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  1. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    Ware Micel Ingram Ebron
  2. Ware or Cohen

    Td heavy league, 1 pr every 25 yrds. Pick one.
  3. QB Big Ben or Cousins

    Need a win, who is better today?
  4. Green and Allen. Gordon if Green sits.
  5. TE help

  6. Pick2

    Ingram and Jones
  7. Winston or Mayfield this week?

    I'm flying with Winston this week.
  8. Flex starter

    Howard Cohen Landry John Brown (Balt ) Need to start 1, TD heavy scoring, Leaning towards Cohen but not sure.
  9. WR Help

    Tate Lockett Enunwa
  10. Trade Kupp for Tate?? Non-PPR

    I would keep Coop Kupp Heavily involved in a great offense.
  11. Need 3 of these RBs

    Howard Cohen Ingram Michel Crowell Right now I've got Howard and Ingram, Michel if active , Cohen if not. What say you?
  12. RB Waviers

    A Jones. Best RB in GB
  13. Amari Cooper

    Is Cooper droppable? Ridley, Calloway and Boyd are available. I'm thinking all 3 are a better option. TD heavy scoring league.
  14. Flex starter

    I need 1 out of these for TD heavy league TY Hilton vs Tenn Henry vs Indy Ginn vs LA C Davis vs Indy