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  1. Let's talk about the Metal

    Also, I've seen Tool mentioned a few times in this thread and I have to believe it's misplaced. Are there any serious Tool fans here who can legitimately say that any of the other bands listed compare? I mean, when you're talking about modern metal, I think of the same thing Chavez posted -- "same Cookie Monster on PCP vocals". Comparing anything like that to Maynard is sacreligious!
  2. Let's talk about the Metal

    Well, you're half right.
  3. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    First of all, it would be ridiculous to drop Jones from you team, so I assume that "dump" means "trade". If that's the case, anyone would be pretty stupid to dump Jones right now. His value is as low as it could possibly be. However, your numbers aren't really relevant, since he wasn't technically starting until Week 7.
  4. Donovin Darius

    Are we going to see Gerald Sensabaugh? That would be nice. I think that kid could be special.
  5. packer fans

    I agree with the concept, but from where I sat, the O-line played WAY better in the second half against Cleveland. There were several times when Favre had 5+ seconds to throw. Also, Klemm had at least a couple of good pulling blocks that I saw. That's supposed to be his strength, so I'm not ready to hand him a medal. However, the O-line has looked serviceable to me. If Barry is better than Klemm or Whitticker, then he should be in all the time. The U-71 hasn't exactly been "dominant" this year, anyway.
  6. packer fans

    Except those couple of times when Fisher was in and they ran a draw...and got stuffed.
  7. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    Yep. No excuses for the NFL. Was it really impossible to find at least a neutral site for the game? Not only that, but I'd be pissed if I were the Cowboys, Redskins, or Eagles. The Giants get an extra home game.
  8. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    ...unless you saw how talented he was at Auburn. Ronnie Brown looked like a man among boys, mostly because he had the power to run over college kids and the speed to run away from them afterward. Cadillac, on the other hand, was just a PURE running back. Vision, agility, burst, speed -- everything you want. The only real knock on him was that he was just under 210 pounds. When he bulked up to 217 during the offseason, I was 100% sure he was going to be the best of the rookies and had a good chance to be a great one.
  9. Betting League

    Wow...rough week for everybody. At first glance, Chavez is the only one who will be over .500 for Week 2. I don't know how the Ravens only managed 10 points against the Titans. I think the real Jamal Lewis is still in jail. I'm still wondering how I didn't win the under bet on the Eagles/9ers game. McNabb stayed in long enough to throw FIVE TDs? Plus, if the freakin' San Fran defense could have kept Lamar freaking Gordon out of the end zone and forced a field goal at the end of the game, I still would have won. Oh well.
  10. the first to get the axe

    Exactly. I've never understood the mid-season firing approach. It might work in the NBA or NHL, but I can't imagine it working in the NFL.
  11. packer fans

    I'm an eternal optimist, so 0-2 in this division doesn't look that bad to me. I mean, at least the offense did SOMETHING today. Unfortunately, Joey Thomas and Mark Roman played like ass and made Dilfer look like a gunslinger. I believe if Roman had made the tackle on Heiden (instead of whiffing and letting him run for a TD), Favre would have marched down the field and Longwell would have kicked the winning field goal. Unfortunately, Roman would get juked out of his jock by a snail. On the flip side, our O-line looked like it made some nice strides in this game. Favre frequently had a TON of time to throw and we were finally able to get some success with pulling guards throwing blocks on outside runs. As for the future, I can't see how it's that bad. We're starting out with a very good 2005 draft featuring a very talented QB, a 2nd-round safety who forced his way into the starting lineup, a 7th-round guard who did the same, a stud WR, and a couple of solid contributors at DL and LB. I believe we have 11 rookies on the roster, which says something about this year's draft. Thompson will continue to manage the cap well and, hopefully, continue his success evaluating talent. Sherman will at least run the offense for a while, which is good, and Bates will either be DC or HC down the road. Doesn't sound like doomsday to me.
  12. Holmes is looking old!

    Yep. However, there were a handful of runs where Holmes DID I noticed he wasn't seamlessly flowing through holes right when they opened. He bounced a few outside right as an inside lane opened. Uncharacteristic, I thought.
  13. Did Theezman and Crew

  14. Green Bay Packers IDP Outlook

    Guess who missed the tackle on Steve Heiden, allowing him to run into the end zone and seal the game? Same old Roman. After a 10-tackle Week 1, I almost held out hope that Roman would make a positive impact this year. Now, I hate him again.