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  1. Who Will Win?

    o man..seminoles u got me again...you are just too good
  2. Who Will Win?

    good job..you guys are the coolest
  3. Who Will Win?

  4. Who Will Win?

    very cute whomper....but http://xsco.net/global/img/memo/nopriv_homo.jpg
  5. What defense should I start

    start carolina...
  6. Who Will Win?

    u must have too much time on ur hands....go fly a kite or something..^
  7. Who Will Win?

    ok im a newb...cool... and you guys are just fantasy gods..
  8. Start Hasselbeck or Palmer?

    take a bet and go with palmer..it might pay off..he looks like a stud through 2 weeks...and hass is sooo inconsistent its crazy
  9. Ernie Conwell?

    lol..huh? thats old news man..he ended up playing..so im sure hes gonna be playing this week
  10. Who Will Win?

    heh....ur funny
  11. Who Will Win?

    wow..u 2 are cool^
  12. Ernie Conwell?

    more feedback plz
  13. Ernie Conwell?

    is he suposed to amount to ne thing this year? cuz im thinking about starting him this week..should i start him against the miserable looking vikes?
  14. WDIS QB

  15. Who Will Win?

    I recommend getting a life.