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  1. Dump Kevin Jones for Ricky Williams

    There are all kinds of people asking for advice here. NFL Fantasy Football For fantasy football team owners to share strategies, discuss hot topics, give opinions or just shoot the breeze about the NFL. Forum Led by: Big John
  2. Going out of town...need to set my lineup early..

    Palmer, Palmer, Palmer
  3. Dump Kevin Jones for Ricky Williams

    What is up with some of these people. He was just asking for some advice.
  4. kevin Jones or Ricky williams

    He was just asking a question. If you do not like the question or don't like it why don't you just move on. IMO i would not make the transaction. I think Jones has a better chance than Ricky does. JMHO
  5. WDIS Pennington or Haselbeck

    I think I would start Harrington, I think he is going up against a bad defense and he may be ready for a breakout year. Has. may be the safer pick, but if you are willing to gamble a little, go with Harrington. JMO.
  6. ricky or larry johnson

    done deal, I just dropped ricky and picked up larry johnson. Now if priest goes down my starting backfield will be Tomlinson and Larry johnson with kevin Jones as a fill in. not bad- I am in a 12 team League
  7. ricky or larry johnson

    I want to gamble a little so I drafted ricky williams- larry johnson is still available and I am thinking of picking him up and dropping williams. what are your thoughts on this. I could pick up johnson and hold him for 3 weaks- then if priest goes down I would be set. If priest is still healthy I think that I could still grab ricky again
  8. porter and stokely

    Porter and stokely Does anyone know what is going on with these two. They show up as questionable on injury lists but I have not seen any updated info in a while.
  9. my turn to get rated

    I would look for help at the WR position IMO
  10. Julius or Kevin- I have the choice between the two . I am leaning towards Kevin Jones until I watched the pathetic lions last night. Any thoughts on these 2
  11. T. Green or Bulger

    I would go with Bulger
  12. Please Rate my team

    looks like a strong team except at WR. JMHO