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  1. Is humphries playing

  2. Pick 2 Standard Scoring

    Kittle and mostert
  3. What y’all think?

  4. What y’all think?

  5. Hopkins or D Adams ?

    Sorry bro, I'll check in before today's games
  6. What y’all think?

    Looks like a solid lineup. Not a fan of Mattison with Cook healthy but you probably can put anyone else in that spot
  7. Roll Metcalf again?

    Definitely go with Metcalf
  8. Pick a Pair

    Lamar and deebo
  9. What y’all think?

    I'd be really happy with Henry, Hollister and watson
  10. Give me order best to last 1-7

    Hill Hopkins Diggs Thielen Brown Thielen (due to injury) Snead
  11. Am I the only one here?

    Make sure to check out the fantasy football forum, that stays a lot more active than the advice forum
  12. What y’all think?

    Out of those choices I like team 2. Is Henry too expensive?
  13. Am I the only one here?

    I do. But if you ask a question close to gametime I may not get it. But I still come in every other day at a minimum
  14. Am I the only one here?

    Yes it does
  15. Roll Metcalf again?

    You can only take 1?