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  1. Flex

    Dobbins vs Houston Brown vs Philly P Campbell vs Minn. Chark vs Tenn I'm thinking either RB, leaning Dobbins.
  2. TE's

    Drafted Hooper in a 10 man league and this is who's left. I like Goedert, Ebron, Jarwin and Herndon. They are all pretty even in value. Who would you go with to start the season?
  3. Manning or Murray ???

    Manning vs Miami Murray vs Browns
  4. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Fournette and Evans. 1 catch for 6 yds the first half.
  5. QB for Today

  6. Kittle v Henry

    Kittle. I think the Chargers struggle today.
  7. QB for Today

    Winston Allen Tannehill Need one of these guys today. Allen vs Philly and Tannehill vs Tampa have the matchup but Winston is the wild card coming off the bye.?
  8. QB starter

  9. Which QB? (Weeks 8 & 9)

    Got to be Stafford.
  10. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    25 yd rushing or receiving = 1pt 50 yd passing = 1pt 50 + yd score = 3 pts 4 pts for passing tds 6 pts rushing or receiving tds 25 year old league So Fournette rushes for 200 yd that's 20pts in most leagues but only 8 in ours. TD heavy scoring in this league. It's been around for 25 yrs and is pretty much the same scoring as when it started. Just a bit different.
  11. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    Yes Fournette has been pretty good but the TDS are not there and that is what matters in the league I'm in.
  12. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    Kamara, Mike Williams , Michel , Fournette and maybe M. Gordon. I've got em all.
  13. Start Tevin Coleman or Austin Hooper this week?

    Coleman will get more opportunities.
  14. Darnold or Rivers ROS

    Who do I keep for the rest of the season? After the next 2 games Darnolds schedule looks pretty good and Rivers is struggling so far. I also have Winston.
  15. RB Help