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  1. What defense should I start

    Carolina.... SD is going to be on a mission to post a W after starting 0-2...
  2. Miserable RB situtaion

    Henry... for the same reasons stated above.
  3. Here's one for you..

    Palmer. His numbers won't be as good as last weeks... but the Bucs have come to rely on the run again with the emergences of Caddy... so, Grieses stats will suffer (not that they were that great to begin with).
  4. Taylor vs. Davis

    Davis. Much better long term potential. Taylor is and injury-ticking timebomb. Granted, Davis gets dinged up... but he will put up better rushing AND receiving stats overall...
  5. Start Hasselbeck or Palmer?

    Hasselbeck... I can see Palmer's fantasy stats taking a dip this week against a surprising Bears D. That decent Arizona D from last year has yet to really appear... plus Warner will at least help keep that game a shootout... thus more potential production from Hass.
  6. Who Will Win?

    I've also read somewhere that the team who scores less than their opponents will lose.
  7. wdis - running back suggestions

    Jones and Jackson. Dallas is angry after losing to the 'Skins on Monday and will play very hard. Jackson will run well at home against a suspect Titans D. Parker will struggle a bit against the Pats, and LJ isn't starter worthy compared to the other RBs on your roster.
  8. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Edge Duece LT
  9. I am STARTING KROB this week

    Agreed, I think Taylor or Robinson will benefit more before KRob... they've been running the offense longer... That said... I still wouldn't play any Vikings receiver for at least another week or two until Dante gets his head out of his a$$...
  10. trade offer made driver for westbrook

    Agreed. Your new problem if that trade goes through is then going to be which two RBs two start each week. Look for other positions.
  11. WDIS QB

    Hasselbeck... shootout in the making this weekend.
  12. WDIS

    Glenn, no question. Gates is taking over as the go to guy in SD.
  13. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    They'll come together as the season progressing... definitely a big boost to get Stepanovich back at center. I still see Arrington doing well if/when that happens later this season. If we get Bennett out here too... we'll just take the Vikings RBBC problem and move it down to our neck of the woods. Fantastic!
  14. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Before everyone gets all excited... remember that it's still the O-line that's causing most of Arizona's rushing problems. Doesn't matter who they get running back there... until the line can block for ANY running back there won't be much success.
  15. Kennsion or Evans

    Kennison got a decent amount of looks from Green on the Sunday night game... which is encouraging... plus... Green is a much better QB. Losman is running around with his head cut off... until he snaps it back on, Evans and Moulds are going to be pretty useless.