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  1. Statistically...each year when the number of ice cream sales in the state of Kansas start rising so do the number of drowning deaths in California. So does that make Baskin Robbins a killer?
  2. Is pot legal in your state by chance?
  3. There's a reason why the tried-and-true scoring styles have worked for so many for so long, with maybe a few tweaks here and there, as they are fairly simple and fun to play. When you make something so outlandish and complex that you need a couple of degrees in law and/or accounting to play it, it quickly becomes un-fun and most of the league will scatter to the wind.
  4. Whitney...I need to get moderator privileges back on the Bears With Furniture BOTH league. Thanks...
  5. All I'm trying to say is that the Packers ran out of viable RBs last season and in desperation had to throw Montgomery into their backfield. It wasn't by design or strategy, simply they had no other choice really...having 'any' football player with football skills in the backfield running the ball occasionally is an asset to the offense as it takes away the defense just keying on the QB and receivers. I can't imagine even GB wants to relive what happened last year, let alone some other team try to copy it. It didn't work very well and was one of the main reasons they didn't make it to the SB. Aaron Rodgers could take a knee every 1st and 2nd down thru an entire game, and only try to move the ball on 3rd down and the Packers would probably still be in the game in the 4th quarter as he and his receivers are that good. But then, a few years ago when they had Lacy (an actual RB) in his prime, they were pretty much unstoppable. So sorry if I disagree with your theory, IMHO I just found it pretty funny that what someone would see as a strategy others would see as 'what the f'k are we gonna do now'...
  6. Intentionally objective...think that's what you are looking for.
  7. Mostly you and the guy who posted it...
  8. You are the only one arguing...again I just found it highly comical that anyone could look at running out of RBs as a strategy, and hysterically funny that you'd presume that any of the other 31 NFL teams would want to emulate that. It then gets even funnier when you then try to somehow back up this 'strategy' theory by stringing up a bunch of useless stats to try and support it. More hilarity ensues when a few folks actually buy into it...
  9. lol...now I'm intentionally being obtuse. That's rich...I just found it funny that anyone would call running out of RBs a strategy and would try to emulate it. I saw it more as the Packers offensive coach went to the weekly RB meeting one week and he was the only one there, and said "ah hell, where are we going to get us some more RBs?"
  10. Yes...having a RB on the field for upwards of 50% of the 'overall offensive snaps' is usually a pretty effective 'strategy'. One that many of the other NFL teams should try to emulate...
  11. What does 'overall offensive snaps' have to do with YPC? You were trying to say that Montgomery had the highest YPC of any RB in the NFL last season, and the low number of carries didn't seem to matter and I was 'cherry picking' for mentioning that. It's fairly pointless arguing with you I can see so I'm going to stop...I just started laughing out loud when I read your title 'Ty Montgomery Strategy' and spit out some of my coffee this morning. I guess what some see as a strategy others see as complete and utter desperation since they totally ran out of viable RBs a few weeks into the season. Even GB isn't trying to 'copy' that again this year if the draft was any indication...
  12. You don't really need Odell, as you already have Brown, Hilton, and some other WR3s on your roster...if you really want to trade your picks for an already established RB see what the Howard, Gordon or Ajayi owners will give you, but definitely don't trade away all of your 1st round picks for any of them. It also goes by what your league scoring system is...standard, PPR, etc. You are probably just a player or two away from being a real contender in that league, but one or two more solid RBs would definitely go a longer way in establishing that then another good-to-great WR.
  13. Actually, that would have been Danny Woodhead...since we aren't cherry picking and the sample size has absolutely no value.
  14. lol...cherry picking, that's funny coming from this thread. So, basically you are saying of all the converted WRs to RBs last year, which I think there was only 1 (Ty Montgomery), he had the highest YPC of all of them. Okay, I guess I see your logic...
  15. The highest yards per carry in the NFL? He only carried the ball 77 times over 13 games for the entire season, and in 6 of those games (almost half) he had a total of 18 carries for 40 yards. That equates to about 2.22 yards per carry. So in the other 7 games yes, he did have a few big games and a few long runs in some others. The entire season he had only one game where GB gave him more than 9 carries and that was against the Bears in week 15, his biggest game of the season. My basset hounds could easily run over the Bears defense...