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  1. Start / Bench list ? Seems off to me this week

    But I got the crystal ball, he saidAnd held it to the lightSo I snatched it, all away from himAnd I showed him how to do it right ~ Cosmik Debris
  2. Bragging rights

    Maybe if you built a large wooden badger...
  3. Murray out?

    He was in on the last series, so guess he's okay...Henry was just in more.
  4. Why Can't Some NFL Teams Do Well?

    When you live in Nebraska, people are just going to feel sorry for you...no matter who you root for.
  5. Rodgers hurt

    You posted video that contains content from the NFL without their consent? "Oh the red hot gates of hell are creeping open. Satan is heating his pokers for you, you blasphemes heathen. Fall down on your knees and beg for deliverance from damnation!" ~ Long John Silvers in Muppet Treasure Island
  6. Jameis Winston injured

    Guess they are lucky they took the night off...
  7. my team is so trash that...(insert here)

    Good thing for having a hall pass...
  8. We were told there would be no math... Yes, by looking at it again, you are correct...Evans has slightly better average numbers even after playing 2 less games. Still, it's one person's fantasy over another's...how you going to argue with that? No collusion, no veto...
  9. Why is this such a bad trade? Agholor has out-performed Evans this season, especially in PPR. Not that much difference really...mostly by name and past experience.
  10. RB Lottery

    Easy to say after the game? I basically just asked if you had ever seen him play before...and that I think he's a better 'all-around RB' than either Montgomery or Williams.
  11. What to do with Cam Newton?

  12. What to do with Cam Newton?

    Good thing he's on the waiver wires in about half the redraft leagues I'm looking at...
  13. RB Lottery

    Did you ever watch Aaron Jones at UTEP? All-around RB who is shifty, with great hands and fits Green Bay's offense to a T. Actually reminds me a lot of Emmitt Smith. Jamaal Williams is a blocker and not much more...big, lumbering, upright runner. Ty Montgomery is a gadget player and is a change-of-pace, 3rd down back at best...Jones gives them an absolute threat at RB now.
  14. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Did no one watch the film from last year? Can't give Rodgers more than 10 seconds, just doesn't work...
  15. Texans...

    Finally...a QB!