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  1. Where can I improve this team?

    Full PPR Qb - Mahomes, Watson and Wentz Rb - Barkley, Hunt, Breida, Hines, Cohen Wr - Thielen, Edelman, Fuller, Coutee Te - OJ Howard Def - Rams and Jags K - Bailey I start 1 QB, 2 Rb, 2 Wr, 1 flex, 1 TE, 1 def and 1 k I'm trying to put together a trade pairing a QB and Breida or Cohen for an upgrade at flex or an upgrade at wr2. Do I even need to? Does Mixon or Michel offer me an upgrade over Cohen or Breida as my flex? What Wr would I look for to upgrade over edelman?
  2. Drop Dalton?

    Winston will have great weeks and terrible weeks. If you can live with that, drop dalton
  3. On to next season...

    Just curious, why cznt you keep Mixon or Thomas?
  4. Trade Advice ASAP

    Keep barkley
  5. OBJ Blues

    You have to get Mixon or Michel or do not trade him
  6. Do I make this trade?

    I would do it
  7. So, OBJ...

    I would tske michel at this point
  8. Do I make this trade for Kupp? PPR

    This trade I would do
  9. Prioritize these WW adds

    Gabriel Cobb Barber
  10. Do I win tonight?

    You got it. Morris hasnt been off the bench yet
  11. Bell and Tate for Hopkins? PPR

    Yes you should
  12. Do I win tonight?

    You will lose
  13. Need advice asap on a trade involving DJ and Thomas

    If you get Thomas for DJ and Olsen. I can live with that. Zeke and lindsay are an ok duo for the ros
  14. Using Number one waiver on Trubisky?

    Not a chance
  15. Do I win tonight?

    He wins