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  1. I've been Huddler for a long time, and these boards are what initially hooked me. It's been a while since I've posted anything of substance, and this certainly won't count. But since there are still so many dudes here I play FF with and who I'd consider real "internet friends," I feel like it would be weird if I didn't share some big life news. That big life news happens to resemble pure shillery: A business idea my best friend and I had last year is actually a real thing now. We've been in the beginning stages for about eight months, but our first product shipment just got delivered. We call it the BAMF Golf Bag. SPAM ALERT: If you don't care about any stupid golf bag, please just stop reading now and say "Congrats, Swiss!" I will appreciate that. And if you've got a similar entrepreneurial experience, please feel free to give me some advice. I could use it. For the rest of you walking wallets out there, I can't take credit for the design, but I think ya'll will appreciate it: Totally customizable with patches and pouches, and it's built to be the last bag you ever have to buy. I don't want to proselytize about the bag too much, but a few things that make this post worth reading this far: 1) We've got a Presidents Day sale going on today only. Buy a bag, and choose one patch or pouch for free. 2) We're doing a bag giveaway for about another month. You'll see it in the red tab on the website. Honestly, fellas, I'll be appreciative simply if this thread doesn't get gunned. But if you don't like golf and don't want to help spread the word for me, have some common decency and at least reply with a smartass remark. (P.S. If you do actually want to buy a bag, feel free to PM me. We can discuss options for an additional Huddler hook-up. )
  2. Huddlers -- this is unapologetic spam disguised as momentous life news

    For those following along, here's the video we just released a little over a week ago. It's gone fairly viral on Facebook (700+ shares, 100K views):
  3. Huddlers -- this is unapologetic spam disguised as momentous life news

    Update: The business is going very well. Just had our biggest sales and web traffic day, based on a killer plug from Every summer, they do a review roundup. Hundreds of products to consider, and this year the guy narrowed it down to 15. We were at the top of the list, and the only bag: A couple of other excellent reviews were published earlier this spring:
  4. Clash of Clans...

    I just read every post in this thread. WTF is going on with my life.
  5. Huddlers -- this is unapologetic spam disguised as momentous life news

    Thanks to you, too, bud.
  6. Huddlers -- this is unapologetic spam disguised as momentous life news

    Very cool of you, ngh.
  7. Huddlers -- this is unapologetic spam disguised as momentous life news

    We do -- but it's expensive. Since we offer free CONUS shipping, when we get an overseas customer, we credit them with the highest U.S. postal rate, and they pay the rest of shipping. It ends up being $50-80 more, but I can get you an exact number if you want to email me:
  8. Huddlers -- this is unapologetic spam disguised as momentous life news

    That's awesome, man. Thanks!
  9. First Draft of the Year - first four rounds

    Andre Johnson in the 4th, huh? Works for me.
  10. A reason to pump the brakes on Eddie Lacy

    Seriously? One player was was outplayed at Notre Dame by Julius Jones and Darius Walker, went undrafted, and then had a couple of good years in a very friendly, zone-blocking offense. Grant was tough and fast, but when scouts talk about "stiff hips" and "one-cut, straight-line guy," they're thinking about Ryan Grant pinballing through the A-gap. Lacy "looked ordinary at times"? Yeah, I'll give you that. Every running back occasionally does. Lacy is still bigger, stronger, more creative, and more instinctive than Grant. He also has better stop-start ability and lateral quickness. The only thing Grant has on Lacy is long speed. Lacy would have been a first-rounder if it weren't for the uncertainty of his toe fusion surgery (which has since been deemed fairly minor). Meanwhile, the Packers O-line will be much better at run blocking this year. Almost every offense-related decision in the last seven months has been made with better run blocking in mind. I see a big, talented runner with no competition for touches in an offense that has provided top-10 fantasy RB numbers in the the late third or early 4th round. If there are other players in that ADP area with MORE upside and/or LESS risk, please list them for me.
  11. A reason to pump the brakes on Eddie Lacy

