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  1. Down to 15....

    Randy Moss and TO belong for sure.
  2. 2017 Playoff Fantasy Football League...

    just sent mine (sh...7@yahoo.com)
  3. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Is Funchess hurt?
  4. for flex ... standard PPR.
  5. Pick 1 wr (ppr)

  6. Marvin Jones or Martavis Bryant

    Jones has been more consistent. I'd roll with him.
  7. Which D: Chargers or Rams

    I like RAMS D to pick up sacks against TEN
  8. is it Tion time?

    with Abdullah apparently benched, is Tion Green gonna get the start and majority of carries for DET going forward? I watched his highlights vs BAL; looks like a hefty dude with some wheels. I recall Zach Zenner doing good things in starts late in the year last year (not sure why he wouldn't be playing again now, but I'm sure there's some reason).
  9. Best and worst of week 2

    worst: B. Cooks, Zeke, A. Brown, benching CJA for Gillislee, Cam Newton (never again until I see something better) best: Kelce
  10. Adrian Peterson? ....trade possibility?

    he is filling the CJ Spiller role for the Saints quite nicely.
  11. Brandin Cooks: Why no love?

    what really sukked is when he ran the ball at the end and then just kneeled it like 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Just one more poke to the eye!
  12. Waiver Wire Targets

    I'm unlikely to get Cohen or Golladay so I'm going in on Corey Coleman... deep reaches for PPR: Jermaine Kearse (9 targets) Shane Vereen (10 targets)
  13. odell beckham hanging out with Johnny Football

    I say get it while you can. What's the point of exerting yourself to become one of the tops in your field if you don't get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, especially when the window of opportunity is so small. Remember when Tony Romo used to tap Jessica Simpson? I think he banged Carrie Underwood also? And that chick from One Tree Hill? Next thing you know, guy settles down and gets married and his backbone turns to dust. Coincidence? I think not. Live like a gladiator, play like a gladiator. Put that ring on and put a load on your back, you end up broken and Dak'd. Oh yeah and sitting in a booth making millions talking about football, but hey....
  14. 2016 Playoff Fantasy Football League...

    just sent mine: sh...007@yahoo.com, initials AS
  15. I picked up Montgomery! Hooray! I just couldn't bring myself to bench Sammy Watkins for him, though...
  16. Are you benching DeAndre Hopkins?

    37 MILLION $$$ GUARANTEED, what a country!
  17. Week 15 Milk Carton

    freakin Sammy Watkins, should have known...
  18. Pick 3 WRs

    I'd go Watkins over Hill
  19. Flex play, Inman or T. Coleman?

    tough call, would lean towards Inman as he has a better shot at 100 or TD
  20. Pick two, standard PPR: Ty Montgomery Sammy Watkins Taylor Gabriel Tevin Coleman THANKS!
  21. actually, now that you mention it...I probably would favor Dixon over Farrow but it would be a coin flip as: Dixon is a better player I think vs Farrow gets all or most all of the touches
  22. Farrow or TY?

    I'm going Ty but I hate it. GB RB's have NEVER treated me well!
  23. I wouldn't change a thing my friend.
  24. Big Ben or Stream?

    I'd probably roll with Ben over all of them.