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  1. Which one is best?

    No to Shepard, I'd take the wait and see approach as he has never been the #1 WR before against a good Seattle defense Mixon
  2. Flex help

    I like Jenkins out of those guys
  3. Trade away Tevin Coleman for Nelson Agholor?

    So Thompson won't be the pass catching back any longer? Do you have a link to this information? To answer your question, if the above information is factual I would try and trade Thompson first and sell him high. If not, I wouldn't do it because you'd have not RB depth.
  4. Jonathan Stewart or Jalen Richard ROS?

    Stewart is still the starter and will get early done work but he is totally touchdown dependent. I would drop Richard for Stewart but Stewart isn't worthy of starting in my opinion
  5. WDIS Flex Please Help

    Diggs has been ruled out already. I would pick Mack. The Jags aren't good against the run and the OC, for what it's worth, says he wants to get him more touches with Turbin going down.
  6. Seferian-Jenkins or Engram

    It's a toss up. ASJ has a better matchup but Engram, in my opinion, is going to be the focal point of the Giants passing game
  7. Which wr to start

  8. RB/Flex Help. Who should I bench?

    I like CJ's upside more because he'll catch a pass here and there where Martin will really only catch 1. But I wonder if CJ will lose any touches due to last weeks dud To me, CJ has the higher ceiling, Martin has the higher floor
  9. Drop Sammy Watkins?

    agreed, not sure how much more Prosise will give you. I do think another team will take a chance on Watkins and pick him up
  10. Which QB to Start

    Palmer, I like the balance of their offense with AP and I think it opens up passing lanes for him.
  11. CJ Anderson or Duke Johnson?

    I'd go with The Duke
  12. RB/Flex Help. Who should I bench?

    I wouldn't bench Thomas after last week. Siemian was looking his way all night. I'd bench Anderson or Martin

    I'd go with Ingram
  14. I Have To Win (..and need to drop someone)

    It's good to go after homers, sometimes it's clouds their judgement
  15. Need trade assistance!

    Yes, in a heartbeat