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  1. the deal was offered to me but im not sure what to do i have horn bennett eric moulds charles rogers and mike jenkins then i have deuce and willis mcgahee with thomas jones on my bench so what do i do
  2. he counter offered me jake delhomme mike anderson and steven jackson for deuce mccallister and drew brees my team qb brees and pennington rb willis mcgahee and deuce mccalister and thomas jones wr charles rogers joe horn drew bennett eric moulds michael jenkins k matt stover rian lindell te marcus pollard jeb putzier d panthers
  3. no offence but why the hell are u so rude for dont post in an advice colum if u dont want to give advice but there is need to try and disrespect people for no reason
  4. im sorta worried about tonite

    10 rush and recieving is 1 point, 6 points td 1 point for sack 2 points for int and dfr
  5. im down by 29 points and i have deuce mccalister and joe horn left to play and unfortunately he has the giants defense to play what are my chances of winning btw i only scored 31 points with brees willis drew bennett matt stover panthers defense and heath miller who laid a monster 0 points so im pretty screwed last week i only scored 71 points and i still won by 1 point so do i have a chance
  6. K.Curtis or M.Bennett? Thanks Javon!

    how in the hell did u end up with dom davis steven jackson ahman green and 2 other starting rb u in a 6 team league or something cause that would never happen in a 12 team league
  7. a deuce mccalister trade

    well my team consists of at qb drew brees and jp losman rb thomas jones willis mcgahee and deuce mccalister wr drew bennett joe horn eric moulds charles rogers and michael jenkins te heath miller and jeb putzier k stover dst panthers and chiefs. so my wr are a lil shaky so i was thinking about making him offer me mccardell muhammed anderson and sjax for bennett deuce and moulds
  8. i need some depth at rb i have deuce willis mcgahee and thomas jones i have been offered mike anderson steven jackson and muhsin muhammed for deuce mccalister and drew bennett so should i pull the trigger
  9. huge trade

    my lineup drew brees willis deuce joe horn drew bennett ben watson matt stover and panthers d ive been offered rudi johnson and alge crumpler for deuce and michael jenkins should i pull the trigger
  10. 4 wide recievers

    eric moulds charles rogers michael jenkins or drew bennett to start alongside joe horn please help
  11. first of all my lineup qb drew brees rb duece and willis mcgahee wr drew bennett and joe horn te ben watson or courtney anderson k stover def panthers this guy has offered me willie parker and duce staley for deuce mccalister im tossed up he wanted willis but i said absolutely no way so what should i do
  12. l.j smith

    i listened to every1 on thier opinion to start charles rogers over drew bennett im now only up by 3 points and he has l.j smith left to play so how many points will he score
  13. 1 qb 1 wr

    kurt warner david carr drew brees eric moulds charles rogers drew bennett HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP
  14. my team brees deuce mccalister willis mcgahee joe horn charles rogers matt stover jeb putzier panthers team 2 bulger j.lewis tatum bell t holt a. johnson l.j smith j. brown steelers team 3 p. manning b westbrook s. davis m. harrison p.burress j.witten d.akers colts team 4 t.green tiki ahman green l.coles rod smith m pollard j.reed eagles team 5 t.brady r.brown p.holmes a.boldin m.clayton r.mcmichael j.elam patriots team 6 c.palmer steven jackson c.dillon t.o m.muhammed j.shockey p.edinger broncos team 7 d.mcnabb c.portis s.alexander n.burelson djax t.heap m. vanderjagt bills team 8 c pennington k.jones e james s smith r wayne h.miller r longwell falcons team 9 k collins w.dunn r.johnson roy williams reggie williams a.crumpler s.janikowski lions team 10 d.culpepper w.parker m.bennett i bruce r.moss gonzo j wilkins redskins team 11 b favre j.jones d. davis c.;chambers lee evans b.franks j.hanson rams team im most scared of m.vick tomlinson cmart hines ward c.johnson d.clark a.vinatieri bucs so do i have a chance in hell
  15. need some WR starter HELP

    horn and smith without a doubt it still remains to see how my man jp can do