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  1. Manning or Brees?

  2. Manning or Brees?

    flip you all, know nothings
  3. Manning or Brees?

    becuase i thought you people were smart n this stuff but you just start manning every week becasue he is manning and thats stupid
  4. Manning or Brees?

    i am starting brees and ill be back when he goes off and manning gets 1 TD you are the fool if you start him off last years numbers he is terrible this year ok not terrible but not good as before
  5. Manning or Brees?

    Brees, see? someone here has a balls
  6. Manning or Brees?

    not this year moron next year i wil eat you up youll see
  7. Manning or Brees?

    i bet manning gets 1 td against clevland and thats why i might trade him cause he won't do good this year brees is better long term anyway manning had his year
  8. Manning or Brees?

    why would it be ajoke? manning has been bad and brees has a good mach up
  9. Manning or Brees?

    i need to know who to start this week, manning has been dissapointing should i start brees?
  10. 10 reason why I detest fantasy football

    You people are Morons, you took everything I said out of context. This is the same thing that happened to Randy Moss. Go watch your Star Trek you geeks!