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  1. Saban offered the Dolphins job

    Its a shame. Bates seems like one hell of a coach. He is firey, animated, intelligent and a hard worker. The players loved him. they fight for him. When Freeman picked off Tom 'Montana' Brady for the game winning int, he ran out and did one of those flying chest to chest things, asked if he was worried about getting hurt - he joked he was worried about hurting freeman. This guy has something and will likely be a head coach elsewhere after his performance. We will regret that. Saban just seems another Davis or Spurrier to me.
  2. Very performance based league....completions, completions percentage, yards, and all TDs (Rushing or passing) 6 pts....
  3. 12 Team league - three division winners and three wildcards will advance....I am NOT one of them 1QB/1RB/2WR/1TE/2Flex/1D/1K Brooks / Harrington / Garcia Jamal / Chris Brown / S Jackson / T Henry / Momo / T Minor Horn / Krob / DJax / Plax / Wayne / Randel El Gonzo Vanderj Miami D / Seattle D
  4. WDIS: McGahee or C. Brown?

    Go with the sure thing in McGahee. Who knows if Brown will finish the game. Even if he plays the whole game who knows how effective he will be or how often he will be spelled..
  5. Commissioners lend my your ear ...

    I agree, owner 2 is SOL. I am not quite clear on the situation with Stokely being locked or not - but it all seems like it would have been a non issue if he would have gotten his lineup in, in time.
  6. Original huddle members

    I can't imagine it was on the internet too long before I found it. I can't remember not having the huddle....
  7. Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go !!!!

    If Maddox can get back to his form of a couple years ago and the D can do something, I don't see how they do not compete for the division - especially with the 'selling more WR spamshirts' rule
  8. ignore this/test

    It wasn't me you were testing, was it? If so, I demand to know whether I passed or failed!! And don't you try to claim that patriot act garbage!!!
  9. Passing the Torch

    With the retirement of Pistol Pete and the ascension of Roddick, the WTA suddenly has a personality again.....
  10. Passing the Torch

    Can Roddick rival either Agassi's or Sampras' numbers for his career.... And a test...I am of a mind that people are either a MacEnrow - Sampras fan or a Agassi - Conners fan Takes on this anyone?
  11. Passing the Torch

    You know, Sampras, (god knows why), had a really hot girlfriend/wife as well
  12. Quoting others' posts

    You can also hold out in front of you, your hands (with your pinky, thumb and ringfinger in a fist) and give a quick bending of your extended index and middle fingers..... When you do this, everyone knows what follows will be a quote...
  13. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Beguile G. Blank aka Doug val Doug aka Duchess Jack. A rabid football and Miami Dolphins Fan When: 196 Pooch years Where: From upstate New York, currently looking for a way out of Jersey Why: Firstly, because there are very few places to find people who love football 12 months a year...and secondly, because there are some fiercely intelligent and comical people here. Good folk. Fantasy Bio: I have been Running the RSB (Rumblin' Stumblin' Bumblin') Fantasy Football League for 5 years now. I have been involved in fantasy football for around 7 years. Strangely, I have only been a football fan for like 10 years now.