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  1. Keeper Chubb or K Allen?

    I'd keep Chubb but what worries me is what happens after Hunt's suspension. Not to mention the Duke Johnson situation.
  2. I'm in a PPR Keeper League and am wondering if I should keep Sony Michel for a 5th round pick in this years draft? I keep hearing about his knee and durability issues and how Damien Harris could supplant him. Should I keep him or just pass on New England's RBs? Thanks.
  3. Derrick Henry Keeper Advice

    Looks like the lights went on after week 14. Week 14 17 carries 238 yds 4 TD Week 15 33 carries 170 yds. 2 TD Week 16 21 carries 84 yds 1 TD Week 17 16 carries 93 yds 0 TD
  4. Derrick Henry Keeper Advice

    I don't think they were using him the right way. He does need the carries to be more productive.
  5. I need to start 2

    Cadillac and Alexander.
  6. Williamson Ready to be a Starter?

    I would definately look at Travis Taylor if Burelson is out.
  7. C. Brown or R. Dayne

    I'm in a 12 man performance league/ Keeper league. 1 pt per yds rushing/ rec., 1 pt. per rec., and 6 pts. per td. My backs are as follows; K. Jones, C. Dillon, W. Parker and C. Brown. Would it be a dumb move to drop Brown for Dayne?
  8. Detroit Lions

    What if you are in a keeper league? Would you still trade him?
  9. Detroit Lions

    What is up with this team? Will they come around? Will K. Jones and crew turn it around this year? What is your input on this.
  10. Trade advice

    Thanks, the trade is not going to happen.
  11. Trade advice

    I am in a performance league. 1 pt. per 10 yds rushing/ receiving, 1 pt. per rec., 6 pts per TD. I offered Willie Parker and Chris Brown for Lamont Jordan. Am I giving up to much? My team is as follows; QB Bulger, Bledsoe RB K. Jones, Dillon, Brown, Parker WR Branch, R. Smith, A. Bryant, B. Lloyd TE Gates, Kinney Thanks for your time and advice.
  12. Jolley Not Starting? What now.

    I'm screwed. He is my week 1 starter. Jolley is my back up to Gates and Gates is out for the 1st game. Should I hang on to him?