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  1. Culpepper or Bledsoe?

    all evened up at 50 percent. Great.
  2. LJ or Dillon?

    okay, yes. Agreed. But LJ actually has an offensive line that can block? Perhaps?
  3. LJ or Dillon?

    I've got the Caddy ready to go but need to make a tough call here for RB2....performance league w/bonuses. You make the call. Thoughts?
  4. Culpepper or Bledsoe?

    Here's my team: QB Culpepper, Bledsoe RB Dillon, Williams, LJ, Dayne WR Wayne, Housh, Glenn, Chambers, Curtis, Lloyd TE Crumpler K Wilkins D IND Yeah, yeah, so I'm off to a 1-1 start in a performance league w/ bonuses and Culpepper has yet to officially kill me. I won in week 1. I'm curious to see Wayne catch a few and Dillon to get it going. In the meantime, I've this decision to make...consistency w/ Bledsoe or put it all on the line with Culpepper. Hmmm. Your thoughts?
  5. Drop JJ Arrington for R. Dayne?

    Totally. Just dropped Calico for Dayne a week ago. And rectly dropped Arrington. With all the Shipp controversy, I think it could be safe to drop him and see how the next few weeks for Dayne pan out. Good luck!
  6. LJ or Caddy

    So far I'm feeling LJ. I think Caddy could cover some yards but will not see the end zone. And the Huddle projects 40 and a score for LJ (10 pts. vs. Caddy's 6-8 pts.?) Or it could be a total bust - 20 yds on 6 carries. And who knows how Vermeil will react to all the media stuff with LJ this week. Caddy or LJ? You make the call.
  7. WR Question

    I agree. You gotta go Muhammed. It's always nice to stick a guy in your third WR slot who is getting in sync with a QB still and will be down in the 4th and you know will see some decent yardag, perhaps rewarding you with a sneaky TD.
  8. Curtis vs Chambers

    The projections for these guys are all over the place. ESPN saying Curtis will run wild against the porus AZ D and Chambers taking advantage of the Jets. Ah, but what about Ty Law? I figure he'll cover Chambers making it all the more difficult for Linehan and Ferotte to get him the rock. I'm inclined to go with Curtis here. What's your take? Thanks.
  9. Which WR2 -- McCardell, Chambers, or R. Smith?

    Chambers all the way, you've got a good coach with a chip on its shoulder playing for pride. You've got two old men to choose from and they've both got plenty of other options in front of them. Choosing who to start based on if you recognize their name because they're been playing in the league for 30 years is dangerous. IMO.
  10. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Who do you like this week as a #2 RB (in a performance league w/bonuses)... LJ or Caddillac? Dillon is my RB1. Thanks!
  11. Cadillac or LJ?

    hmmm... TB at home. KC at Oakland (and they looked a little more stout against Dillon). True, 'nough.
  12. Cadillac or LJ?

    Common sense seems to say stick with Cadillac...he'll rack up some yardage but I don't know if I can keep myself from starting LJ. Wife beater or not, who do you think will be a more solid start to pair with Dillon (my #1 RB) this week in a performance w/bonuses league? Thanks!
  13. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    A running back quandry for you... I'm in a performance league with bonuses C. Dillon on the road at CAR C. Williams at home vs. BUF L. Johnson @ OAK J. Arrington vs. STL I also have Dayne but letting him keep the pine warm. Need 2 to start here and I'm leaning toward Dillon and LJ. Williams was nice last week but nervous enough about the matchup to think LJ might rip a couple of long ones - after all, he did last year against OAK but he was the starter. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  14. Duckett or Arrington?

    nothing? Here's the RB sit Dillon C. Williams L. Johnson J. Arrington Personally, I am going to drop my #3 reserve WR for now (Calico). Pick up Duckett and trade him (possibly with Arrington) to a poor sap in need of RB help. Hey, it's a solution! It's a post. It's a thought.
  15. Duckett or Arrington?

    What do you think? Add Duckett (no yardage but good for a TD a game perhaps, this requires dropping Arrington) or continue to ride Arrington until he figures it out. Opinions? Everyone?