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  1. pick up big ben?

    If it were me She I would sit tight with Bledsoe and Plummer. Also, If I had to choose between Ben and Wright I would take Ben as my #3. I'd hate to have to rely on any Balt QB to win a game for me. See how Bledsoe does against WAS on Monday night. He is familiar with Parcells O from NE and has some weapons down there to throw too along with a good RB in Jones. I think he could be a good bet for 225-250 yds and 2 TD's week in and week out and possibly move ahead of Plummer on your depth chart. Anyway, JMO-good luck
  2. Meadowlands

    Also the for the NO and NY markets the game will remain on ABC and switch over after the game is over to the originally scheduled game
  3. Waiver Wire pick-ups

    It's a gamble I know, Basically it's insurance for Issac Bruce. Bulger threw 55 passes and only looked Bruce's way 6 times while Curtis got 14. That concerns me for the longterm. I would love to be able to hold on to Williams but I feel I am limited as to who I can drop at this point.
  4. Need Expert Advise

    I don't think that trade makes your team better but I'm sure it will make his better. I doubt he is making a move to strengthen his bench. In an 8 team league just about every team has a deep bench. My goal would be to make quantity for quality trades whereas you get someone back that you want to plug into your lineup every week w/o hesitation. To me this trade does not do that for you.
  5. Waiver Wire pick-ups

    Just saw KCurtis show up up on the wire this morning inn favor of Marty Booker I just put a claim in for him to replace Reggie Williams
  6. Ron Dayne a sleeper?

    I would be very careful with this one. I saw plenty of him in a Giants uniform and for the most part the man just flat out did not get it done. And it wasnt for lack of oportunities either...Too slow to get to the hole. Bang 3yd loss...
  7. Can I afford to drop one of these RBs?

    What does the rest of your roster look like? Im sure you can find some deadwood such as your #5 WR or backup TE on your bench that u can spare to try and get willie
  8. Trade offer from J Walker Owner

    I'd counter with Palmer/Moss for Manning/Holt....See what he says about that While it would be nice to insert Manning in your lineup every week I dont think he has the quality of receiver to give back to you to make it worth giving up your #1 WR. Chambers and Bryant in my eyes are WR3's. Thats why I say go for Holt, if not then stay with what you have.
  9. Brandon Jacobs inquiry

    I don't see him getting more than 5-10 carries per game at this point. Basically just to spell Barber and may take a few goal-line carries inside the 5. He is a quicker version of Ron Dayne. Dayne was constantly getting pushed back for a loss on those crucial 3rd and 1's and we needed someone who could get into that hole quick. Jacobs looks like he could very well be that guy. From a FF standpoint keep him on the end of your bench if you have the available spot and monitor Tiki's health. Other than that I'd say the Giant offense just isnt good enough yet to try and plug him in as an RB2 in hopes of getting goal-line TD's ala Jerome Bettis. I'd love for the Giants to prove me wrong on that one though
  10. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    Unbelieveable- I lost both picks STL and CAR in my Big $$$ pool. Second time in 3 years I've lost in week 1 - Yup I had Miami over the Texans two years ago also...Thanks for Shopping !!!
  11. I was just wondering if there are any leagues out there that keep FA status on available players during the Sun/Monday period. Every lge I've been in over the years froze rosters Sunday at 1pm with all FA going on waivers until noon Tuesday. This year we formed a new league at work on Yahoo since over the years many original owners moved on to different jobs. I noticed this morning That the JWalker owner had already picked up RFerguson. Not that that is a move that will make or break him nor did I have him on my radar but I think it could pose a future problem when it comes to nabbing breakout performers or replacing injured starters. Let me know what you think
  12. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    I remember that morning being woken up by my wife a little after 9 after she got the kids off to school. She turned on the TV in the bedroom and we watched in total shock as the towers were burning. I wasn't supposed to report to work until 4pm so I spent most of the day trying to find out if my mother who worked in the Traveler's Bldg close by was OK and if so would she also be able to get home that night. The way her office was evacuated they did not have time to get their personal belongings such as her cell phone and wallet so she had no money or any way to contact us. Later in the afternoon she was finally able to get thru on a co-workers cell to let us know she was ok and that they would eventually be able to get transportation out of the City later that evening. I was finally able to get through to my work at 3pm and they advised that they were trying to contact me all morning. Apparently my shift was called in at 11am. When I got in we were sent to the Highlands area to assist in security for the ferries that were coming in. We were also to help divert traffic away from the downtown area so only emergency vehicles could get in and out of the terminal areas quicky with medical and food supplies needed to assist in the rescue effort. I would have to say that after everything that happened that day there were two moments that occurred later will always remember. The following week when the Market re-opened I worked a few overtime details riding the Ferries back and forth to Manhattan for extra security. On one of the trips back I was looking at the front page of a local paper and they were doing a tribute for a fallen resident. As I scanned the page the bartender of the boat said that the person I was reading about "used to stand right where you are standing every morning" and read the same paper while he had his coffee. WOW all I could do was slightly smile turn away and take another walk around the boat. Talk about your heart skipping a few beats ... Later in the week my partner and I were on the top deck looking at Lower Manhattan still seeing the smoke pour into the sky from Ground Zero. I looked to my right and the gentleman 5 feet to my right happened to be Bruce Springsteen. Since most of the commuters had gotten off at pier 11 we were the only ones up top. Needless to say with everything that we were seeing I din't say a word to him. It was as if we were having our own moments of silence. Once the boat docked on 34th St he turned around said "take care guys" as he left the boat. I believe that was the night he did the benefit concert with Bon Jovi. great thread! thank you for letting me reflect
  13. Want a good laugh? Look at THIS team

    I was in a league 2 yrs ago that awarded 1 pt per carry and it drove me nuts when LT would get me 120 yds on 14 carries and a TD worth 32 pts and see my opponent have an RB with 62 yds on 25 carries for 31 pts. To me its about what you do when you are handed the ball, not how many times its handed to you. Needless to say I bolted that league after one season
  14. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    We have two leagues at work and last years Champion in the other lge took Bulger at 1.3 "Because Manning was gone". I guess he wont be repeating this year lol
  15. Start Bench List

    I would definitely like to see it back! I was actually looking for the link at the top of the S/B list to get it and was suprised it wasnt there