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  1. Keep Djax or...

    Leave him on the wire
  2. Qb help?

    Not sure of schedules but cousins
  3. Thoughts on Trade

    Jump on that
  4. What Defense week 8 And ROS

    Steelers ros Bill's week 8
  5. You want Cook?

    Not a chance
  6. Awful terrible trade. Should not go through
  7. Kareem Hunt

    Chubb has been great, hunt will get some touches but not a ton
  8. Drop Damien Williams for Ty Johnson??

  9. Ty Johnson or Mark Walton

  10. Drop Fuller?

    Drop him
  11. RB Trade

  12. Kamara trade

    Would be a steal
  13. Did I offend him?

    I'd reject but not be offended
  14. What happened to Evan Engram against the worst D for TE

    Weather played a huge factor