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  1. SPIT SB Lineup

    If you don't have a K to submit in your lineup, is it invalid? I got a warning when I tried to submit it, but I think it still went through...can't I just submit OchoCinco or something?
  2. Which RB ... or maybe a WR?

    Hell no I didn't take your advice, RattlerB. I went with Burleson like an idiot. I would have lost anyway since Manning went wild with no TDs and the rest of my O sucked, but believe this; I will run with the Caddy for the rest of the year, no doubt, till the wheels fall off. I'll take your advice to heart from now on. thanks man!
  3. TE Help

    Crumpler is the Falcons best receiver and Vick's favorite (and usually only) target.
  4. Which RB ... or maybe a WR?

    OK now I'm leaning towards Stokely, based on his numbers last year against the Jags. Anyone else have any thoughts/advice? darn I hate last minute second guessing, but it's also what makes the game so darn exciting.
  5. Starting Leftwich over Favre

    I think Leftwich is the safer start. Better weapons than Favre at this point.
  6. WDIS RB

    Jordan ran pretty well against the Pats ... is KC D for real? I think Dallas will shut down Portis.
  7. Trade offer for D. Davis.

    I'd make a counter for Brown + somebody else from the other guy's team and see if they bite...who else does he have?
  8. Does this make any friggin sense?

    I'd buy that for a dollar, make the trade...with Manning you get Mr. Reliable; never have to worry about QB no matter what the matchup. With Daunte this year, so far, the worry is already there...
  9. Which RB ... or maybe a WR?

    I don't like Caddy vs. Bills either, especially since BUF is my D. I hate when you got the D and one of your starting RBs going against them ... however I always like to ride the hot hand. I am also thinking Taylor will do well against the Colts (although doubting a TD). I think it will end up being a game time coin flip, Nate vs. Caddy... thanks for the advice, hehhehe...now I am just as indecisive as before.
  10. Plain and simple......

    I would go with Roy myself ... I see Palmer getting picked a couple of times and Cincy leaning on Rudi for 30+ carries. Having said that, Roy is going to have a tough go against a great Bears' D, but I think he is more likely to get you a TD.
  11. am i out of my mind for

    Willie Parker ... you have to ask, "Can he do it against a stout run D?" I would say the Texans are a smidge better than the Titans; but you probably won't be able to wait a week to pull the trigger on the trade. I would say NO. If New Orleans is serious about using Deuce as much as they say (and did in week 1) I wouldn't think you would be gaining anything by having Parker or Staley (esp. not Staley).
  12. mediocre WR's..

    I would roll the dice on Ferguson ... he will be in there a lot more than usual and Favre will sling a few wild bombs his way. I have a feeling Driver will be covered tight and maybe Ferguson won't. They thought he could be the #1 a couple of years back and there has to be SOME reason why....anyway just my thoughts.
  13. DEEP SLEEPER - Brandon Jones (TENN WR)

    Right now McNair doesn't have time to seek him out; he dropped it off to his TEs close to 20 times in the first game. Won't get any easier vs. the Ravens. Maybe against a weaker D but not this game.
  14. I need some advice; I've pretty much come to my own conclusions but I wanted to hear it from someone else. Standard league plus .5 for receptions ... 1 pt for 20 yards rushing ... 1 pt for 50 yards receiving 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB for skill players I have as my WRs: Steve Smith, Larry Fitgerald, Nate Burleson, Brandon Stokely My RBs: Julius Jones, Steven Jackson, Carnell Williams, Steven Davis, Fred Taylor, Kevan Barlow (I know, I racked up on middle tier RBs ... took Manning as QB with first pick) Who to start? Right now I'm leaning towards WRs: Smith, Fitz RBs: Jones, Jackson Flex: Burleson vs. Carnell (keep switching back and forth). Help a brotha out! Thanks!