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  1. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    The two leagues that still matter: 1) Down 17 I have Ingram, Lutz, and DJ Moore They have Kamara and M.Thomas. 2) Up 2 I have DJ Moore and Ian Thomas They have Cam and Ingram. I'm done in both, but I'm holding out for an unreasonable miracle.
  2. Quick Lineup Fixes

    QB: Ryan vs ARI or Luck vs DAL RB: Ingram or Henry WR: DJ Moore vs NO or Pettis v SEA TE: Pick 1: V.McDonald, Engram, or Graham
  3. Preparing for a butt-whipping?

    In a 2QB keeper league, I backed into the playoffs with a week 14 loss to the 13-1 team, simply based on tie-breakers with four 7-7 teams. I lost Hunt, Conner, and Beckham heading into that game. I get the privilege of playing them again this week in the playoffs: QB: Mahomes QB: Rothlisberger RB: Kamara RB: Gus the Bus WR: T. Hill WR: M. Thomas TE: Kelce K: Zuerlein D/ST: SEA or IND I have been trying to scrape something together to play QB: Rodgers QB: Rivers RB: 2 of Ingram, J.Jackson, Henry (picked up) or Conner (out) WR: 2 of JuJu, Godwin, DJ Moore, or Beckham (Q) TE: Graham or Brate K: Lutz or Rosas D/ST: JAX After Thursday night's game, my rag-tag patchwork team of underachieving 'backups' has a fleeting chance against this juggernaut, IF I guess
  4. Odell Beckham OUT

    I am not your boss (I don't think), but this is EXACTLY what happened to me. NOW, if it turns out that I am your boss, expect a crappy final few weeks of 2018...unless I win somehow.
  5. All Standard League. All TD's = 6 RB: Sony Michel OR James White at NYJ Chubb at CIN OR A.Jones at MIN WR: JuJu at DEN OR MVS at MIN (pick 2) JuJu at DEN E.Sanders vs PIT J.Gordon at NYJ KeKe vs TEN TE: Olsen vs SEA OR Brate vs SFO Brate vs SFO OR Heurmann vs PIT ('Can' pick up Graham for either) DEF/ST: Chargers vs ARI OR Jacksonville at BUF Thanks!
  6. MNF - What do you need (Week 11)

    I didn't even want Hunt coming into the season, but draft position dictated that I 'had' to take him in 4 out of 5 leagues. I'm okay in two games, but basically need about 50 pts out of him in the others to get close to winning this week. Basically 5 TD's and 200 total yards. Recalling the Ghost of Shaun Alexander that one night many years ago. 😫
  7. What sites can/should you use to implement this type of waiver process? It's definitely an interesting concept to me, and how is total amount available determined, then tracked. One more really stupid question: If amount is 500 for season, and three teams all bid 500 on one particular waiver player, how is winner determined with equal blind bids?
  8. Week 11 Player Rankings

    Anybody else having an issue when they click on the Player Rankings for Week 11? Every time I click on it, it takes me to Pre-season Cheatsheets page. 🤔
  9. Milk Carton - Week 10

    Jimmy Graham?
  10. It's very close and he'll have Zeke tonight. Need the most possible points out of one of these two: Standard/non-PPR Alshon or Tate vs Dallas tonight? Team manure the bed today, but there is still a small shot at pulling it out. Thanks
  11. Standard Non-PPR. 1/10 TD =6 Pick 1: Alshon vs DAL Tate vs DAL MVS vs MIA
  12. 2 QB Standard League. Limited Rosters. All TD = 6. 1pt per 10/Rec, Rush, 1pt per 25/Pass Offered to me: O. Beckham & Darnold For: Fitzpatrick & Jeffery My Team: QB: Rodgers, Rivers, Fitz, Osweiler RB: Hunt, Conner, Ingram, Howard WR: JuJu, Jeffrey, G.Tate, MVS TE: Graham, Doyle K: Lutz, Bailey Def: JAX, KC His Team: QB: D.Watson, Mariota, Darnold, Allen RB: Mack, Coleman, Bell, McCoy WR: OBJ, D.Adams, Funchess, M.Jones TE: Reed, Kittle K: Boswell, Gano Def: MIN, TEN I know OBJ gives me a stronger overall lineup, BUT it leaves me VERY vulnerable to a QB injury. I also don't like giving up Alshon in the deal, as he's not OBJ, but not horrible. Would you make the deal? What would you view as a reasonable counter offer? I'm in 3rd place currently, he is in the bottom 3, but has been winning the past couple weeks.
  13. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Call Henry Muto!
  14. So what say you guys? Better TE for the Rest of the Season? Doyle - IND Ozumah - CIN
  15. I am trying to decide right now which two to keep out of Tate or J.Brown. Can pick up Sutton on waivers. MIGHT be able to pick up Golladay instead, but too far down in waiver order. I have Alshon & JuJu already, so that's why I'm considering dropping Tate.