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  1. Ricky Williams

    the only reasonable useage of ricky is to drive his trade value up.
  2. Trent Dilfer

    colts defense are due for a letdown after those 2 weeks of hype. i would start every starter on both offenses, but i only own wayne in one of my leagues, so i cannot really follow my own advice here....
  3. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Cadillac wont be in the top 3 fantasy rushers, in none of the usual scoring formats, and not even in the unusual period.
  4. Portfolio Pool

    thats true billay, but then should I take the schedule ahead also into account? something like (team A win ration thru 4 games)*4 +/- (upcoming 12 opponents win ratio below/above .500) example: a 2-2 team thru 4 weeks has 12 oppos to go, and those have only accumulated 16 wins is bound to do better then .500 over the season (24 wins would be a 0.500 schedule across the board after 4 weeks for 12 teams). whatever, its just a little mind game i play with myself, my logic and excel skills. dont get bothered too much
  5. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    accusing me of fake morals now is funny, way more funny then the 20k fans joke. and what you believe i am not interested in. your comments speak for themselves.
  6. Lefty has to answer to momma

    funny thing. but i would be REALLY curious what the dline coach yelled to him. i mean byron did wrong, but what business did that man have to say ANYTHING to a player of the opposing team, no matter what that player is talking to anyone, let alone the refs.
  7. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    repeat: if you keep up this practice in re-draft leagues you will end up once in a century with the leading rusher, and the rest of the time being the laughing stock of the league, pointwise and reputationwise
  8. Saints/Giants game

    the KC crowd after 9/11 went crazy FOR the giants, at least at the entré and similar. many people that attended the game described this situation with warm words. NYG fans made a hellhouse AGAINST the saints team.
  9. Portfolio Pool

    updated with the monday games. added a lil feature at the top of the "big" version that shows the leader(s) score. still trying to figure out a sorting feature. also working on the prognosis thing still
  10. Old fart QBs bringing it

    folks, thats retarded. culpepper is still the 2nd (or 3rd) best fantasy QB in this world. you can take all those names and shove it up yours. oh, and this comes from someone who is in a multitude of fantasy leagues and formats and nowhere owns culpepper at all.
  11. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    whoever takes a rookie runner, no matter who he is what parents he has or anything, above players like TO, LT2, Peyton, or most of the people on this list someone posted needs a long and painful reality check. yes, one in ten you find a gem. a gem that might even blossom into a superstar, but the other nine times you get nothing (like Arrington right now, but even that is too early to judge). and with 9 busted first round picks (and assuming the same draft policy in later rounds too) you wont win ANYTHING in any league with a pulse. what i DO hear between the lines though, is that you are in a dynasty league. in such 80-100% keeper leagues OF COURSE mostly the rookies are drafted. and THERE a 1.01 pick for someone like cadillac is not a surprise, its a must. rookie QBs you dont need, even if they start. rookie WRs are 1 in 30 to make an impact immediatly. rookie TEs, are still TEs rookie Ks, are still Ks there are no "rookie DT/STs so what is left are rookie runners and free agents from last year, IN A DYNASTY LEAGUE. draft cadillac in a 100% redraft league and we see how you do, i mean the other 9 years
  12. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    that was a very dumb posting. of course there are more then 20k saints fans, and given the situation that was not only a dumb but a moronic comment.
  13. Portfolio Pool

    i will see about the sorting thing, but i doubt i will manage that. problem is that while it would be no problem to sort the names, one has to sort the added data to that name too, and this blocks of text/data do vary since people have 5-8 (9?) teams, which makes their data-set diffferent. but we will see...., i work on that and i see your point in using a formulae based on our games data, and i will see how this might work, but we DO live off real NFL scores, so i am still working to find a prognosis way based on the real teams scores/chances, although it might be even tougher to do update for the 2 monday games when i get home
  14. Portfolio Pool

    both versions updated. anyone some ideas on the prognpsis formula?
  15. Portfolio Pool

    updates on both versions will be done today when i get home. past week 5 (4+ games for every team) i will put in prognosis charts. i need input on what numbers i should base the formulae? win %? score differentials? win/loss ration of schedule thrown against the win/loss ratio of the team? some help there please