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  1. Moral question about a dynasty league

    no question here. scumbag move.
  2. Manning's revelence going to another team: FF wise

    I wasn't too sure about Manning to Miami at first, but I like it the more I think about it. He won't need to air it out every down and he will do wonders for the development of Pouncy.
  3. Packers OC Son is Missing

    I've done far more stupid things, over the years, with drink in me, than I have with herb.
  4. Question about the Koran burning in Afghanistan

    I think an apology was demanded and by apologizing he wasn't saying that the American's getting killed was 'okay' Option 1: He apologizes for the burning. Hopefully less people get killed. Option 2: He says 'the hell with it' and doesn't try to keep additional American's from getting killed on account of that. I 'guess' the second option allows somebody to keep their inflated pride, but at what cost?
  5. I can't believe it got better.

    Good info, free of spotted owls. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-february-28-2012/i-can-t-believe-it-got-better-
  6. The Latest From The Asylum

    clever, she ain't.
  7. Its time to talk UFA's!

    Paul Solai is a FA in Miami and there is a pretty good chance, due to changing schemes, that they let him go.
  8. minimum wage

    perhaps, then, a threshhold could be considered, something that kicks in at 30-35 hours.
  9. Goddell given 5-year extension

    $20 million - while a lot - does not seem like a lot for the commissioner of the NFL. I don't care to look it up, but that is probably way less than a buck for everybody that has watched at least one game over the season. ((edited to add - Goddell might not catch or throw a ball, but seeing how most of these cats manage their money, I don't think that they could do what he does either.))
  10. minimum wage

    so the question stands (as somebody asked earlier) why should the people on MW suffer for government and union contracts.
  11. minimum wage

    Is that a problem with raising the Minimum Wage - or is that a problem with the contracts? When everybody signed onto the contracts, do you think both sides did so with the possibility that the minimum wage could increase?
  12. The Walking Dead on AMC

  13. PETA....Taylor Swift's ding dong?

    I know they are way against zoos, but something tells me they have some pretty strong opinions of pet ownership as well
  14. Guess Who's Back?

    as a Miami fan, I'd be interested in bringing him in, if we get Manning. I am not sold on the whole Manning idea, but its sink or swim if we get him, so might as well do what we can.
  15. Video Games; What are you playing lately?

    the Wench and I just fought our first dragon a couple days ago (at level 47) is there any way to reset your skill point allotment. I'd love to be able to use the points I invested in destruction elsewhere.
  16. Ricky Williams to retire

    I had some issues with his behavior, as a Miami fan, but as a person who is still trying to figure things out myself, I really cannot blame him. Really cool and interesting cat. NFL HoF, no. Spaceman HoF, no worse than second ballet.
  17. Whitney Houston dead at age 48

    man, she seemed absolutely unstoppable, once. I am sorry to not have been able to see her grow and mature with her music. I wonder what she'd be doing today if she had not fallen afoul of Bobby Brown
  18. Peyton Manning to...

    Good question. By that logic, every signing that the remaining 31 teams make, each year, are bad signings.
  19. Water Closet Ettiquette

    I never, ever pooped at work until I got into the spam industry. Bathrooms are cleaned like half a dozen times a day
  20. why the Giants will beat the Pats Again in SB

    Perhaps I am wrong, but aren't you one of the cats who goes cryng to the mods here and there?
  21. Well, Chiefs now have an OC

    I liked him in Miami and wish he would have stayed. Very creative. Very high energy.
  22. Peyton Mannings has received clearance to play

    I don't understand this. If Peyton doesn't play, its going to be because of his health. The colts would have certainly looked into his health when they offered him his contract. If Peyton is not on the team, it is because the Colts will have cut him. So again, I don't get it.
  23. Peyton Mannings has received clearance to play

    I don't see the timing as classless at all, even if it was done purposefully. Its a business and I don't think that this will steal any sunshine from the Giants or NEP
  24. Should US taxpayers be on the hook for

    they are both risks, sure, but I don't see how they are similar otherwise.