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  1. here's another wdis

    Ugh, I honestly can say I don't have a strong opinion either way. Collins is a guy who I have learned my lesson on... never again will I have him on my team. Too erratic and darn near maddening. Warner, though... it's kinda like picking between turd sandwich and giant Megan Fox, isn't it? (sorry, Im still immature enough to watch South Park) At the end of the day, I trust Collins and his weapons over Warner. Even though both could just as likely throw 5 picks as 5 TD's, Collins has better receivers to catch the ball if he can get the ball to them. GOOD LUCK :doah:
  2. Tough RB Choice This Week

    I hate to bump this again, but I am now second-guessing my choice to bench Parker. The more I read on the New England D, the more it appears that they are having problems against the run and will probably continue to have problems without last year's linebacking corps. If I told folks I was considering to bench Barber, would that change opinions? As always, if you leave a link with your opinion I will gladly help you.
  3. One more C-Pep yard sale...

    I don't like the deal at all. The other owner is obviously playing to your knee-jerk reaction on a couple of bad weeks with C-Pepp. Are you REALLY telling me that Kerry Collins, the man who threw almost as many TD's as INT's last year, is suddenly less of a long-term risk that Pepper? There are a lot of aberrations in the first two weeks of the season; taking drastic measures at this point is very premature. C-Pepp will have to come back more to the middle and that makes him better than both C-Pepp and MM.
  4. #3 WR...

    Agree with the majority, play Taylor. Culpepper CANNOT continue to be this bad (I hope) and he has to throw to someone. If Burleson is out, then Taylor becomes a nice play this week. Skrappy, LOVE the avatar. I'm from Donny Baseball's hometown and was a HUGE fan growing up. The man deserves to be in the Hall.
  5. Which WR to drop?

    Are you sure Donte Stallworth is the answer you seek? If you really insist on picking him up, I guess I would drop Lee Evans. I don't feel real good about having any Buffalo players since JP Losman is learning the NFL game and they look like a team that will be scoring primarily through FG's this season. Good luck and thanks for answering mine.
  6. Tough RB Choice This Week

    bump *sigh*
  7. Tough RB Choice This Week

    With 3 very strong running backs continuing to put points on the board, I am continually faced with a "GOOD" kind of bad. I have to pick once again this week between Tiki Barber, Willie Parker, and Steven Jackson for 2 starting Rb spots. I'm putting Tiki in with no hesitations, but can't decide if playing Jackson versus a poor Titans D or Parker versus an angry Pats D would be the choice here. Parker has been so good and Pittsburgh will try to run the ball. Jackson has a good match-up but they may not even run the rock. What do I do here? Please leave a link and I will help you with your questions.
  8. Give it Up for TIKI!

    Nope, Tiki needs his yards for those contract bonuses. He'll get another 50-75 yards and maybe a TD, THEN sit him the end of the 4th quarter.
  9. Give it Up for TIKI!

    Man did I need Tiki to have a good game tonight. After another horrendous performance from C-Pepp, those two TD's are a HUGE help. C'mon, Tiki, keep piling it on!!
  10. Byron Leftwich OK?

    A little late getting in on this, I guess, but is there anything being said down in JAX about Leftwich's leg? He looked like he may have injured his knee or possibly his hamstring on their next to last drive, and he was obviously limping in the final possession. I had flashbacks of his bowl game at Marshall when he played on a broken leg. In the NFL, I don't see the same thing happening. With Culpepper as my current starter, I REALLY need to get some quick info on Leftwich. If he may not go next weekend, I think I need to consider picking someone else up.
  11. TRADE ADVICE: Can Get Edge

    Who's talking about fair? The way I see it, this guy drafted himself into big trouble. I don't need to give away two starters for one when he needs ANYONE to play WR. More (taking advantage) suggestions?
  12. TRADE ADVICE: Can Get Edge

    His roster is in the post. As for the scoring system, it's in the sig... standard scoring is 6/TD for RB & WR, 4/TD for QB. Also 1 point per 10 yards rush/receive, 1 point for 50 yards pass. All the others are pretty standard (fumbles minus-2, INT's minus-2, etc).
  13. TRADE ADVICE: Can Get Edge

    For those who might remember, I asked a question a couple weeks back about possibly sneaking away a quality player from a weak team desperate for RB help. Well, it turns out the guy is actually desperate for WR help. He offered me a BAD 2-for-1 trade to get Santana Moss. I'd like to counter and am considering going after Edgerrin James. With so many backs, I think I can offer him one of my lesser backs and a nice WR in exchange for EJ. Please look at each team and tell me: 1) which RB/WR would you offer for Edge? 2) would he go for a trade? MY TEAM: see below HIS TEAM: QB - D. Bledsoe, B. Roethlisberger RB - E. James, T. Duckett, J. Bettis WR - B. Stokley, M. Booker, B. Engram, A. Crumpler, J. Shockey, S. McDonald, W. Welker K - A. Vinatieri DEF - Atlanta, Jacksonville
  14. WDIS: RB Traffic Jam

  15. WDIS: RB Traffic Jam

    In a 12-team standard scoring league where we start two RB's each week. Right now I have Tiki, Steven Jackson, and Fast Willie Parker on my roster, as well as Mike Anderson. I am having trouble choosing between Tiki, Jackson, and Parker as all have nice matchups and very good potential Sundays/Mondays coming up. I'm kicking myself for not using Parker last week as I got killed by C-Pepp and could've used his game instead of Jackson's. Is there a clear two-Rb combo to play this week? Please LEAVE A LINK and I will help you as well.