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  1. Players to target!

    I wouldn't do that trade
  2. Pleas help!!

    I'd stand pat
  3. Make this trade in a keeper league??

    What position are you drafting in?
  4. Superflex dynasty trade .5PPR

    No go
  5. Miles Sanders worth

  6. Dynasty Drop

    Drop mckissic
  7. Mattison for 2021 2nd Rd pick?

    Make the trade
  8. Darrell Henderson or Tarik Cohen or Roldal Jones II

    I still like Cohen in a ppr league
  9. Keeper help needed!

  10. Superflex dynasty

    You're hoping and praying both Dak and Burrows perform so you can trade them. It's a dangerous strategy
  11. Dynasty Trade

    JT and CEH are coming off 1 & 2. I would stay out and keep your 2nd rounder
  12. Dynasty trade advice

    Bingo.......nothing jumps out from either of those deals
  13. Dynasty Trade Help: Zeke, Allen for #2, Connor

    I agree here and dont reach for Burrows. You should be able to move a WR for a QB if teams dont overvalue the qb
  14. Dynasty Trade Help: Zeke, Allen for #2, Connor

    Do you have any idea who the #1 team is taking? Can we see your roster?
  15. Trade Advice

    I'm with you bro, I'm getting tired of watching games I know my teams win