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  1. Injury report 9/18...

    Cool. Thanks. Likely an issue of me needing more coffee.
  2. Injury report 9/18...

    NFL channel just mentioned that A. Foster is out, but I cannot find it anywhere else? Am I hearing things?
  3. our next president

    We're not supposed to talk about fight-club
  4. Ray Rice ..... Is the wait nearing an end?

    Ricky Williams did well enough after some time away from the game. Not enough to start, but well enough to earn a roster spot.
  5. Benghazi, Libya

    I don't know why it is an issue. Why does it need to be annouced immidiately? Terrorism is done to spread terror, but also to gain attention. So long as the administration, CIA, etc... had the correct information. Why does it matter that it took some time to tell us the whole story? Is there any benefit to releasing this information prematurely? Is there any benefit to making sure our i's are dotted and our t's are crossed? I don't know why this is such a big issue.
  6. We can all dream...

    Miami has Matt Moore (who is better than both of their QBs) and an extra second and third.
  7. God Bless America

    I agree. It was fun at the very least.
  8. The huddle honesty Thread

    I came in asking 'where are all the chicks' I also mistook Matthew's clavicle as his femur and commented on him losing leg muscle - despite breaking my own clavicles on multiple occasions.
  9. Video Games; What are you playing lately?

    hitman absolution ===> fable 4 ====> and http://marketplace.x...15-d8024d530a1a
  10. Video Games; What are you playing lately?

    Stick with it Cliaz. Its a great game with a great sense of humor that offers an open world unlike any other FPS. Borderlands is not a pure FPS, so there might be a little tradeoff. Borderlands is to pure shooters what Burnout is to pure driving games (grand turismo sp?)
  11. Ryan Tannehill named starting QB for opener...

    With the offense and defense both learning new systems, and with the Dolphins not having a clear cut starting QB during training camp, I would not put too much into the preseason. They might start out a little slow, but I think they will gain momentum. I think a .500+ season is realistic.
  12. Ryan Tannehill named starting QB for opener...

    I am not saying your information is incorrect, but the bleacher report has to be the most poorly written fantasy info on the net.
  13. Big News!

    awesome! all the best!
  14. A few thoughts about Tennessee

    The Wench and I rented a 'castle' in the mountain's for a couple weeks. It was in the neighborhood of Dollywood. Strange area. Miles and miles of gimicky restaurants, mini-golf and such and traffic that moved at a crawl. Damn near impossible to get around - which wasn't too bad seeing how we got the place to lock ourselves away for a week.
  15. Azim... it means 'great one'. Did you give yourself this name?