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  1. Who else is 0-2?

    Me dang it, despite everyone saying I have a good team.
  2. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Home => Packers Away => Chiefs=Chargers
  3. Clemson vs. Boston College

    I painfuly watched the Miami game last week at Clemson and am going back this week. Hopefully with better results.
  4. wdis

    In a word, Clayton.
  5. Grits and Shins, you are hilarious. We owe you so much for your brilliant advice I would look to trade Westbrook or Parker for a top WR.
  6. LT2 vs. Projections

    That would continue a great tradition for my #1 backs. Last year it was Deuce and the year before that Edge.
  7. LT2 vs. Projections

    Week 1 => projected 27; actual 8 Week 2 => projected 22; actual 12 Week 3 => projected 20; actual ?? I'm the eternal optimist. LT2 breaks out this week b/c the OC figures out he can still catch.
  8. Trade Advise

    I wouldn't do it. Hasselbeck is servicable at QB and you can't really take a hit to your RB's looking at your roster. Branch might be a slight upgrade from Smith at WR, but it isn't worth the RB cost IMHO.
  9. Bye week question

    Trent Green is my starter and has a week 5 bye. Plummer plays the Redskins in week 5. Brooks plays the Packers in week 5. Is it a good idea to drop Plummer?
  10. Ricky Williams

    I only got one answer to this. Anyone else want to chime in?
  11. I need to improve WR

    Would you drop Chambers to pick up: Braylon Edwards Dante Stallworth Terry Glenn Bobby Engram
  12. Ricky Williams

    Believe it or not, Ricky is still available. Would you drop Benson for him?
  13. WW question

    Dilfer/Big Ben and Kurt Warner are available. Are any worth picking up in place of Plummer? I have to drop and add at the same position.