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  1. Bacon wrapped venison filets

    Tried out this recipe last weekend and it is phenominal. Threw some apple wood on the coals and I think it made quite a difference.
  2. Eli Manning this season...

    This is perhaps the most entertaining thread I have read in months. Snooki aint got nothin on you ladies. Now clean up the fur before you leave.
  3. Colts at Steelers!

    My 1st cousins kid is Griff Whalen, Lucks roommate in college and an undrafted free agent pick up. He was dinged up for the first preseason game but got in last night and caught a handful of balls for 50(some) yards and TD. Not sure what the odds of him making the team are but pretty cool that he caught a TD pass in the NFL, preseason or not. More than I can say.
  4. DET wants its own Lambeau Leap

    If we are looking for an appropriate dance for Detroit shouldnt they just start something on fire?
  5. New Restaurant in Marietta, GA

    If you havent had a burger with a fried egg on it you havent lived.
  6. How many people between you and the big boss?

    Congrats on the promotion.
  7. Football player exonerated of rape after 10 years

    I can say with relative certainty that I would have emerged from this a bitter man. And a fat one too. Kid kept himself in shape. I hope he gets a chance, although, I doubt he will. And if he does I doubt he will be competitive.
  8. Fav IPA beer

    New favorite of mine is Half Acre's Daisey Cutter. Picked up a 4pack at lunch and I am counting the hours until I can head on home!
  9. I'm not touchy at all but I see why you would say that after rereading my post. The fact is, I have very similar tastes as you do when it comes to wine and beer. I just think your post comes off pompous. I just assumed you were saying he was wrong by referring to "crap" drinks like natty light and folgers. No harm no foul, I just hate when people try and tell other people that they are wrong when it comes to what they like to eat or drink. People like what they like. To introduce them to new things or suggest new things is a different story than to belittle them for a more simple palette Now music, thats a whole 'nother story. That Gaga stuff is crap!
  10. I love it when people try to tell me what I should like. I respect your opinion and agree with some of what you are saying, but you cannot tell people they are wrong because they like something that is different from your ultra-refined tastes.
  11. The Colts and Releasing a Legend

    Refresh my memory, how did TT mishandle the Favre situation?
  12. Penn & Teller - Fool Us

    That would be funny. But a dead fish would be hilarious!
  13. Conversation @ the bar

    I have always wanted to see my Buckeyes play in every Big 10 staduim. Havent gotten too serious about it yet but have been to the Big House, MSU, Northwestern, and Columbus. I suppose the tops on my to do list would be Camp Randal, Happy Valley, and Lincoln.
  14. Well that, and you they're chicks.