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  1. WDIS Week 16

  2. WDIS Week 16

    CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!! I need your help. WDIS in a 1/2 PPR League. I need 2 RB, 2 WR and 1 Flex. I currently have Henry, Mixon, Sanders, Thomas and Lockett but I'm starting to second guess myself. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. RB's Derrick Henry Joe Mixon Miles Sanders A.Peterson WR's Michael Thomas Tyler Lockett Cooper Kupp Jarvis Landry Will Fuller
  3. My team sucks..need TE advice

    I like McDonald against that Miami Defense.
  4. Need 2 Out Of These 4 Crappy Choices?

    I'd have to go with both Dorsett and Tate. Good Luck
  5. Is josh gordon worth stashing?

    I read he will be medically cleared in a couple of weeks and then released by the Pats. I don't know what the NFL Policy is if he catches on with another team if he would still be on IR or return to regular status. If you have a roster or IR spot, why not hold him
  6. Pick 1 WR

  7. WDIS in the Flex?

    PPR Who should I start in the Flex? Jamison Crowder or Tyrell WIlliams?

    PPR Scoring format Which 1 of the 3 would you start in the flex this week? Miles Sanders vs. Cowboys Frank Gore vs. Miami Jamison Crowder vs. Pats. Thanks
  9. Start Malcolm Brown over which?

    Brown over Cooks
  10. Malcolm Brown or Peterson?

    With Gurley out. Go Brown
  11. Waiver Wire Help

    Thanks for your feedback. I'll hold off
  12. Waiver Wire Help

    I'm in a 12 man Keeper League and went into the season with Mayfield as my starter. I drafted both Kyler Murray and Daniel Jones for back up. Needless to say I'm struggling. Kyler has been my starting QB since week 2. My question is should I drop Mayfield and pick up one of the following off of the Waiver Wire? Bridgewater, Cousins, Mariotta or Flaco Thanks
  13. QB Help

    Thanks all.
  14. QB Help

    Line Up Help Goff vs. Bucs or Lamar Jackson Vs. Browns