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  1. Larry Johnson Trade Value?

    you can say that again.
  2. Something to ponder.....

    The Saints have not exactly been a team of intestinal fortitude. They have not exactly as team that has pulled together in the past. Hopefully, if only for the tiny bit of joy they can bring folk in NO, this will be something that draws them together.
  3. Something to ponder.....

    Kind of superficial...but I imagine that every game will be blacked out (not that there are many TVs or power to watch them with). I can't imagine them having much of a home crowd. This should really affect the revenue - something that NO does not need right now.
  4. Jamal Lewis bone spur

    If that is the case, why would he not have gotten it done in the last few weeks while he sits around and watches his teammates play?
  5. Randy McMichael Possibly Suspended too

    She said she tripped or something
  6. Anyone have a good IR Rule?

    We allow for two IR spots. They are for when a player goes on IR. This is for keeper purposes.
  7. If Price lands in Indy.....

    Absolutely. He would do far better in a situation where he is not required to be the no. 1 and he had someone to throw to him. If he goes to Philly or Indy, I'd bump him up a few spots.
  8. Just drafted in another new league last night....

    That is crazy, but I expected in the end that you would have a far more stacked team.
  9. Game updates please

    I will happen though - some day - and when it does, you can not only say that you were there all along - but you can say that you called it.
  10. Patriots release Davey

    Wow. Saban was just quoted, mentioning Davey in the Herald a week or two ago. He is really working on the meaness of the team ~ of which they have none ~ and he sighted how Davey was at LSU and how the team responded to him. We could certainly use a plan D.
  11. Portfolio Pool

    Cards Saints Vikings Raiders Dolphins Colts
  12. Steven Jackson

    Ah, but you fail to realize that FA wides rarely produce in their first year. When you combine this with his catching balls from Boller (another negative) it starts to get interesting.... aparently, if the bad guys leave town that is good. Learned that in Math Class.
  13. Brock... not this time...

    I thought that this was going to be a post about Lesner.
  14. Priest....Question for KC fans

    Chief....if you were coach (as a Chiefs fan), who would you play?
  15. My thoughts on Larry Johnson

    I grabbed him a 6.5 because last years Superbowl winner - in my division - had Holmes. here's to hoping that LJ turns out being the guy in KC
  16. Cory Simon-restricted free agent

    Paging Nick Saban....
  17. Its acting really really sluggish
  18. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2 Flex, 1 D, 1K 12 team - head-to-head. Performace (yards, completions, receptions, legnth of TD) ....I decided to pick up a kicker just prior to week 1 ....I picked up Carr for the value he was at the time and as trade bate ....I am not sure on Heap, so I covered myself Carr, David HOU QB - Delhomme, Jake CAR QB - Garcia, Jeff DET QB - Harrington, Joey DET QB - Brown, Chris TEN RB - Duckett, T.J. ATL RB - Jackson, Steven STL RB - Johnson, Larry KCC RB - Lewis, Jamal BAL RB - Rhodes, Dominic IND RB - Boldin, Anquan ARI WR - Edwards, Braylon CLE WR - Smith, Steve CAR WR - Taylor, Travis MIN WR - Williams, Reggie JAC WR - Anderson, Courtney OAK TE - Heap, Todd BAL TE - Mangum, Kris CAR TE - Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def -
  19. I can't believe I am already looking to deal

    I think that you make out like a bandit on both deals
  20. How does your league pay out?

    12 people @ $100 each... $1,200 $100 to software misc expenses. $600 to Superbowl Winner $250 to Superbowl Loser $100 each (2) Semi Final Losers $50 to the Toilet Bowl W/L 3 Divisions. Best of each division + 3 wild cards. Top 2 seeds get first round byes.
  21. Six Man League advice

    Not really. But there is far less luck. You need to know your people. The smaller the draft the deeper the teams. A 12+ person draft is to poker as a 6 person draft is to the card game war.
  22. A special thanks to the HUDDLE

    No doubt. Top of the class before this - and now breaking new ground in grooviness.
  23. Six Man League advice

    Maybe a little crazy, but what if you each were to draft two teams? That way the talent is better distributed.
  24. Six Man League advice

    Everyone will have good players so take the best guy at every position PERIOD. Best QB, best WR it does not matter if there are better RBs out there (if you already have one - take the next best position). There will be more than enough left over when you are done. Suggestion 2: Make more friends. A 6 team league is all luck. Whose stud performs the best.
  25. Draft Order

    I have one that is right before and one that we know long before hand. Both have their benefits. I like knowing before hand because the drawing of draft positions is like a mini draft unto itself and can give a little taste of the season. Another thing that we do - when a name is picked...the first person out of the hat does not pick first, but chooses where he wants to draft....the second person does the same until all spots are taken up.