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  1. YouTube Videos

    if only because this cat deserved WAY more props than you shmucks gave him. Poor John Gomm.
  2. YouTube Videos

    this might be a little better of a video. the bass boomed so much more though.
  3. YouTube Videos

    I caught this cat this past weekend. AWESOME. Video doesn't do him justice.
  4. The NY soda law

    I've gone on record being as being a big Bloomburg supporter several times. I think he'd be the perfect presidential candidate. With that said, I am sure somebody mentioned this, but don't have the time to read through six pages of replies. I supported the cigarette thing as cigarettes effect other people's quality of life. This soda thing, though, rings of maddness. I'd be more in favor of a sin-tax on it (to help go towards medicade, medicare, etc) than banning certain sizes. But then, I'd support that with alcohol too.
  5. Dead cat helicopter

  6. See Ya' In A Week

    awesome! enjoy.
  7. RIP Richard Dawson

    the man was a stud. RIP Richard.
  8. What other hobbies do ya have

    reading, writing, camping, volleyball, poker, videogames and as somebody said earlier, internet porn
  9. Caption this Portrait

  10. No more Pro Bowl?

  11. No more Pro Bowl?

    next step, getting rid of the half-time show.
  12. Can't believe this dude isn't in jail....

    looks like video capture, so chances are he was talknig to a friend?
  13. what beer is saying is that nobody should have a right to have a sense of humor - or - talk about their life - so long as these issues are going on.
  14. LaCanfora reports Vilma suspended for season

    Don't let people knock on your support of your team. I does not hurt anybody to believe what you believe until you see something definative.
  15. So, I'm taking some flack for this

    There are angry people all over, people that will look for reasons to get upset. I don't see any problem with it.
  16. If you had to move to Pennsylvania...

    For schools, I'd go Bucks county. Its close to Philly, NYC and Hunterdon Country NJ. Descent place. Probably not as good as fishing as in further in the state, but I am sure there is some.
  17. Let's Dance the Last Dance - Donna Summer dead

    I love disco. RIP Donna.
  18. Tax the church

    I cannot see any answer that better solves the problem.
  19. Can't believe this dude isn't in jail....

    The day after the shooting? I can see where folk might think it is a good idea to get themselves beaten up to support their claim of being beaten up.
  20. Agreeing to Disagree

    I consider myself a Christian, but... I cannot understand how any being of any wisdom would make something that was unerring, but at the same time allow it to be, so often, misinterprited and used for evil. The two concepts seem at odds with each other.
  21. Ever meet a Famous person

    Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurmon one of the director's of Guilding Light was like a second father, to me, growing up and I spent a bunch of time on set. Soap actors are 'really' famous though.
  22. Huge Fan of BioWare

    If you enjoy online games, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't give it some play. Were you as pissed by the ending as most people seem to be? I don't get the complaints.
  23. Huge Fan of BioWare

    Nobody? Cliaz?
  24. Huge Fan of BioWare

    Has anybody been playing ME3 online. Its pretty dang awesome.
  25. Can't believe this dude isn't in jail....

    whatever the case, the law needs to be changed. otherwise, you can kill whoever you want (so long as their weren't any witnesses) and say you were threatened after the fact.