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  1. NFL draft - 2021 = Cleveland, 2023 = Kansas City

    I'm always hearing nice things about Cleveland but maybe it's because I'm from Wisconsin. Cleveland definitely is a step up from Milwaukee. I know lots of people who go to Cleveland for a weekend and have a great time. The foodie scene definitely gets talked about a lot on the Food Network probably because of Michael Symon. The draft seems like something that should only be planned a week ahead when the weather forecast is available. And I couldn't see driving more than a few hours for the draft. It's just a bunch of dudes walking around the streets drinking beer and eating food. It's sounds like it's basically Oktoberfest. I think if I wanted to actually see Cleveland I'd go during a time when there isn't so many people.
  2. The New Rotoworld Format

    I hate it.
  3. High Stakes Fantasy Leagues

    Of the fantasy leagues that cost in the $1,500-$2,000 range or thereabouts, which is the best?
  4. High Stakes Fantasy Leagues

    I'm considering both. I'm assuming the competition is better in the online competitions. Normally, I prefer a good challenge. But with big bucks, I think I'd rather have inferior competition. But probably all high-stakes leagues are quality competition.
  5. NFL draft - 2021 = Cleveland, 2023 = Kansas City

    It's hard to believe that 600,000 people attended this year's draft. It must have been like Mardi Gras but without women. NTTAWWT.
  6. Leveon Bell Trade?

    He is a prime candidate to get hurt, especially right away. I have trouble believing that he stayed in good shape. His team would be prudent to slowly ease him back into action. If he stays healthy, I think he'll be fantasy elite. He is a great receiver. I doubt he gets less than 70 receptions. And he is big-bodied so he'll get high volume even if he averages 3.8 yards per carry. Any running back getting 250+ carries and 70+ receptions is fantasy elite regardless of efficiency.
  7. Leveon Bell Trade?

    Maybe Gase is legitimately trying to trade Bell. John Clayton isn't the type to spread false rumors. Maybe Gase thinks Le'Veon isn't worth the price of his contract even after eating the $8 million signing bonus.
  8. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    Joe Thomas is the best offensive lineman of his generation. He was voted first team All Pro 7 times. He was voted second team All Pro 2 times. Few HOFers can claim the same. He will undoubtedly be voted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot. Voters aren't going to blame a team's woes on a left tackle.
  9. Inman to the Pats

    Some of the specifics of Inman's contract have come in. It looks like he'll be getting close to the veteran minimum with an additional $1 million available in incentives. He is getting a $200,000 signing bonus, $100,000 of his base salary is guaranteed, and he is getting a $100,000 reporting bonus. The contract is small enough that he isn't guaranteed a significant role but he has enough guaranteed money that he isn't likely to be cut. I'll take a flyer on him. He doesn't have much competition for targets aside from Edelman, at least until Gronk and/or Gordon come back. And he was pretty solid last year. He had 4 or more catches in 7 of the Colts' last 10 games including the playoffs. That is impressive considering he signed with the Colts in mid-October.
  10. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    So you believe he is still below the threshold of the HOF? Why? And which quarterback(s) are better than Wilson but didn't make it into the HOF?
  11. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    Wilson has the second highest career passer rating in NFL history. He already has 5 Pro Bowls. Of any quarterback in their first 7 years, Wilson has the most wins, 2nd most total yards, 3rd most touchdowns, and 5th in adjusted net yards per pass attempt. He has done this with having a horrible offensive line virtually every year and being surrounded with very average skill position players. Seattle has consistently put far more resources into their defense. Wilson could be average for the rest of his career and would still be elected into the Hall of Fame.
  12. Inman to the Pats

    He is a shoo-in for the all-neck team. Unironically, he suffered neck injuries in both 2015 and 2018.
  13. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    PFF is far from perfect. I quote them a lot because they try to be an objective grading tool. But the quarterback-receiver dynamic is complex. It's difficult to separate their individual contributions to their success. When a receiver catches a perfectly thrown pass, he'll get a good grade. And when a receiver runs a perfect route but is thrown a poor pass, it's hard to get a good grade. You will never see a receiver that puts up good statistics get a bad season grade. Tyler Lockett had a PFF receiving grade of 84.7 last year which was 13th best in the league. He isn't the 13th best at receiving in the league. Not even close. Russell Wilson throws dimes. He makes his receivers look good. I quickly read the article you cited. It reads like an article written by a 22-year-old on Bleacher Report or SBNation. Most of the people who grade plays at PFF aren't professionals. Their job pays virtually nothing and is time consuming, tedious, and thankless. They are just fans like us who love football. Occasionally, they get to have an article published.
  14. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    I wonder how much of Baldwin's production was because of him and how much was because of Russell Wilson. My guess is that Baldwin was a slightly above average receiver who had the good fortune to have several years to develop chemistry with a Hall of Fame quarterback. I'll be drafting Tyler Lockett this year based on the same reasoning.
  15. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    He has said pretty much nothing all off season. His retirement announcement came via a tweet by Adam Schefter. I'm sure Marshawn is willing to play if he is guaranteed a role. He isn't going to come back to sit the bench and be a cheerleader. The signing of Crowell pretty much closed the door on him having much of a role so he retired. Crowell getting hurt reopened that door so he announced via a Steve Wyche tweet that he'd be willing to come back.
  16. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    It is early. I think that's why he is being drafted in the 4th round in drafts. The Kool-Aid hasn't started flowing, yet. Royce Freeman started off being drafted in the 5th and 6th round last year. By the time late August came, he was being drafted in the high 3rd round. Josh Jacobs is in a better situation. He might be an elite receiver. Once August arrives, I bet he is often drafted in the low 2nd round after people chug a few gallons of Kool-Aid.
  17. Will you draft Kyler Murray?

