with a good time! And I have watched football in a garage. On a 27" tv. Sadly, garage football watching might include a propane space heater but I've never been lucky enough to have cheese curds or brats in that setting. But maybe one day.
  2. AFC Championship Game

    I am all for an offense doing the opposite of what is expected. When people complain about play calling, they are usually complaining that the team didn't do what was predictable. But running a sweep on 4th and 1 is just stupid. It is so easy for a defense to tackle for a loss in space. Throwing a deep pass would have been better. And a quarterback sneak is predictable but still usually effective. Big Ben probably weighs 260. Does he have a history of being bad at quarterback sneaks?
  3. Aaron Rogers VROOM VROOM!!

    Kevin Lanflisi?
  4. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    He was one-and-done in the playoffs in his last year at Denver. Although he did go 12-4.
  5. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    I can't think of any coach that has ever been fired after a season where they won a playoff game. Marty Schottenheimer was fired after going 14-2 but he was one-and-done in the playoffs that year.
  6. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    I think they have to go after an offensive-minded coach like McDaniels. Mariota had a major regression this season. That offense has all the tools to be great.
  7. As a Packers fan, I would love to have a Super Bowl in Green Bay. But I understand it isn't what is best for the NFL. Us Midwesterners might be accustomed to watching games in the cold but most people in the country don't want to sit in freezing weather to watch a game. And a lot of people want to make a mini-vacation out of going to the game. I'm not sure what this year's attendees are going to do in Minneapolis in February. I guess they can go to the Mall of America. Or ice fichin on Lake Winnibigoshish don't cha know.
  8. What do the Vikings do with their stable of QB's?

    I think the Vikings need to consider using either the transition or franchise tag on Keenum. The transition tag would cost a little over $21 million and would give the Vikings the right to match any offer he received. The franchise tag would cost a little over $23 million. He has probably played himself into that salary range considering that low end starting quarterbacks are getting paid $16 million to $18 million. If Bridgewater has no offers to be a starter anywhere, he should stay in Minnesota as the backup. Although pride might not allow it.
  9. Kudos to the Eagles

    The Vikings defense gave up the fewest points and the fewest yards of any defense this season. Pointing out 2 or 3 games where they gave up 30 points doesn't mean much. Only 4 teams scored more than 19 points on them this season. That is dominant.
  10. Here we go Steelers..... again , ughh

    Le'Veon was paid $12.12 million this year. The second highest paid running back was Devonta Freeman at $8.25 million. If Le'Veon is underpaid, it isn't by much. If All-Pro awards were given for egos, the Steelers would lead the league.
  11. London Games 2018

    All 6 are good teams. The NFL is clearly committed to promoting the NFL in London. Shahid Khan sure does have a hard-on for London. I bet he wants to move the Jaguars there even if he denies it.
  12. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    I wonder if Jimmy can dunk?
  13. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    I misspoke. 3 of the teams (Tenn, Jack, and LAR) were playoff bound. But yes, week 17 against the Rams doesn't really count. And the quarterbacks he played against maybe weren't elite. But more importantly, the defenses he faced were good. His stats can't compare to Brady's but I don't think it would have been possible to put up truly elite stats on such a ragtag team with so little preparation. Just winning was impressive. PFF gave Jimmy an overall grade of 85.2 which was 10th best in the league. PFF also wrote this about Jimmy: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-jimmy-garoppolo-the-next-elite-qb The 5-0 record, 28.8 points per game, and 8.8 yards per attempt are all obviously great, but almost every single advanced stat we have backs it up as being for real. 35.2 percent of his attempts this season were positively graded, by far the highest of any quarterback in the NFL. MVP candidates Carson Wentz and Tom Brady didn’t even crack 30 percent. He’s not simply living off a quick/short passing game either. Over his five starts, Garoppolo completed 63.2 percent of his passes in the intermediate range at 10.8 yards per attempt. That’s where the elite quarterbacks make their money, and Garoppolo is following that blueprint to a ‘T’.
  14. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Both Brady and Jimmy G were extremely impressive this year. It isn't necessary to choose one and criticize the other. Brady received a PFF grade of 99.3 this year. That is the highest grade in PFF's history. It is even higher than the year he threw 50 touchdowns. His play is especially impressive because his offensive line struggled at times. It's also hard to argue with what Jimmy G accomplished. Going 5-0 on a team that had gone 1-10 is extremely impressive. 2 of the 5 teams he faced were playoff-bound. He wasn't statistically as impressive as Brady but he was playing on a 1-10 team with very little time to learn the playbook. A couple extra interceptions was inevitable. And I'm also sure that he would have done well if he had started for the Patriots this season. If he can go 5-0 on a 1-10 team with little preparation, how do you think he'd do on the best team in football with 3 years of preparation? Probably not quite as well as Brady. But saying a player wouldn't have been as good as the best quarterback in NFL history isn't saying much. One thing about Jimmy that I like is how he is confident but still down to earth. A lot of the the great quarterbacks have had that dynamic.
  15. Panthers/Saints

