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  1. I didn't like Baalke as the GM the last few years, but signing Lynch to a 6 year deal is a head scratcher. For at least the 2017 season, I think they go worse.
  2. paypal sent
  3. The Patriots mantra this season was "One More" which makes me wonder if Brady and Belichick will retire at the same time if they win.
  4. And I thought things couldn't get worse after this season
  5. I'll take 4 boxes on each sheet you fill, 8 or 12 total
  6. I can't see him going to Houston and over taking Lamar Miller. What that team really needs is a QB. I think he'll stay with the Vikings but out of the 3 teams he listed, the Giants make the most sense.
  7. I wouldn't doubt Aaron Rodgers. Without Nelson and Adams it will be hard for GB to win, but I'd still expect him to put up 300+ and at least 2 TDs
  8. I agree with this. I have to believe Murray is going to start his downfall and lose touches to Henry. It's a risk worth taking.
  9. Works for me, I wouldn't have been able to watch at 1pm EST, but I'll be able to watch at 8pm.
  10. Would be a better game than New England vs Houston
  11. LT, Owens and Warner are locks. After that, throw 2 darts and see who they land on
  12. I just checked and I got it. I'll send PP tonight
  13. Ben. Titans will run all over Jags
  14. Play Inman, Dez and Anderson I like Griffin over Walker if CJ is out