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  1. Saquon out who is best waiver add ROS

    Agreed but in what kind of shape?
  2. Just another CMC question...

    hunt and jrob should be owned in every league
  3. Please help with this team

    Davis or McKinnon
  4. Saquon out who is best waiver add ROS

    Kelley and then Mckinnon
  5. Trade Allen or Newton?

    Newton for Swift or Kelley or Jrob
  6. Some Advice on My Team and Moving Forward

    if you package Thomas you need to aim higher than Fournette in my opinion
  7. Who To Go With at Tight End?

    Smith as long as brown continues to be out
  8. SF DST

    theyre playing a crappy giants team this week. Might hold on for 1 more week
  9. Drop E Sanders for Freeman?

    I assume you're not playing sanders tonight
  10. Gordon/Henry for Ridley/Andrews

    Can't see your sig but in the surface e that seems like a good trade for you
  11. WR trade help

    Yes, take golloday.
  12. Trade offer

    if you have 2 really crappy players to drop then its a good deal otherwise reject
  13. Sell Ekeler?

    what do your wrs look like
  14. D Hopkins Trade

    Do not trade hopkins unless you're getting a stud back