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  1. That new kinder and gentler CBA

    What NFL team do you coach for?
  2. CBS Commissioners- Little help

    Glad you did the lol - was just busting your balls - did not want to be one of the 2nd graders who keep asking the mods to suspend you.
  3. CBS Commissioners- Little help

    Paging AE Paging AE
  4. The Huddle vs Axe Elf a Grand Jury Hearing

    You nailed it. I am not sure what is funnier - Baby Jane's Schtick or the fact that most of these people think they are somehow above other people because they are 'veterans" of a fantasy football website??? It's a chivesing fantasy football chat room. It is like a grade school clique and that is far more annoying than anything Axe has said. 8 teams make the playoffs in this league so the schedule means very little. You guys were all talking about how Axe would try and make excuses - the only people making excuses are the "veterans"
  5. Curried chicken salad

    Did someone say curry??? I will def try this!!!
  6. Thanks for the reply - always good to learn more. I found the specific kind and the soup turned out awesome. Today using up some of the Kashmir paste is a slow cooker curry chicken dish that I hope makes the house smell awesome for days!!!! On a total curry kick lately!!!
  7. Thank you for the response!! I tried two more grocery stores this morning and on the way home drove past this tiny store called India Bazaar - I stopped and it was an indian grocery store - never knew it existed. They had madras curry paste so bought a jar. Now I have three different jars of paste so my house will probably smell like curry for the next few weeks. Thanks again.
  8. I have been making a different soup every Sunday. This week the recipe calls for madras Curry paste. Living in Green Bay there is not a good selection of ethinic ingredients and I have been to numerous grocery stores. So far the closest I have found is: Pataks Concentrated Curry Paste Hot - I checked the webiste and they have Madras curry paste but the store only had the concentrated Curry Paste hot Bombay Authentics - Kashmiri Curry paste So my questions: can I substitute either for Madras? If yes which is closest? Is something else closer to Madras? I assume the Thai curry paste is not close - Indian Curry paste is different than Thai? Thanks - hoping to make this later this afternoon.
  9. Mason Crosby

    Crosby for Ponder straight up?
  10. That was not a touchdown.

    Give me a break - take a jab. Football forum for whiny bitches I guess.
  11. That was not a touchdown.

    Aren't you a liberal?
  12. One song

    What kind of music do you listen to?? I don't think I recognized any of the songs you posted in here - chives - half the time I can't tell what part is the song and what part is the band??
  13. Benghazi, Libya

    You have been called out in other threads for stating things that other people have posted and when called out to show where that person actually said or posted those things you disappear. I put that right up there with lying but I guess if you type it then it is ok?? I also consider myself kind of cocky and sometimes an Ahole but I don't think I would go out of my way to call someone on an assumed lie that is about a dead parent. That to me is classless. I think a lot of what she/he (LadyHawke) writes is wacko but I think that crosses the line a bit. If I get to a certain number of posts am I able to tell another user to go away? What is the protocol for that? just curious.
  14. Benghazi, Libya

    I am not a Bush lover. A couple simple questions... 1. Do you think that when the admin said that this was a spontaneous event spurred by a video that they really thought that was the cause and what what happened? 2. If your answer to #1 is no - you are OK with them feeding the American public false information?
  15. Benghazi, Libya

    How did Obama and his people have so little?