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  1. Should I trade Dillon or Fast Willie

    I think it depends on what exactly you're getting, who else you have, the stats you're trying to get, etc. All else being equal, Dillon is the keeper; but all-else is rarely equal.
  2. WDIS - RB Dilema (Good one to have)

  3. What QB to start

    I say go with mean Collins.
  4. Davis v Dillon

    Great, 8 people voted, and it's 50/50 split.
  5. Davis v Dillon

    Any other thoughts/votes?
  6. Davis v Dillon

    So that's it. J. Jones is my primary RB and I'm leaning towards giving Davis the 2nd starting spot, but thought I'd get some additional thoughts from the community. Trying to get at least 20 votes on this one.
  7. serious dilemna

    Jones/Parker. Give Caddy the week off.
  8. Who to start at RB?

    Friends don't let friends play Vikings. Anderson is hit or miss at best, and recently it's been miss. I say run the ball against the Bears. Cinncy looks like they could start 3-0. If that happens, look to their running game to eat a lot of clock in the 4Q. Given your bonuses kick in at 50 yards, that's a good option to have.
  9. Tiki or Cadillac

    Keeper league, maybe I agree since Cadillac will probaby have more productive years ahead of him than Tiki. In a non-keeper league (or limited-keeper and this isn't going to be it), I say Tiki. He's performing well in both the rush and pass offense and getting a couple TDs a game. Looks like he has good chemistry with Eli as well.
  10. BIG QB Quandary

    I like Palmer here sa well. Chicago D had an amazing outing, but having an amazing outing against Pennington is a different story than having an amazing outing against Palmer and the Bengals right now. (Does anybody else just feel dirty defending the Bengals?)
  11. Manning or Brees?

    Wow, is there any room left in your league?? I'd like to trade with you!
  12. Manning or Brees?

    You're kidding, right? I'm assuming you mean Peyton and not Eli, but I'd even start Eli instead of Brees. Neither has had a stellar start, by Peyton is set to T-off on a rather weak Cleveland D.
  13. TE Which One?

    Jeb's already getting looks. When it gets close to the end zone, Denver's going to have to spread the field more than normal; the use of the TE seems an easy way to do that. Two Bronc's on MNF, against the Chiefs...not an altogether bad bet.
  14. Blinded by loyalty

    Any other opinions? All are welcome and apprecaited. Thanks, C
  15. WDIS...?

    I like Green and Warner as well for QBs. I'm more apprehensive on Cad's playing time. I think Grits' reservations are well founded and I would lean towards Westbrook regardless. GB's defense may be weak, but TO's going to pull the only tough coverage the Raiders' D has to offer. I think Westbrook could do well both on the ground and in the air. He'll also get most of the action in the 4Q, as I think most expect Philly to have a comfortable lead by then. I'm down with the Clayton and Muhammad combo. The latter has a tough matchup, but I think they're your two best options.