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  1. Drop t coleman for mostert?

    Mostert is a short term answer, Coleman is the long term answer
  2. The most non exciting, unimportant trade offer

    Nope, keep Josh. Hes the best player in the trade in my opinion
  3. Trade for cuff?

    Yes. I'd want both Seattle rbs
  4. Good offer for Kerryon or Sony?

  5. Who are you done with?

    Wow, those stats are awful. I'm not ready to drop but I have benched
  6. Waiver wire add

    Yes, drop djax for mclaurin
  7. Andrews or Engram ROS

  8. need trade advice

  9. Chris Carson and Tyler Boyd for JuJu and James White?

    I would keep Carson and boyd
  10. Waiver wr help! Ppr

    Mclaurin John brown Robinson Hollywood
  11. A too good to be true trade?

    You're getting a qb and giving up a rb and wr. unless you are ultra deep at both positions you lose this trade by a country mile
  12. TE trouble. Should have gone with Waller.

    Witten, graham, dissly
  13. Trade help

    Not a chance
  14. Start McLaurin or Locket


  16. Trade Ekeler now?

    Make that trade
  17. Drop guice?

    If you don't have a deep bench, drop him
  18. Offer for Brady or Dax?

    I'd stick with ryan
  19. Start 2 - Williams, Locket, McLaurin or Mack?

    Mack and williams
  20. QB Conundrum Lost Ben

    Winston, dalton, stafford
  21. D Cook for L Bell and Ertz

    I'd keep cook and stream TE's
  22. How much FAAB for Dissly?

    He has his good games. I think the packers are really good and he will have a bunch of weeks like week 1
  23. Da Johnson for L Fourenette & S Michel

    Do not trade for fournette
  24. Rb pick up????

  25. QB Help. Trade? Stand pat? Add?

    Stick with your guys