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  1. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

    They look pretty feisty this year and have some great matchups against the Colts, Jets, Browns, 49ers coming up...a fairly decent streaming D/ST IMO.
  2. Graham

    Probably want to go with 'otherwise' anyways...until Carroll and Wilson get their s't straight the Seahawks are barely a coin toss.
  3. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

    Does anyone know if Bortles can play with a lead?
  4. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

    Make that 23-0...and I love me some streaming Jagulars defense against Flacco and his jet lag!
  5. Bradford Out

    Hellooooo streaming the Bucs D/ST...
  6. Devante Parker projection

    I'm sorry my man, if that's your picture you're almost as ugly as Aaron Rodgers...feel bad for you.
  7. Devante Parker projection

    So, there is no crystal ball...it's all just logic and opinion. It's just like that day in 9th grade when you find out that Groundhog's day is a farce! So sad...
  8. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    If you get that mixed up with a knee, I'll bet you got a lot of great stories to tell...
  9. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    The Lambs have beat up on the Dolts, the Deadskins, and the 86ers so far this season...sell high!
  10. NYG/DET game thread

    NYG...without a doubt.
  11. Dynasty League drafting

    After the regular NFL season is over increase the roster limits by 4-5 players, with a mandatory drop down to the league maximum of 20 sometime the week before the actual 1st game of the season. Do a rookie draft with 4-5 rounds after the NFL draft with how ever many rounds you increase your player limit to. Owners can decide to keep their rookies during the preseason, or cut some of their vets, to meet the maximum roster size before the season starts. Any owner who doesn't cut by the deadline has their team cuts decided by the commish and/or co-commish.
  12. Best and worst of week 2

    Best: Breakfast tacos and margaritas Worst: TNF
  13. Howard Jordan

    Howard Jordan?...was he the baritone in Backstreet Boys?
  14. Oh Ezekiel...

    I'd say Dak and the coaches were the ones that mailed it in. Broncos were putting up 8 man fronts basically daring the Cowboys to throw the ball and they pretty much failed at doing that. Trying to run it right up the gut a few times didn't work too well...Denver just had an outstanding defensive game plan and pulled it off to perfection.