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  1. Is humphries playing

  2. Pick 2 Standard Scoring

    Kittle and mostert
  3. What y’all think?

  4. What y’all think?

  5. Hopkins or D Adams ?

    Sorry bro, I'll check in before today's games
  6. What y’all think?

    Looks like a solid lineup. Not a fan of Mattison with Cook healthy but you probably can put anyone else in that spot
  7. Roll Metcalf again?

    Definitely go with Metcalf
  8. Pick a Pair

    Lamar and deebo
  9. What y’all think?

    I'd be really happy with Henry, Hollister and watson
  10. Give me order best to last 1-7

    Hill Hopkins Diggs Thielen Brown Thielen (due to injury) Snead
  11. Am I the only one here?

    Make sure to check out the fantasy football forum, that stays a lot more active than the advice forum
  12. What y’all think?

    Out of those choices I like team 2. Is Henry too expensive?
  13. Am I the only one here?

    I do. But if you ask a question close to gametime I may not get it. But I still come in every other day at a minimum
  14. Am I the only one here?

    Yes it does
  15. Roll Metcalf again?

    You can only take 1?
  16. Lamar or Mahomes

    I think you have to take Lamar
  17. Lamar or Mahomes

    How many points per passing TD?
  18. With Sherman on Diggs what about Adam?

    Thielen looks back to thielen. I expect a good game from him
  19. 49rs

    Deebo but really Kittle
  20. Help me win

    Dude was an animal yesterday
  21. Help me win

    Bad advice from me. Cook is a beaat
  22. Help

    Probably sanders but it's a toss up
  23. Vikings vs Saints

    Amazing how upset he is in a game they're winning. There is Diggs 1st catch
  24. Titans vs. Patriots

    Bill is the guy that gave the blueprint to everyone when he pulled this against the jets earlier this season. They were up 31 - 0 when he did it I love that it went against in a much more important game
  25. Help me win

    Its between 1 and 3 and I'd lean one because you get Kamara, thomas and cook. Option 3 is close but d cooks injury scares me a bit