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  1. WR from the same team?

    I'm playing AJ Green and Boyd today, in one league.
  2. Trading between spouses...Collusion?

    Who are her RB's and his WR's? On just the two primaries, I'd honestly rather have Kelce than Hunt (I have Hunt on 4 of 5 teams), and the other 2 players are negligible. Both rosters are needed before even evaluating it, BUT the trade itself seems fine to me.
  3. Brady For Brees?

    Against the grain, I would take Brady. I was saddled with Brees when they ran their 'run-happy' offense, and it became quite a letdown. I was basically streaming my QB's most of the season. Brady just seems to keep tossing it all over.
  4. Non-PPR: Edelman or J. Gordan ROS?

    That is exactly my dilemma! Ugh
  5. Non-PPR: Edelman or J. Gordan ROS?

    Is that a send or keep?
  6. Standard League: 1 per 10yds. TD =6 1 have bye week concerns in the future, I need another RB, and have to play 3 WR's. He wants either Edelman or J. Gordon (both off week 11) My other WR's: JuJu (7) Marvin Jones (6) E. Sanders (10) So, it's pretty much between Edelman and Gordon. Which one do I ship for a Aaron Jones? No RB's on waivers and nobody wants to trade theirs, so here I am.
  7. Brate or Howard

    I had the same dilemma, so I picked up Ozumah
  8. Good trade?

    If you have to play a TE, I'd probably make the trade. Plus, in my opinion, you don't lose much of anything by getting Boyd for D. Jackson. I agree about Sony being a starting RB, but I don't see him being much more valuable than the other RB's you have after Hunt and Ingram. TE's are proving tough to find, and it's even tougher with the bye weeks in full force.
  9. Crowell or Blue?

    Tough choices. Blue will get almost all the touches Crowell still splitting with Powell. I'd go with Blue
  10. Standard League. AJ Green vs MIA D. Thomas @ NYJ S. Shephard @ CAR T. Boyd vs MIA Thanks
  11. lineup adjustments

    With Mixon not playing? I would throw 'somebody/anybody' in there, rather than taking a guaranteed ZERO pts.
  12. Standard League. Rank in order which WR for Rest of Season: Golden Tate Alshon Jeffrey Allen Robinson Cooper Kupp Thanks
  13. Doug Baldwin

    There are certain players I shied away from in this draft, especially in drafts occurring late. Baldwin has been a staple on my rosters in recent seasons. This year, I passed on him in every league, and I still don't regret it. I felt he would end up being 'Questionable' every stinking week, and that was when we only knew about the one bad knee. It's much worse with 2 screwed up knees. I may end up regretting it, but I am happy not having to deal with that headache of a decision each week. I certainly wouldn't be starting him, despite what Carroll says.
  14. I was mulling over the rosters of my multiple leagues, where there isn't much on the waiver-wire regarding QB's or TE's. When I began looking at QB's, especially with the number of 1st and 2nd year QB's already starting, I started researching the "next man up" QB's for this season. Who do you you see as current back-up QB's, who might end up starting at some point during the season, whether due to injury or performance? My thoughts were Chase Daniels or even Josh McCown.
  15. Need Help with Trade. He Wants Mahomes.

    Thanks for all the replies! I like JuJu a lot, but I have Antonio so I'm not doing that in a deal. I was thinking Julio and Cook, and I'd throw him back a receiver with Watkins or Robinson.