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  1. Hey guys! Flex spot up for grabs here. Brown v STL Stokley v Cle. I am actually kinda torn here, I think Brown could have a big game but I think that the colts are going to want to shut everyone up with 1000 points this week. I'm leaning stokley, purely on the odds that manning is going to tear up cleveland. What do you think?
  2. Trade Question

    I don't have an offer yet, trying to make it win win. What do you think if I threw in gonzo for Chris cooley or dallas clark? So the trade would be, Hassellbeck gonzo for Williams / Cooley or Clark. Would that even it out or am I nuts for even throwing gonzo in the mix. Also Is Caddy worth all this trouble? just fyi (can play 2 and 2 with one flex, so I can play three rb's) RB's LT S jackson c brown m bennett faulk wr moss Smith stokley stallworth k curtis Any other I deas ?
  3. Any trent green owners out there?

    I think Big Ben is the way to go. I think parker will get some of the TD's but Ward is great he will chuck a few down there. I just think he is better than Dilfer. Thanks for the post.
  4. I have too many RBs

    That is delfinitly your move. Look for someone who has a solid #2 QB, and go for it. I also don't think Jones will be consistant. Thanks for the post.
  5. Trade Question

    Hasselbeck for Caddilac Do you think this is a fair trade straight up? I would be giving up Hasselbeck leaving me Bulger as my QB, which I am fine with and I would pick up a scrub for one week on his bye. He has Cpep and D carr, and wants to uprgade becuase the two QB's have scored 4 points in two weeks. I don't want to propose it unless I think it is fair and reasonable. What do you think. Points wise they are about equal. Also do you think this makes sense? Caddillac worth the loss of a good qb backup? I would be giving up a bench player for getting a starter.
  6. Willie Parker or Steven Jackson

    if you can get some sucker to overreact go for it.
  7. Trade C. Brown for L. Jordan?

    yes yes yes yes
  8. LJordan for W.Parker?

    The question is will Willie parker be the guy we saw all year long. You saw what bettis did to staley, there is no reason to believe he wont do it to parker. I think jordan is a better bet. 2 words for you... Quentin griffin. Jordan should be predictable. Parker could be anything. JMO
  9. Couple of Questions

    I like lefty, farve lost one of his main weapons. I also like Jackson for team two. I think Buff is going to bring cadillac owners back in to the real world. Jackson will have a better week this week. Nice to see you again hoops!
  10. Need some advice........

    yep seems to be the choices. thanks for the post!
  11. Another Walker tragedy..what to do?

    I agree. Keep alexander, pickup meshawn. you would be giving up way too much.
  12. WDIS C Brown or B Stokley

    Thanks! For the input! See you in october buddy! Irish are going to be defeated when they meet the Boilers at Ross Ade! Oh and Bump!
  13. c. Brown V. Bal b. Stokley V. Jacksonville. I am leaning towards Stokley. I just don't see brown doing much against Baltimore. What do you think?
  14. Pick your National Champion

    My thoughts exactly! Great insight! Wow, It sure is nice to see some respect from the big ten for once!! I just hope we are the only ones standing at the end of the season. This could be the year... of course, I said that last year...... I just wonder if Purdue did make the dream season come through, and was standing alone at the top of the big ten undefeated, would the schedule without M and OSU kill the national title shot. I have to imagine it would. All I know is the Big ten season this year is going to be AWESOME! Lookforward to talking smack later this year! PURDUE NATIONAL CHAMPS 2005!!!!!!!!!
  15. What do you think? RMT!

    Thanks guys! I gave you bum info. The 7th pick was j smith. I had Jacksonville in my head when I typed that. got jackson round 2...