    Will you draft Kyler Murray in redraft? If so, will you draft him potentially as your starter or only as a backup? And what round will you consider drafting him?
  18. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

  19. Will you draft Kyler Murray?

    There being so many startable quarterbacks makes the mid-tier ones have almost no value. There are literally 20-24 solid fantasy quarterbacks this season. I might draft Kyler as my starter knowing that it'll be easy to replace him if he falters. And while passing might take time to perfect in the NFL, rushing quarterbacks are usually good at running the ball right away. So it might not be a matter of waiting for Kyler to start producing in fantasy. Robert Griffin was the highest scoring fantasy player in the first 4 weeks of his rookie season. Cam was studly immediately, too. Russell Wilson, however, didn't start running the ball until later in his rookie season. I'm not sure why that is. Here are quarterbacks with adps 8 through 24. I don't see much difference in value between them and not all of them will be drafted. 8 Matt Ryan ATL QB 101.80 62 123 465 9 Cam Newton CAR QB 112.10 88 143 465 10 Jared Goff LA QB 116.78 93 143 465 11 Ben Roethlisberger PIT QB 121.22 68 145 465 12 Jameis Winston TB QB 121.78 97 154 465 13 Carson Wentz PHI QB 127.40 95 155 465 14 Kirk Cousins MIN QB 132.70 101 160 465 15 Tom Brady NE QB 133.25 97 163 465 16 Lamar Jackson BAL QB 134.40 85 166 465 17 Philip Rivers LAC QB 135.61 111 159 465 18 Mitchell Trubisky CHI QB 139.71 117 167 465 19 Josh Allen BUF QB 140.67 96 176 465 20 Jimmy Garoppolo SF QB 142.05 95 186 465 21 Dak Prescott DAL QB 143.49 116 171 465 22 Matthew Stafford DET QB 161.01 135 210 465 23 Sam Darnold NYJ QB 162.50 135 214 465 24 Kyler Murray ARZ QB 171.39 101 240 459
  20. Will you draft Kyler Murray?

    You keep repeating this statement. Just because you won a championship doesn't mean every move you made was correct or strategic. Winston threw for 157 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 1 interception in week 15. You won your championship despite him, not because of him. Whether to draft a quarterback in rounds 3-6 or wait and take a mid-tier quarterback in rounds 8-10 is a difficult decision. There is no correct answer. But Kyler has an adp of 141. Drafting him as your second quarterback has nothing to do with the first dilemma. In fact, if you draft a mid-tier quarterback as your starter in round 8 or 9, you'd be crazy to bypass Kyler Murray in the 12th round as a backup.
  21. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    Nope, Crowell was injured on Tuesday and Steve Wyche reported on Wednesday that Lynch was willing to come back.
  22. Will you draft Kyler Murray?

    The Bills had a bad offensive line last year. It forced Josh Allen to run like crazy. He rushed for 476 yards and 5 rushing touchdowns in the Bills' last 6 games. He didn't throw for more than 231 yards passing in any of those games. But he was still the number one scoring fantasy player over the last 6 games of the season because of his rushing stats. Maybe Kyler will get hurt. Or maybe his elusiveness will help him avoid the defensive linemen hits and the coaches will train him to baseball slide a la Russell Wilson to avoid the downfield hits. In BB10s (MFL10s) drafts since he was selected on April 25th, he has an adp of 141 which is the 20th highest for a quarterback. I'll gladly take his injury risk at that adp for a quarterback that could potentially be the highest scoring fantasy player. This could be Robert Griffin III redux.
  23. Will you draft Kyler Murray?

    A porous offensive line could force him to run even more. 1,000 yards rushing and 10 rushing touchdowns is a possibility. Injury is another distinct possibility.
  24. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    His adp so far in BB10s (MFL10s) is 5.25 after 447 drafts. I have no idea where I rank him. And the decision isn't going to get any easier as the season nears. He is the epitome of high risk/high reward.