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  1. What is Holt worth?

    matz week 1 12 carries 60 yards 2nd week 20 carries 95 yards. you never know with matz. i would ask for c.williams instead.
  2. WDIS- 3RD WR

    engram is a bet to get 60-70 yards. taylor is the wild card. 75yards last week after bulerson got hurt. but it's the vikings. engram is the safe bet.
  3. Who's gonna score more ff Point's?

    stallworth, vikings can make the worst, look like GODS.
  4. Alex Smith?

    putzier is the best option.
  5. here's another wdis

    you have to go with collins. their both unpredictable qb's. so go with the that got moss.
  6. there looking for a wr i'm looking for a rb. i have offered w.dunn and d.driver for b.westbrook and k.robinson(throw in) the rest of my team is in the signature. i'll be alright at wr but is getting westbrook any better than what i got. if this goes through i'm working a deal to get c.johnson from another team. who's in need of a rb. thanks for advice. i'll answer your post.
  7. RB issues

    all your chooses stink so wait until the very last second and choose between martin or blaylock witchever is starting.
  8. Looking for that extra point

    i cut chambers for Randle El today. jackson and lelie. frerrotte threws the ball to mcmicheals way to much.
  9. Another Trade

    you do need the rb help but instead of lelie or engram offer taylor or byrant. than it would be a good trade. if he doesn't bait then make the 1st trade offer.
  10. 3-headed qb dilemma

    brooks first and then green in a breakout game monday night. hasselback on the shelf this week.
  11. WDIS. Favre or Greise

    i have favre,green,and bledsoe. i'm starting bledsoe against the bad 49ers. start griese
  12. Please rate this trade offer

    with s.moss's breakout game monday, he won't bait. k.johnson would be the only one he would give up.
  13. Trade help

    he's losing on moss and shockey,and why would he want lj does he have priest even then he's screwed,he can't start both of them. i would spit in your face for offering such a trouble trade.
  14. What you make this trade?

    no, muhammad is looking like olton saftey net in chi. mason has no qb and mccardell has gates.
  15. Would You Do This Trade

    with dillon looking like crap i would keep parker since you can start 3.your wr's are servicable.