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  1. Dynasty Draft Question

    Too early to know. Ask again in just over 2 weeks
  2. Who should I keep?

    I'd keep McCoy and Kamara. I hate how inconsistent Green is.
  3. Dynasty - Trade away #1 Overall Pick?

    Agree with everyone above, Barkley is coming out with a lot of hype. If you are want to give up 1.01 you need to get a lot better in return.
  4. Dynasty Kamra Trade

    Agreed, keep Kamara
  5. Who do you think/hope your team gets in the draft

    It has to be all about defense for the 49ers. I'd like to see Minkah Fitzpatrick or Josh Jackson in the 1st round and either a DE or LB in the 2nd round. The guys I like (Tremaine Edwards and Marcus Davenport) will be gone by the 2nd pick.
  6. If you're still trying to get this done, I'll take the 49ers and an orphan team to help things along
  7. Alex Smith

    I can see Cousins as a Jet
  8. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    PP sent
  9. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    Pats win but don't cover the spread because, well, they never win the superbowl in a blowout. Their games are always close. Here's hoping the Eagles win the game, but I just don't see it.
  10. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    Gretzky is the clear run away in hockey and I'd probably put Brodeur over Roy for best goalie.
  11. AFC Championship Game

    That 6th finger doesn't count, it's like a baby finger
  12. AFC Championship Game

    There can only be one six fingered man
  13. Time Clock

    Or any free throw
  14. Keep his winnings until you get yours. Has he been asking you for the money?
  15. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    I'll take 4 boxes on every sheet you fill