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  1. Grits?

    Grits blows - Hey this is my third useless post - If I keep this up maybe in 5 years I will catch up to useles Grits
  2. Grits?

    Does Grits think he is cool because he has a lot of posts? 2/3 of his posts are either being a dick or rating a team with a stupid 465.98734. Take away the dickehead posts and maybe he would not be a huddler MVP but will always be a class A dodo.
  3. s jackson or julious jones?

    I agreed with Aaron at first. I would have picked JJ before Jackson. When I picked JJ was gone so I picked Jackson. For that reason alone I now believe Jackson will have a much better season!!

    G&S sounds like an idiot. He needs to get a life.
  5. Pick up Parker? (defensive move)

    The easy answer to that is most people in my league don't pay attention until Sunday. When they see him start on Sunday and play well and realize they have crap for RB's they will freak. The team I am targeting has: Dillon Bell Bettis Shipp
  6. Pick up Parker? (defensive move)

    I did mean Willie Parker. I figure if other teams need a back so bad I can package one or two to bolster my Receivers. I ned help at receiver and Glenn is not the answer so taking a shot at someone who could help me get the receiver seems like the smart move???
  7. Pick up Parker? (defensive move)

    Thta is what I thought - I think Glenn will do well though???
  8. Pick up Parker? (defensive move)

    Bump - Who would I drop???
  9. Should I pick up Parker for trade bait? Std QB 2 RB 3 WR starting Warner, Kurt Alexander, Shaun Foster, DeShaun Jackson, Steven Moore, Mewelde Williams, Carnell Bennett, Drew Glenn, Terry Johnson, Chad Lloyd, Brandon Taylor, Travis Nugent, Mike New England
  10. J.J. Arrington

    12 team league he will be gone b4 5th 10 team league probably 4th early 5th
  11. 2nd Pick 12 team Perf Who? 1,2,3

    bump - Draft in 3 hours - Any info??
  12. 2nd Pick 12 team Perf Who? 1,2,3

    I thought I would get the same 1,2,3 but Favre won't last - My draft is in GB
  13. Just drafed....check it out

    I am alos 2nd - I guess the same 1,2,3 - I like Favre in 6 but my draft is in Green Bay and homers won't let him go that long
  14. I pick 2nd tonight. Can people post and tell me the 1st three picks that the 2nd pick got in your drafts? I am going with Alexander 1st and then it is up in the air!!