    This is pretty simple for me. Facts: 1. A healthy Ryan Grant was a fantasy RB1 in this exact same offense. 2. Eddie Lacy is far more talented than Ryan Grant. 3. Lacy, thanks to attrition, figures to catch (at least a handful) more passes than Grant did. 4. The entire coaching and front office staffs have sworn in blood to commit to the running game this year (yeah, you hear this every offseason, but I think Packers fans would agree that the tenor has been much more serious since we got pummeled by the 49ers). The upside is clearly there.
  12. The Dreaded #7 spot

    I love the 7 spot. In a PPR, I see 11 RBs before any significant value drop happens: A. Peterson D. Martin A. Foster J. Charles T. Richardson C. Spiller R. Rice M. Lynch A. Morris L. McCoy M. Forte That means, at 7, you will still get to "choose" a player you want, as opposed to taking what's left. Great place to be. Your best-case scenario may have been Rice + SJax.
  13. My long-time worldwide military league is transitioning to an auction this year. It's a keeper league, so we've always done draft order based on reverse of prior year's standings. With an auction, the only way I can think of to mimic that concept is to give the bad teams a few extra dollars to spend. My tentative proposal: 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place finishers (including me) = $200 budget 4th- through 6th-place finishers = $202 budget 7th- through 9th-place finishers = $204 budget 10th- and 11th-place finishers = $206 budget 12th- through 14th-place finishers = $208 budget Curious to know what others think about this, and if I'm not the first to try it, I'd love to know HOW to implement it within the constructs of a live online auction. I don't think ESPN or MFL accommodates that option, but I could be wrong.
  14. MFL, I assume? Or do you guys do it some other, more manual way?
  15. Spotlight Stat: First Down Efficiency

    First of all, props for doing this data research. Second, I was also confused by the metric name and description in the first post, but I understand it now. I'd suggest you come up with a new name for it, at least. I think the easy way to determine the value of this metric is to make a list of all the RBs from 2011 and 2012 whose end-of-year performance was drastically different from their preseason ADP (both breakouts and busts). Then, find their FD/TD efficiency metric from the year before their "surprise" season. That will either define this metric as a solid predictor or a meaningless indicator of O-line/scheme/etc.
  16. Hey just drafted last night. Rate my team please.

    I don't like to pile on, but I have to agree with the rest here: That's not a good draft. It's not awful, but it's not good. Your problem isn't necessarily maximizing draft value; it seems that you just don't have enough info under your belt to draft in July. It's not easy, but I just don't like the specific players you chose. Lots of risk, little upside. HUGE question marks all over your roster (MJD, BJGE, Pead, Richardson, Welker, Wayne, Brown, Daniels). A few question marks is normal, but I just don't usually see this many on the same team.
  17. Best RB option at 12th spot PPR

    Forte will probably catch 70 balls in Trestman's offense (think Charlie Garner). He is an excellent choice there, and so is Richardson. If they're both there, take them both and leave the WRs alone. Marshall, in particular, is in line for a sharp decline in targets.
  18. What is your favorite aspect of fantasy football?

    Watching late-season, prime-time games on TV when a few of my fantasy teams are in the playoffs. I love football in general (I'm a spectacular, run-stopping safety in another dimension), so watching it with a bunch of money at stake is double-sweet. ETA: It also doesn't get much better than sitting next to Montster at the FFPC live draft, knowing the decisions we make during our 120 seconds will determine whether we win $200,000.
  19. 5th pick PPR

    Hahahahaha! To answer the question, take Rice. He's one year removed from scoring more points than AP scored last year. Pierce might prevent that 350-point output this year, but Rice's floor is higher than just about everybody else's. He's exactly the kind of player I want with my first-round pick.
  20. Run DMC

  21. Could David Beckham kick in the NFL?

    Who cares?
  22. Most Over-Hyped Young RB this Offseason?

    That seems like a pretty strange trade offer. Morris > Miller; Hilton = 2014 1st. Why give Lynch?