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  1. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Hey...one of those is mine!
  2. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Last I heard Carl took the billions he got from the USA Today Sports 'acquisition' and bought an island out in the south Pacific...probably very nice.
  3. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Think I've been on here since around 1998...
  4. Deeper Sleepers

    Sucker... K...Penny is in you win, and Carson is in I win, or if you want to do most touches the 1st game I'd be in for that as well. Cheers!
  5. Deeper Sleepers

    Already paid for my subscription so can't really go there...how about a 6-pack of beer from a local brewery or a bottle from a distillery or winery? Bet would have to be that either Penny or Carson take the 1st snap on offense in the 1st game of the regular season...if either one gets hurt before that game or neither of them are in there then no bet.
  6. Deeper Sleepers

    Carson looks fairly electric running the ball, got that wiggle and wow factor about him. Watch some of his college tape when you get a chance. Not sure how long any of them will last though...there's a reason all the Seattle RBs get hurt after a few games, as the offensive line is non-existent.
  7. Deeper Sleepers

    Why is that insane?...did you even watch Carson run last year? What do you want to bet?
  8. Deeper Sleepers

    Penny will start the season as the back-up to Carson...bank it. Problem is no matter who starts that o-line is a sieve and no one is going to last too long trying to run thru it. Another year of revolving backs...
  9. Deeper Sleepers

    Chris Carson going that late just seems like a crime...although with what constitutes the Seattle offensive line I foresee the same thing happening to the Seahawk's RBs as last year. 2-3 games and then pop! Moncrief, Enunwa, and Butt all seem like good value that late. Will be watching Coutee in preseason as I think he mostly mans the slot in Houston this season...that should pay huge dividends as long as Watson stays healthy. I think he's a better athlete than Fuller, but JMHO. Will also be watching Gathers, Schultz and Jarwin to see who, if any, can emerge as the primary receiving TE in Dallas.
  10. GBP backfield

    Jones is a much more diversive RB, more dynamic then Williams will ever be. Jamaal is a plodder, move the chains type. JMHO...
  11. GBP backfield

    IDK...Williams averaged about 3.8 yards a carry while Jones averaged about 5.5, although Jamaal did have almost twice as many carries. Williams averaged over 10 yards a reception and scored a few times, so possibly it's the other way around and he's the 3rd down back and Jones is in on first and second.
  12. GBP backfield

    Jones was arrested last year just days before he took over the lead back position, so I doubt GB has any qualms about starting him again this season...he by far IMO looked the best out of any of their RBs and Ty Montgomery.
  13. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Dynasty rookie draft (can draft vet FA) that started Monday, May 7th...half point per reception, 14 team league. Round 1 1.01 RB - Barkley 1.02 RB - Guice 1.03 RB - Jones 1.04 RB - Michel 1.05 RB - Penny 1.06 RB - Chubb 1.07 RB - Freeman 1.08 RB - KJohnson 1.09 WR - Moore 1.10 WR - Sutton 1.11 WR - Ridley 1.12 WR - Kirk 1.13 WR - Gallup 1.14 QB - Rosen Round 2 2.01 QB - Mayfield 2.02 QB - LJackson 2.03 WR - JWashington 2.04 RB - Hines 2.05 TE - Gesicki 2.06 TE - Goedert 2.07 WR - Pettis 2.08 QB - Darnold 2.09 WR - AMiller 2.10 RB - Ballage 2.11 QB - JAllen 2.12 TE - Hurst 2.13 TE - TBurton 2.14 WR - Coutee
  14. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Manning hasn't been 'fine' for a couple of years now...not sure how this helps him stop making all the bad decisions...
  15. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    lol...well, it is Kevin Costner, but Jennifer Garner is nice to look at. I think the Browns come out of this looking pretty good no matter which way they decide to go...they have both Hyde and Taylor so they could bypass both those positions and go defense.