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  1. WDIS T Green or J Plummer

    I think Trent Green will have the better game statistically... KC's offense is just too good to be ignored and Plummer has INT problems against a pretty good defense at Miami
  2. who do I start?

    Go with Clayton, remember preseason is just preseason, its when they shake off the rust...
  3. for WR #3

    Start the terrorist, he will have a big game in this shootout of horrible teams
  4. Plummer or Farve

    Go with your gut and realize that he will score less fantasy points than Favre... Green Bay and Detroit are gonna shoot it out... Miami is horrible yes, but their defense isnt that bad....
  5. WDIS Flex

    I'd say stick with Javon. Wait to see how the Bucs use Cadillac before starting him over a good WR. GB will be in a shootout with Detroit, so you should rake in the dividends in this game....
  6. Help me choose a flex starter

    Now this is a bold pick, but I am gonna go with DeShaun, even though he is sharing carries, he will still get 15 to 20 touches against NO... Stephen Davis is coming off an injury and I think Carolina will beat NO easily, so they will leave DeShaun in there... The Jax/Sea game will most likely be affected by the storm on the east coast, if not, then I say start Jimmy Smith....
  7. WDIS: Jamal Lewis or Duece Mcallister

    I would say bench the drug dealer Lewis, heres why... Lewis is splitting carries evenly with Chester Taylor because they dont wanna throw a full load at Jamal... Deuce is playing a tough defense but he will get you more total yards... I think they both will score one TD, but like I said Deuce will get more total yards...
  8. What two WR's should I start with TO

    I would have to go with Driver and Coles... Driver has put up better numbers than Javon Walker against Detroit.... Coles has his QB back and might as well use him until Pennington's arm falls off, especially in this shootout.... Clayton is a good WR but Minnesota is determined to show their new defense off, so sit him this week
  9. J. Jones or W.Parker?

    Sorry I meant to add this as well, you should trade Willie Parker now cause this will probably be the highest his demand will be all season, and stick with JJ....
  10. J. Jones or W.Parker?

    You said it first, always start your studs.... JJ will have a good day and Willie Parker is a speed back in a power style running offense... Honestly even if Willie has a good day you wont be able to trade him cause once Duce and The Bus are back he is back to 4th on the depth chart.... Haynes is already this year's third down back
  11. Steven Jackson or Mike Anderson

    I would go with Steven Jackson, if you look at Marc Bulger's past games against SF he does have trouble against them... Not trouble but hes only average in those games... Miami's defense is strong so Anderson might not have a huge day like Jackson....
  12. Sit DD?

    Go with Davis, hes a crucial part to their offense and Willie Parker is a speed runner in a power running game, so Davis should have the better day
  13. WDIS I need 3 Rb's

    I would go with Brown, out of the bunch he will get the most workload
  14. Flex Position Help

    I need another starter to go along with this following lineup QB- Peyton Manning RB- Curtis Martin RB- Ronnie Brown WR- Muhammed WR- Reggie Wayne WR- Michael Clayton TE- Bubba Franks Now I need a flex position that can be either a RB or WR.. Heres my choices William Green vs. Cincy (splitting carries but the huddle says hes a sleeper) Reggie Williams vs. Seattle (The storm could affect the game) Cedrick Benson vs. Washington (Stingy defense and getting only about 5 to 10 touches) Who should I go with? The league points are 6pts/TD, 1pt/Receptions, and 1pt/10yds
  15. WDIS M. Anderson or J Lewis

    Well Anderson is playing a good Miami defense but hes not sharing carries like Lewis is... Lewis is gonna get eased into the season so I will say go with Anderson