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  1. Divisional Game Thread

    Bye bye eagles...
  2. Todd Gurley hurt...

    He's been playing with a tweaked knee for a few weeks now...
  3. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Teachers make every other profession. Except for assistant principals...the principals make those.
  4. Questionable trade?

    Team A probably threw this over to Team B to see if they'd bite, and they did, so nothing really wrong with the trade unless you can prove collusion. You might want to put a rule in place for next season where teams mathematically eliminated from the playoffs are no longer allowed to trade, but besides all that I don't see how you can argue with this.
  5. Kupp to IR?

    Anyone know when the Rams will designate him to IR?
  6. Bears

    "Parkey"..."butter", "Parkey"..."butter", "butter"...
  7. Removing Owner

    That's some damn good BBQ...probably some of the best I've ever had, but we get spoiled around here. I really like Black's down in Lockhart, and they just moved a store into Austin as well. La Barbeque, and Micklethwait are really good as well. There are so many with a couple of different styles...you're sure to find somewhere you like. Now ask me about the breakfast tacos...
  8. Removing Owner

    Sure...I'll go stand in line for 5 hours for you.
  9. Removing Owner

    You tried to force him to go to Philly or Pittsburgh? I see his dilemma in socializing with the group...
  10. Yikes...what's with all the caps? And hell yes...not only should you exercise your unilaterality and remove their worthlessness from the sacredality of your most holiest of leagues, you should also go over to their house and remove all the tires from their vehicles. That will fix the errors of their ways with your bylaws.
  11. Deeper Sleepers

    Seriously dude...the bet was who was RB1 with the first touches. Definitely Carson... If you want to welch on it, go for it...
  12. Deeper Sleepers

    Cheers dude...I like my Tito's ice cold or my Pilsner Urquel even colder.
  13. Deeper Sleepers

    Hey...I got one right. Have to laud it over somebody.
  14. Deeper Sleepers

    "I got the crystal ball, he said And held it to the light" ~Frank Zappa
  15. Deeper Sleepers