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  1. Waiver Wire Help

    He's put up some solid numbers in the first few weeks, and i'm only looking for a back-up to Favre in case he falls flat on his face. I'm thinking its between Big Ben and Eli, Delhomme is way to inconsistant in a run oriented offense.
  2. I was thinking of dropping Delhomme for Eli but i don't know if thats much of an upgrade or not. Any thoughts? QB Favre RB R. Johnson RB P Holmes WR Porter WR Driver TE Whitten W/R Caddy B Delhomme B S. Moss B N Buerlson B C Benson B M Bennett 6 pts for any TD and 1pt/50 yds and -2 for int.
  3. WDIS

    I'm worried that J. Lew will be limited again today especially with the broken finger and L.J. was impressive last week in only 11 carries. Should i go with my stud or the hot hand?
  4. Trade Advice

    10 team league 6pts pass/recieving/rushing TD, 1pt = 10yds rush/recieving and 1pt = 50yds passing, no points for receptions. I was thinking its a no brainer since Driver will be the new #1 and Suggs is banged up and could be in a RBBC situation. Thoughts/Suggestions? Starters: QB-Favre RB-P. Holmes RB-R. Johnson WR-Buerlson WR-Porter W/R - C. Williams TE-Whitten Bench: S. Moss L. Suggs C. Benson M. Bennett Delhomme C. Baker
  5. waiver wire

    Someone just dumped him and I thought it might be a good idea to take a flyer on him since he is the #1, although they are terrible on offense. I don't even know if i have enough space for him on my roster but i feel like i'm light in the WR position: Favre Buerlson Porter R. Johnson P. Holmes w/r: C. Williams Whitten Bench: S. Moss M. Bennett L. Suggs C. Benson C. Baker Delhomme
  6. Whats the better trade?

    oh so sorry, didn't mean to ruin the mojo
  7. I've been offered 2 trades D.Jackson for C. Williams and M. Harrison for Rudi Johnson, are both fair, neither fair, if they are both fair which one should i do? My starting lineup: QB Favre RB Holmes RB R. Johnson WR Buerlson WR Porter W/R C. Williams TE Whitten Bench: C. Benson M. Bennett L. Suggs. S. Moss Delhomme C. Baker 6pts for passing/recieving/rushing TD, 1pt every 10yds rushing/recieving, 1pt 50yds passing, no points for receptions
  8. SIMTT

    My line-up is : Favre Buerlson Porter Holmes R. Johnson Flex w/r: Carnell Williams J Whitten I don't get points for receptions just yards and TD's (6pts)
  9. SIMTT

    I was one of those unlucky owners who lost Javon last week and i really need a #1 WR. I have depth at RB w/ Priest, Rudi, Carnell Williams, Cedric Benson and Michael Bennett. I just don't know if i'm being desperate and giving up too much for Harrison. Anyone got advice?