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  1. D.Cook 6th pick

    Too risky, there will be better players at 6 available for you
  2. Keep Gurley or Hill?

    Gurley and Kamara, two great backs before the draft starts
  3. #1 pick. Keep or trade for #11.

    Stay at the 1, only way to guarantee you get a stud
  4. Pick 3 Keepers Non PPR

    Don't keep Evans
  5. Hopkins or Howard keeper

    Has to be Hopkins, he is a top 6 pick and either the #1 or #2 WR this season
  6. Mike Evans value for RB trade

    I'd target somebody like Melvin Gordon to see if the owner will bite. It's aiming high, but there is a sucker born every minute. Hopefully you find that sucker
  7. Mixon or Howard? PPR

    definitely Howard with the 8th round tag
  8. Dynasty trade for OBJ

    Bell is not worth moving. I'd only try Gronk and either Freeman or Baldwin
  9. Keep Derrick Henry or Dion Lewis?

    Coin flip in my opinion, I like Lewis better
  10. Keep A. Luck or C. Davis

    Davis, plenty of QB's out there after round 10
  11. Another Keeper Thread

    Collins and Diggs
  12. Move Cousins

    I like Cousins in Minn this season. Watson has the higher upside and I'd offer cousins and a 3rd for Watson. Without knowing how Watson will bounce back from injury, I'd keep Cousins
  13. Dynasty trade question.

    Keep Bell
  14. strikey

    Depends on the league scoring, Bell in PPR and Gurley in standard