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  1. Pick a QB

  2. which WR to grab?

  3. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    RB: Jamal Lewis WR: S Smith Sunday Nite: L. Johnson
  4. Faulk or Barlow

    I have M.Faulk as my RB#4 in a performance league where we start 2 RBs. The Barlow owner dropped him this week, and I may have a chance to pick him up (by dropping Faulk). The drop suprised me at first, but the more I think about it, the more I question his value. Can he keep his job for the season? Will Faulk get more playing time? This RB#4 position is just for depth and a bye week filler. We also get one point / reception. Thoughts? Which would you rather have stashed on your bench?
  5. who would you start

    Parker should be a must start until Staley & Bettis are back. Jones on the road is not as good a matchup.
  6. NFL Names Offensive Player of Week

    Welcome to 1994
  7. Trade

    In a second
  8. Faulk or Barlow

    Bump, for more expert advice.
  9. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    M.Faulk or K.Barlow as RB#4. I only start 2 RBs in my performance league, so this spot is just for depth. I have Faulk, but I may be able to drop him for Barlow. Who has more value for the remainder of the season? gracias
  10. Who would you rather haver as a backup

    Joey. He has a lot of weapons. And Bledsoe, well, he's Bledsoe.
  11. Drop Lelie

    Stick with Lelie for now. The Denver offense can't be as bad as they looked. Or can they?
  12. WR Help

    Battle Ferguson Crayton
  13. Wr waiver wire - solid or spoo?

    Engram Mushi Galloway Moulds Lloyd Battle Fergueson T Taylor Randle El
  14. Same here, have Williams and am looking at Battle. I'm going to wait a week or two on this. See if Williams blossoms in the new offense, and see just how dismal SF's offense is against a real defense.
  15. WR Help

    Keyshawn Johnson Joey Galloway A. Battle Micheal Jenkins
  16. Weekly Blitz

    ATL BAL CLE NEP PIT In... and alphabetized.
  17. Larry Johnson News

  18. Weekly Blitz

    40% Ahead of the curve
  19. RB Help

    Yeah, keep JJ if you can, but get Parker now.
  20. Tie-breaker

    Highest scoring bench player can be used to break a tie.
  21. Thrown To / Target Statistics

    Larry Fitzgerald had 13 receptions, but was only targeted once? Or am I reading this completely wrong (very possible)?
  22. Another Walker owner, please vote!

    Is Reg. Williams from Jacksonville available? I just dug him out from my WW. And I would think about picking up either McMichael or Pollard as a replacement for Stevens.