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  1. Can't believe this dude isn't in jail....

    I can see how somebody in that situation might panic and smash their head against a curb to better their story as its better than the alternative.
  2. ...and POOF! you are in Colonial America. ((damn new boards..)) Outside of firearms.... how do you make your millions, with a single invention? Only one... so if it takes inventing a material to get to your invention, it wouldn't qualify.
  3. First thing I thought of (haven't given it much more though otherwise) I figure the adjustable staps for backpacks would have me swimming in cash
  4. Different Mallet. This Mallet was on the Pats, for a year, behind Brady. You have to wonder why the cheat would let him go, though.
  5. What does it cost them, really? Also its bad PR when a retired player crashes and burns. Also players who don't crash and burn have a chance to give back. But really how much could it possibly cost them.
  6. Can't believe this dude isn't in jail....

    I don't think you are taking, into consideration, every other post he has ever made.
  7. Random >

    dirty > prudish
  8. Pre-Requisite for being a BenGals Cheerleader

    and, god willing, come away with a scar or two to remember it by.
  9. Pre-Requisite for being a BenGals Cheerleader

    clearly not a 10, but hideous? Leave some room for average looking chicks.
  10. Can't believe this dude isn't in jail....

    It kind of seems like, if people didn't gather and protest, that this might not have been looked at a second time.
  11. Belichick = Jerk

    I kind of like Rex as well. I agree with the above, so far as Sanchez should not have been allowed to weigh in on the decision, but I can see where it would have been nice if he found out from the coach or front office, rather than the media.
  12. Belichick = Jerk

    Water = Wet
  13. Can't believe this dude isn't in jail....

    The problem with this law is that, if seems pretty easy to bait someone and shoot them. It doesn't even seem like you need to bait them. All you need is for it to be your word against theirs (which isn't worth much because they are dead.) If its so easy for this to happen with the info we have, how easy is it for people to shoot people under less clear circumstances?
  14. Keystone Pipeline

    I continue to feel that so long as the left thinks he is doing too little and the right thinks that he is doing too much (on a lot of issues), that he's probably doing a pretty damn good job, because folk in congress lack prespective.
  15. Divorce

    Agreed. I have no idea what PON is going through, and sure he must have thought about all of this, but I love what my daughter has done for the Wench's and my marriage over the years. Its easy to pridefully walk away, but when you have something bigger to think about. It keeps the knee jerk reactions to a min and gives time to cool down and work through things. This is not to say that they haven't put the time in until this point, just an observation about my wee one's effect on my own marriage.
  16. Sapp vs. Shockey...celebrity NFL death match

    He plays on offense. If it was him, I wouldn't have a problem. They are hurting real people. People that might have been him, if this were another team. No problem with a whistle blower in this case (if it was him).
  17. I believe the beers were supposed to be what stopped him from getting violent.
  18. The Walking Dead on AMC

    no doubt, didn't this biatch tell him to do this when Shane DIDN'T have a gun pointed at him. And regarding the Hershal thing, I just kept thinking, dang.... that is going to be a bitch to reload.
  19. Alex Smith to re-sign with 49ers

    I would think that the nickname isn't for you or me, but something they are called on the team, in highschool or college.
  20. No offense, but who does this? Do you really care what somebody calls you? Does it really hurt you to be called white trash or an ahole? To the point of getting violent? I just don't get it. Shrug, feel sorry for that cat and move on. edited to add: I have a hard time even beeping my horn at someone, unless it is to avoid an accident. Otherwise I figure a) the person didn't mean it and already feels bad enough or they are an ahole and there is nothing my horn is going to do.
  21. Could a cashless society ever happen in America?

    We cannot even make electronic voting safe. No matter how good people are on setting something like this up, there'll be people on the other side who are better, making money out of nothing, like they are the Fed.
  22. Corruption Report Card.

    number 1?!?!? Jersey is best? mind blowing
  23. Manning a Bronco

    No matter how long he plays, I think the Broncos are getting a guy that makes makes the whole team better, by merit of the way he looks at the game, his work ethic, his professionalism and the ability to maintain drives, thus getting the entire offense a whole lot more in-game snaps. Not only this, but any bit that he can share with the Broncos WRs, TEs and especially their Oline, will be huge and carry on long after he is no longer with the team.
  24. Brandon Marshall to the Bears

  25. May 15th

    meh... too much hack and slash, too little thinking. ((if its anything like the old ones.)) Kind of like Gauntlet. Still tooling with Skyrim. Then Revelations and/or Mass Effect 3. The game I am really stoked for is Boarderlands 2.