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  1. NYG Thunder and Lightning...

    Inside the 10 yd line...took Tiki out and put Jacobs in, and he ran it in on his first carry... Tiki took his to the house from 21 yds out...good thing they were that far out as Jacobs probably would have come in any closer...
  2. NYG Thunder and Lightning...

    Looks to finally have arrived in the form of Brandon Jacobs...Barber will be getting vultured at the goalline...
  3. Losman

    Losman looks very good for his first game of the season...got a ways to go but the Bills D is giving him some great opps...he should be a great sleeper for this season...
  4. Pitt/Tenn game

    Willie Parker may be keeping Duce off the field for a few more months...
  5. Remind me to never ...

    I say bring back Carl...this never happened when he was working for you...
  6. 10 types of fantasy owners to avoid at all costs

    Wow...I'm surprised FoxSports was online long enough for one of their writers to put that on there...
  7. foxsports

    Up at the top it says 'Powered by MSN'...that should tell you all you need to know. It's more than just one piece of poo...it's a whole shitheap of poo...
  8. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

  9. Huddle depth charts

    You didn't get these draft sheets from Yukon by any chance did ya?... :doah:
  10. Multiple leagues

    In every one of my leagues this year...I targeted players who's first or last name started with the letter M... It seemed like a rather good strategy at the time...
  11. The Peyton Manning Draft Strategy

    I'd have trouble sleeping at night with those guys... I see a 7th place finish in your immediate future...
  12. TSN ranks the NFL stadiums

    no more wires?...that's some technology there...
  13. Willie Parker

    Wathaphuck...you guys need to quit asking so many questions and dropping names like this...I was getting him dirt cheap in all my leagues and now these a-holes are starting to take him in the 8th-9th rounds...
  14. Gates to report tomorrow?

    hmmm...me thinks that it would make better TV for Gates to be playing then Gates to be sitting...JMHO
  15. Gates to report tomorrow?

    hmmm...looked around and actually this news is buried down in the other Gates thread... The suspension should be lifted by team officials if Gates does report...shouldn't miss any regular season games...