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  1. Jimmy G

    You're overthinking it. Remember he missed a lot of time last season. He'll get back in his groove and Kittle will be a stud TE
  2. First pick in Keeper league

    DJ, Thielen, Evans, Mixon, Juju, Fournette and Freeman
  3. Michael Thomas vs JuJu Smith

    Thomas everyday and twice on Sunday
  4. Keeper question.. McAffrey vs Lindsay

    I would keep CMC without question
  5. 3 Keeper League Keepers

    Hopkins, Kittle and Carson
  6. Where to go with this team?

    If the offer is right, I'd deal Lockett in a heartbeat. I would look to move Olsen or Eifert (if he gets off to a good start)
  7. First pick... Jacobs or Montgomery?

    If this is standard, I prefer Montgomery for the reasons you said. The Bears defense will likely keep games low scoring and allow the Bears to run a lot and be running out the clock on the ground in the 4th quarter. In PPR, I like Jacobs. His hands are being raved about and I think he will have a huge role relatively soon in Oakland.
  8. Drop a skill player for a second defense?

    I might drop Goff for the Browns, depending on who your starting QB is
  9. Should I trade draft picks?

    I wouldn't trade my #2 to move back 20 spots. You're guaranteed a stud at #2. What are you guaranteed at #22?
  10. Where to go with this team?

    I like the moves you made so far with the exception of Carson (but we'll see how that turns out.) Love your team getting 3 1st round picks in 2020. You're doing a good job so far and I would not stop there.
  11. Welcome Back!

    I would be happy with that team
  12. Keeper help

    No way I'm letting CMC go in a PPR league as great a value as Kelce is in the 4th
  13. Welcome Back!

    I'm not in love with Carson unless he falls to me late, but I do like Chubb and Cook
  14. 16 Team League

    Any idea where you are drafting yet? I do a bunch of 14, 16 and 20 team leagues. My strategy doesn't change much but I almost always go RB / RB because by the 3rd round, all of the good RBs are gone.