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  1. Trade help

    Ok...I am considering this trade...let me know if you think it is fair for me: See my team below.... Wayne, LJ and Clark for Randy Moss and Shockey What do you guys think? Does this help my team?
  2. QB Decision

    I am in a league that starts 2 qb's... I assume Palmer is a must-start...even against the Bears....but I need to decide between Leftwich who looks like he's hurting but will play or Pennington who has not had a great start this year. Their teams play each other this week? Any thoughts on whose pass def is better? Which would you start this week? Thanks.
  3. Need to drop one of these RBs

    I say you drop Gore...have you seen the 49ers play? It's horrible and the plan is to still split carries between Gore and Barlow...
  4. Taylor or LJ?

    Should I start Travis Taylor vs. New Orleans or Larry Johnson vs. Denver this week in my flex spot? Note that I am in a ppr league. Also...I ask this question every week...Ben Troupe or Dallas Clark? Thanks.
  5. McGahee

    Yeah...I would like to trade...and probably need the most help in the WR category...If I teamed McGahee with one of my receivers, who do you think I should target?
  6. McGahee

    McGahee was my first pick this year....should I be worried? Has his lack of production been due to good defenses, Buffalo's lack of a passing game or something else? I need production from this guy...and he's been killing me so far. Do I sit him until he produces some points for me...or am I just overreacting? How do you guys see his season going?
  7. Cadillac for Domanik Davis?

    I had considered this after last weeks games...being in a PPR league Double D looked like a good play, but it's tough to drop Caddy after working over the Buffalo D. I don't think the Houston Offense will be able to produce at all this year...I am now glad I didn't try to make that move. Stay with Caddy.
  8. I am in a ppr league that gives 1 point for every 20 yards rushed or received... This week I am up by 10 points and have Portis playing tonight. My opponent has Burress...Do I have anything to worry about? How do you see each players stats looking for tonight?
  9. Detroit Lions

    Yeah...Jones and the Lions are not off to a good start and I don't see it getting much better. Harrington has no more excuses and his ppor play is destroying Jones stats. I'm experiencing a similar problem with McGahee. I did hear that Shawn King was gonna try out for Detroit....
  10. Buy Low?

    The Culpepper owner in my league is getting extremely concerned with his performance so far. Do you think it makes sense to offer Palmer for Culpepper? I think he would probably accept the trade at this point. Do you see Palmer emerging as a top 5 QB this year? or leveling off some as the season progresses? Will Culpepper return to form or somewhere close to it this season? What do you guys think?
  11. Moss?

    Thanks...I was leaning in that direction...
  12. Moss?

    Someone offered me Moss for Fitzgerald and Lamont Jordan. I already have McAllister and Julius Jones...Should I accept the offer?
  13. # flex WR

    I expect Boldin to have a much better game this week against the Rams. I would start him.
  14. Tough one: Roy Williams, Bennett, or Greg Lewis

    Roy is definitely the way to go for this week and probably the rest of the season out of that bunch...
  15. Which Backs?

    Which 3 should I start this week? McGahee, Portis, LJ, Cadillac...