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  1. GBP backfield

    Jones is a much more diversive RB, more dynamic then Williams will ever be. Jamaal is a plodder, move the chains type. JMHO...
  2. GBP backfield

    IDK...Williams averaged about 3.8 yards a carry while Jones averaged about 5.5, although Jamaal did have almost twice as many carries. Williams averaged over 10 yards a reception and scored a few times, so possibly it's the other way around and he's the 3rd down back and Jones is in on first and second.
  3. GBP backfield

    Jones was arrested last year just days before he took over the lead back position, so I doubt GB has any qualms about starting him again this season...he by far IMO looked the best out of any of their RBs and Ty Montgomery.
  4. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Dynasty rookie draft (can draft vet FA) that started Monday, May 7th...half point per reception, 14 team league. Round 1 1.01 RB - Barkley 1.02 RB - Guice 1.03 RB - Jones 1.04 RB - Michel 1.05 RB - Penny 1.06 RB - Chubb 1.07 RB - Freeman 1.08 RB - KJohnson 1.09 WR - Moore 1.10 WR - Sutton 1.11 WR - Ridley 1.12 WR - Kirk 1.13 WR - Gallup 1.14 QB - Rosen Round 2 2.01 QB - Mayfield 2.02 QB - LJackson 2.03 WR - JWashington 2.04 RB - Hines 2.05 TE - Gesicki 2.06 TE - Goedert 2.07 WR - Pettis 2.08 QB - Darnold 2.09 WR - AMiller 2.10 RB - Ballage 2.11 QB - JAllen 2.12 TE - Hurst 2.13 TE - TBurton 2.14 WR - Coutee
  5. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Manning hasn't been 'fine' for a couple of years now...not sure how this helps him stop making all the bad decisions...
  6. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    lol...well, it is Kevin Costner, but Jennifer Garner is nice to look at. I think the Browns come out of this looking pretty good no matter which way they decide to go...they have both Hyde and Taylor so they could bypass both those positions and go defense.
  7. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Seriously...as a Browns fan you don't think getting Barkley and Allen in this draft would be a great thing? Perhaps try watching Draft Day, I hear that ends pretty good for Cleveland.
  8. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    I'd probably be a tad bit bitter if I was in your shoes as well...
  9. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Probably just my bias against seeing Barkley in a Giants uniform kicking in...
  10. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Hyde is decent but he just fits more of a COP and 3rd down RB to me...he is still yet to have a 1K yard rushing season and he's been in the league for 4-5 years. Barkley would sell tickets and could be an every-down monster for a few years to come. IDK...I just can't really see taking Allen #1 if they are really that enamored with him, could easily get him at #4.
  11. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Conventional wisdom would seem to dictate taking Barkley first overall, then grab Allen at #4 which would be a major coup IMHO...although conventional wisdom seems to elude the Browns year-after-year. So guessing they will probably mess this up somehow. But here's to 'hope' if you are a Cleveland fan...cheers!
  12. Dez Bryant cut

    Texas is soooooo big, there's room for 2, and then some...
  13. Dez Bryant cut

    Yes...got him in the draft. Also have Zeke and Dak so losing one of my triplets. And yeah, I know, total homerism, but I've won that 14 team dynasty league the last 2 years in a row.
  14. Dez Bryant cut

    Please, please, please let him go to the Packers or Saints...
  15. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Obtusively challenged...
  16. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Brother-in-law is generally posted as BIL...
  17. Gronkowski being linked to the Rams??

    I thought it wasn't about the money with Gronk...living on his endorsements and stashing his pay into the bank?
  18. Cleveland is dealing today

    They've been wreaking havoc on their own QBs for so long...that should be a nice change for them.
  19. Wild card lines discussion

    There's almost always 1 road team that wins during the wildcard playoff weekend...got to be one of the NFC teams.
  20. The annoying pre-game fans

    Lot's...it's Austin.
  21. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    Can't tell which is more F'upped...the court system or the NFL?
  22. Kelvin Benjamin to the Bills

    I think it's an upgrade for Kelvin...he can jump up there and get the balls, but not that high up.
  23. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    Dude...some of your posts just give me the giggles is all, no hard feelings. Carry on...
  24. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    About as much as I hurt yours in the Ty Montgomery strategy thread...
  25. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    You just make this stuff up as you go along right?...