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  1. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    ... in 2 leagues while leaving DDavis in thinking Pit would do only enough to win
  2. Shut up M Irvin

    Absolutely, and I'd bet Favre would bench himself before "calling back".
  3. Shut up M Irvin

    When Driver and Freeman succeeded the Packers rewarded them with good contracts, which is what Farvre was saying, I think, in Walker's case too. Maybe Irvin didn't recall those.
  4. Shut up M Irvin

    And then have Michael Irvin praise you for attempting to betray those who helped you succeed.
  5. Shut up M Irvin

    Or succeed once, maybe twice (with the benefit of the good people around you) and then ask for the millions.
  6. Shut up M Irvin

    not really and flame away if you like, but the sad truth in this country is that sports salaries are a main reason why many kids feel entitled and don't take school, jobs, etc. seriously enough. Sure, Favre should have kept his nose out, but I think he was on firm ground, the kind of ground Irvin doesn't understand. Walker's holdout was a bad choice, but he went down playing hard --- how the hell does Favre get the blame? Guys like Irvin and Moss and TO have nothing to offer our kids when they open their fat mouths because they do not understand the kind of responsibility that goes along with their success - Favre does.
  7. Shut up M Irvin

    Irvin sucks and you guys might want to think a bit before jumping on the bandwagon. Favre just wants to win and that's why he called out Javon, period. Javon got injured trying to make a great catch for his QB, again just trying to win period. No hard feelings. The "business" part of it doesn't apply anywhere, before or after. But Irvin seems to think he knows all and that the selfish attitudes players have is part of the "business" end of the game. It makes me sick enough that our kids pick up on the entitlement label and think they do not have to work to win success, fame, and fortune. But to have somebody on air tell you that even the game's best have shrunk to that level is a complete lie and a publicity stunt to further his own selfish pride. And to have armchair quarterbacks like us simply agree with him before thinking about it means we are failing as parents, coaches, and mentors to our future fantasy studs.
  8. GB Players Loyalties

    Make the move -- Diggs is back. Most of the team will play with Favre because they just want to win.
  9. How do you fly your team’s colors at work?

    I work on Long Island and brought these from 'sconnyland (some are mailed weekly): A Wheaties box with the '96 Packers A signed copy of "Mean on Sunday" - Nitschke A Bart Starr bobblehead Programs from SB XXXI and XXXII Ticket stubs from 1996 NFC Championship, "Showdown in Titletown" 11/23/97 vs Cowboys (and the terrible towel), and 1997 Bears game where we were served roast bear in the parking lot... Lots of Lambeau photos, mostly with brats on the grill A sheet of 32-cent Vince Lombardi stamps from the USPS A first-day-of-issue envelope from GB celebrating the release of the 33-cent stamp commemorating the Packers in the 1960s A Favre commemorative coin A Packers flag (on game Friday) The front page from last week's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the Green Bay Press-Gazette The recent copy of The Packer Report
  10. Brett Favre

    Hey give some credit to the detroit defense and to the Packers' penalties. Favre was not in a confortable situation all day, and he has always been the kind of player that feeds on success.
  11. Start Bench List

    I agree --- WW, how about adding back in the old "executive summary" at the top of the SBL, where players were sorted by position and ranked according to s1, s2, x, etc in a simple table
  12. King Of The Mountain

    St Louis Rams for the Iceman this week
  13. The GURU speaks

    Oh Mr Guru, how do you come up with your score? Sportsline has it.. DMD and WW give us their weekly predictions and projections... I'm curious if your league has score forcecasts. We're trying to automate one for our league using our stats database, and I want your input. Especially, what factors do you think are important? We're starting with the FF player's present 16-game running average, and then modifying it by: >>> FF player's trend over last 3 games, weighted for defenses played against >>> FF player's historical performance vs opposing team >>> FF player's historical performance home vs away, grass vs turf, indoors vs outdoors >>> Opposing defense's 16-game running averages vs. run, pass >>> Opposing defense's last 3 games, weighted for offenses played against Also, do you value the GURU score? Or, would it be better to just have the information and let you make the judgment between players? Thanks for your input and replies.
  14. Anyone else pick 12th

    McNair 7.12 Volek 14.01 Brees 9.12 (traded for Harrington - two wk 10 QB byes) Dom Davis 1.12 Dillon 2.01 Stephen Davis 10.01 Chad Johnson 3.12 Horn 4.01 Boldin 5.12 Michael Jenkins 15.12 (unbalanced draft) Crumpler 6.01 Cooley 13.12 Stover 11.12 Lindell 12.01 Steelers 8.01
  15. NFL donation?

    The Giants announced that a portion of ticket sales in the week 2 game vs Saints will be donated to Katrina relief. Why not donate everything, including beer sales, parking etc? Why not do this for every other Saints game against every other team? OK, so teams lose revenue. But the NFL is full of revenue. Why not declare this a zero-profit year and send the rest to one of their own??