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  1. How sad is this.

    I bet he is getting more Rosie O'Donnell than you and me combined right now. Oh those college days were great.
  2. UCLA Favored vs. Oklahoma

    Are you serious. Peterson misses a couple of classes, and you think Stoops is losing respect because he doesnt sit him the whole game. What an idiot. How bout tressel with absolutely no control over Clarett in news conferences when he wore his jersey backwards to show his name. Then Clarett wins OSU a title, and Tressell turns his back on him to save his own ass for illegal activity that was later brushed under the rug by the atheltic department. Funny that AD left the same time the Athena was hitting the fan, and this guy is still a division 1 coach. Amazing. Tressell had Texas in their backyard at night where they rarely lose, and had both QBs playing, and a dominant defensive performance and he single handedly loses the game because of conservative play calling when he could have put the game away after Texas gift turnovers. Mack brown is a complete idiot, but this guy made him look like a genius last Saturday night.
  3. How sad is this.

    Updated: Sep. 14, 2005, 1:54 PM ET Ohio State TE gets 'hate' mail for dropped TD passAssociated Press COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State tight end Ryan Hamby has received a couple of hate letters since dropping a sure touchdown pass during the Buckeyes' loss to Texas last week. Cutting over the middle into the end zone, Hamby was open when Justin Zwick's pass bounced off his chest and into the air. He had a second chance to grab it but was slammed by a defender just as the ball touched his hands. A touchdown would have given Ohio State a 10-point lead in the third quarter. The Buckeyes ended up settling for a field goal and eventually lost 25-22 to Texas. "I can't think about it too much because we still have a lot of football to play," he said as the ninth-ranked Buckeyes prepared for Saturday's game with San Diego State. "I'm not going to lie. I think about it some times. But you've just got to move on." A senior from Cincinnati, Hamby said he had a sleepless night after dropping the pass. "I just came open and, I don't know, it all happened so fast," he said. "I knew I caught the ball and it got knocked out of my hands. I was kind of laying there thinking, 'Man, I wish that didn't happen.' But it's part of life and you've got to deal with it." Asked about the content of the letters, Hamby said, "I'm not going to talk about them, but they're just dumb things. You almost want to say, 'You know, in the scheme of life there are things going on around the world. It's just a game."' Several of Hamby's teammates supported him Tuesday, saying that there were plenty of opportunities to win the game regardless of what happened on that one play. "It kind of makes me upset that people would do that to him," linebacker Anthony Schlegel said. "I don't see them out there." Hamby said he was doing his best to forget the play -- and the ugliness of the fans. "I've thought about it and stuff and it's hard, but you've got to deal with it," Hamby said. "I've got my teammates, coach [Jim] Tressel -- everybody's behind me. So I'm not going to worry about it. We've got San Diego State and we've got to focus on that."
  4. UCLA Favored vs. Oklahoma

    Looks like its going to be a long year for Boomer Sooner.
  5. Ohio State / Texas

    Why is that, cause I call em like I see em. I mean theohiosucks ripped several schools for being over-rated, but refuses to admit his team ranked 4 isnt.
  6. Crayton

    Crayton may give Dallas more options to win games, but wont be a consistent fantasy player.
  7. Best Week 2 college games that I can remember!

    I hate to say this but the whole state of Texas knows fully well what happens when 2 quality teams face off, and one commits errors, how a game can change on a dime, and not be competitive. Texas 2 yrs ago, was equal if not better than OU, and OU destroyed them because of this same snowball effect. So if I take my ball and go home after my Ponies lose this week, can I be called theohiosucks next week.
  8. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    I didnt say I wasnt impressed with OSU's linebackers, or even DL, its the rest of their team that I think is average at best. Texas who I cant stand either outplayed this defense, or the OSU offense was offensive. I'll let you decide. Great game regardless. I think there will be some SEC battles this yr that are as good, and I hope a certain ACC game is as well. Notre Dame vs USC should also be spectacular at Notre Dame.
  9. Preseason college rankings again..........

    alot of season left. Bush, Peterson and Leak and some other dark horse could have a say in this before its all said and done. I dont think Young shreding OSU for 270 in the air and 76 on the ground in their building is chopped liver, but if Young doesnt beat OU, he wont get it, imo.
  10. What's the matter theohiostate?

    I dont know anything about the OU boys, but setting the ignore this user because he ant take the heat, after he dished it saying the polls were a joke, ripping Iowa, Michigan, OU, and a few more, but refusing to add OSU to that list because of who they lost to, is as cowardly as anything I have seen on a message board, and theohiosucks has done it to myself and lil10 whatever.
  11. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    2 of the 3 turnovers were blantently obvious. Young could have easily taken the sack, and refused too, instead throwing the ball in the middle of the field. Odennelesque. The fumble was a bad handoff from the QB to RB, again, nothing really to do with OSU. The only thing that shut the Horns offense down was those 3 turnovers. The first and 4th qtr, they scored literally at will, going up 10-0, and then finishing the game with the final 12 points. I know the game was close, but it wasnt as much to do with OSU, but Texas miscues. Like I said before Texas scored the 1st 10 pts of the game, and the final 12, 17 if you count the pathetic call on the 270lb RB scoring at the end which he obviously broke the plane, that was ruled who knows what. That led to a safety one play later. And had 2 miscue turnovers inside their 20 that led to 6 pts, and stalled 2 texas drives in the 2nd and 3rd qtr. I just dont see OSU as being equal to Texas, and there are no homer glasses here, I am no Texas fan, thats for sure. I just saw they kept giving OSU opportunities to stay in the game, and then they had to play defense themselves to bail out their miscues. The Texas D is the least talked about unit of the game, and they gave up fewer pts and 130 less yds than the so called vaunted OSU D everyone keeps raving about. I think the Texas D outplayed the OSU D. They continually stopped OSU inside thier 20, forcing FGs, while OSU simply gave up the leading TD in the last 2 minutes instead of holding Texas to a FG.
  12. Best Week 2 college games that I can remember!

    helluva hell mary play to beat LSU last yr, thats for sure.
  13. Preseason college rankings again..........

    Lets just agree to disagree. One turnover was a poor execution between QB and RB, the other was Young refusing to take a sack, and trying to throw the ball in the middle of the field. Pretty ill advised. As far as the Tressel playcalling, I think it was a joke. But then again, I think he is a joke of a coach. OSU could get a quality man to be its coach and not have to deal with the shannigans that come with Jim Tressel. I dont hate OSU, just dislike them because of their coach.
  14. Best Week 2 college games that I can remember!

    So is Iowa going to be this pathetic all yr, or was Iowa St just that much better than the Hawkeyes. I missed the game completely and only saw the highlights of Tate being stubborn and foolish trying to make a tackle which cost him the rest of the game.
  15. Long year for Alexander owners

    Seattle is so brutal on defense right now, they will have to pass to stay in games. Alexander is a stud, but he wont get the rock like he did last yr and will pull an Ahman Green from 2003 to 2004, and not be a top 10 RB. I watched every preseason game and todays game, and Hass is looking to throw every down. Go get him, and Engram cheap now, before its too late.