  16. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    Sean McVay was an excellent hire in retrospect. He did not create a buzz or sell tickets. But clearly ownership did good. Chucky won a Super Bowl in Tampa. Basically all that has been good in the last 40 some years happened under him. Lee Roy Selmon was pretty awesome, too. For whatever that is worth. Why does no one on this board appreciate a good coach? According to homers on this board, Bill Belichick is the norm and every other coach is junk.
  17. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    I'm no fan of Bill Belichick. But it would be fun to watch him build a team from the bottom up. I'm surprised he has stayed with New England for as long as he has stayed. I would have thought he would have wanted the challenge of starting from scratch long ago.
  18. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    I think coaches and general managers are underpaid. Joe Schmo quarterbacks make $18 million. The best players at every position except special teams make more than $10 million. I think general managers and coaches are worth more than individual players. The Raiders also had the added incentive to pay whatever it took to get Chucky because of their move to Las Vegas. Having the Chuckster will create a lot of buzz for the team and they'll sell a lot more season tickets. Starting off on the right foot is important when moving a franchise.
  19. Coach of the Year

    There are a lot of good candidates for Coach of the Year. Who should win it? One of the Seans? One of the Mikes? One of the Dougs? Or Bill?
  20. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    If Jimmy turns out to be the next Matt Ryan or Matt Stafford, then it'll look like the right move as long as Brady keeps playing at his current high level for a couple more years. But if Jimmy turns out to be a truly elite quarterback, it'll end up looking like a foolish move. Just think if the Packers had traded Aaron Rodgers for a second round pick to keep Favre for his last few years (2 of which were still really good years). Or if San Francisco had traded Steve Young to keep Joe Montana for those last two years.
  21. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    I have trouble believing that it was Brady pitted against Belichick and that Kraft chose Brady. Brady only has 2 or 3 more years left in him at the most. Belichick could possibly be around a lot longer. But I could believe that Brady might have been pitted against Garappolo. That he might have met with Kraft to persuade him that he was going to play for a few more years and for Kraft to allow Garappolo to be traded. But I hope all of this hoopla isn't fake news and that Belichick does leave New England.................for the Packers! The Packers job is the best job in football. The most storied franchise with the most rabid fans and no pesky, meddling owner trying to interfere. And Aaron Rodgers.
  22. Down to 15....

    They didn't technically change a rule but officials started putting an emphasis on calling defensive backs for contact beyond 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. People point to the 2003 season AFC Championship game where Law played Marvin Harrison very physically and shut him down as the reason for the change. My guess is that the real reason is a lot of defensive backs were playing physically and the NFL likes to promote offense.
  23. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    I would like Jaws. I feel like I learn about football every time I listen to Jaws announce.
  24. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    This saddens me a bit. I like Chucky in the booth. I wonder who'll replace him?
  25. Wild card lines discussion

    I think the Falcons have at least a 40% chance of winning. But I also think the spread is justified in going up to 6.5 because if the Rams win they will could win big.