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  1. Help... WHIR

    If Rodgers plays, I'd consider benching Adams. Jordy is his go-to WR and Adams falls back to #2. I did not look at your roster before responded, I would not start Burkhead over Gurley
  2. Change anything going into the playoffs? 🤔

    Rivers over Wilson (it's close but Rivers has a great match up) I find it hard to bench Gordon at this point but you have some real good choices so I can see why you'd bench him.
  3. Too many eggs in 1 basket?

    That is a tough one. It's tough to bench Adams with the way he was playing with an inferior QB. It's tough to bench Jordy because he and Rodgers share a brain and always seem to know where the other guy is. I would not want to pick between them in fear of making the wrong decision. I'd lean towards playing both and hope that GB scores 30+ points
  4. Big Ben or keenum

    Big Ben
  5. Week 15 - Dak or Bortles?

  6. Am I crazy?.....Bortles or Foles over Stafford ROS

    I love Bortles this week against an awful pass defense and finally more than 1 WR to throw to
  7. Semi's .. Flex Help? Sanu/Lee

  8. TE- Cook or doyle?

  9. Stafford or Rodgers

  10. Brady or Rodgers

    It's a tough one but I think Brady will be allot better next week knowing what's on the line. I'd go with Brady and see what Rodgers has to offer
  11. First round help

    I like Dede because of the matchup
  12. Which dynasty qb do I drop

    I'd drop Luck
  13. Help... WHIR

    I'd start both NO defense
  14. Westbrook or Gordon

  15. Flex help

    Gordon, Williams Jones, Goodwin Ingram