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  1. What do you need on Christmas?

    3 Championship Games this season. Need help in all of them. Team 1: QB pass TD = 4, standard league. Up 62.90 to 45.30 I have Big Ben and Boswell He has Foles and PHI Def/ST Team2: Standard, All TD's = 6 I am up 97.85 to 66.05. I am done. He has Crabtree, Boswell, PIT Def Need major help and luck! Team3: Standard, All TD's = 6 I am down 62.10 to 79.90. I have Big Ben, JuJu, and Crabtree He has Martavis Bryant. Soooo, I need HOU to score a lot, Big Ben to throw 3 TD's with some yardage to everybody EXCEPT Martavis, Crabtree to get 9 pts or less, and for the wind to screw with Foles. But, I think that's all I need...except no Defensive TD's for Christmas. ;-)
  2. Yes!! Going to the Ship!

    Made it to the Championship in 3 of my 4 teams. In one, we're chopping the cash and playing for the title. In another, we both have the ability to put up a monster game, or lay and egg. The third? I shouldn't have really made it, but screw it...I guess I'll go ahead and win it, IF they let Zeke be Zeke. I actually can't stand any of my opponents, so I would take great pleasure in kicking their asses, and pocketing some extra cash. :-)
  3. QB Decision

    Standard league: 1pt/25yds, all TD = 6 Drew Brees vs NYJ or A-A-Ron Rodgers @ CAR
  4. RB: Kareem Hunt or Alfred Morris

    Any last minute opinions or thoughts? Don't want to blow a playoff game, relying on an unreliable Hunt/Chief's offense.
  5. Standard league: 1pt/10yds, all TD = 6 Kareem Hunt vs LAC or Alfred Morris @ OAK
  6. Pick 2 of 3 RB

    Kamara and Freeman
  7. You pick em: 4 Teams, All need wins

    Awe, c' Somebody's got to have a moment to help a brother out. ;-)
  8. Flex help standard please

    Hunt, but ONLY because C. West is out...and that doesn't mean much these days, BUT keeps Hunt in if they try those short RB passes near the goal line, and probably a point or two from receiving yards, to add to his pathetic output of late. Diggs is Diggs, so you won't get an argument from me, but I usually prefer RB rush/rec combo instead of solely banking on a WR in a flex position.
  9. Team 1: Important QB Stats: 1pt/25 yds, TD = 4pts, Int = -1 (Pick one) Big Ben @ CIN or Drew Brees vs CAR RB: Standard 1pt/10, TD = 6 (Pick 1 RB) L. McCoy vs NE or A. Collins vs DET Team 2: Standard: 1pt/25 yds passing, 1pt/10 ru/rec, All TD's = 6pts (Pick 1 QB) Brees vs CAR or Winston @ GB (Pick 1 RB & 1 WR) K. Hunt @ NYJ or Mixon vs PIT Funchess @ NO, Sanu vs MIN, J. Gordon @ LAC Team 3: Standard: 1pt/25 yds passing, 1pt/10 ru/rec, All TD's = 6pts (Pick one QB, 1 RB, 2 x WR/TE) QB: Big Ben @ CIN or Goff @ ARI RB: D. Murray vs HOU, Mixon vs PIT, J. Rodgers @ GB WR/TE: Sanu vs MIN, JuJu @ CIN, C. Davis vs HOU, Z. Jones vs NE, Rudolph @ ATL Team 4 1pt/10 yds, TD = 6 (Pick 2 WR) WR: AJ Green vs PIT, M. Jones @ BAL, Baldwin vs PHI, Funchess @ NO (Pick 1 Defense) Tampa Bay @ GB Minnesota @ ATL Thank you for your input and your time!
  10. What do you need on MNF?

    Win, I clinch Playoff spot. Lose, I battle 4 teams for final playoff spot. I'm up by 9.15 pts (non-ppr) against Hopkins & Miller. I'm so screwed, because my team manure the bed. Brees, Hunt, Gordon, AJ, Baldwin all went to take a dump, in the same week. I never wish for player 'injuries', but I wouldn't have a problem with some severe food poisoning issues to occur with HOU, just prior to kickoff. ;-)
  11. Week 12 Milk Carton

    AJ Green (Sat M. Jones for him) D. Murray (Sat Mixon for him) K. Hunt (Sat Mixon for him too!) C. Davis (Sat Sanu for him! You know, the great QB Sanu)
  12. Important QB Stats: 1pt/25 yds, TD = 4pts, Int = -1 Big Ben vs GB Drew Brees @ LAR
  13. Must Win: WDIS at all positions

    Thanks to all who've responded! Anybody else have any thoughts here? WR and DEF are pretty much split right now.
  14. QB: 1pt/20 yds 6 for all TD's Standard RB/WR: 1pt/10yds, 6 for all TD's. QB Pick 1: Rothlesbirger vs GB Goff vs NO WR Pick 2: Crabtree vs DEN M. Bryant vs GB Sanu vs TB C. Davis @ IND RB Pick 1: D. Murray @ IND Mixon vs CLE DEF/ST Pick 1: Cincinnati vs CLE Baltimore vs HOU Thanks