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  1. Free Agent/Waiver System

  2. Let's see your league sites

    I am always looking for ideas. The Second Annual Shooters League
  3. ProFootball Weekly....

    I have never gotten the magazine, but really enjoy the website
  4. Looking for Enlightenment

    While I can't say that I disagree - doesn't a slower surface (bog) make for slower defenders? That issue should all come out in the wash
  5. Vegas and Lewis

    yippie yahoooo!!
  6. Who is being the schmuck here?

    on the $20 million signing bonus. I hate hate hate hate...hate this!!!
  7. Let's see your league sites

    ah, the disappointment when last year's winner recieved it and realized it was, in-fact, the Shooter Cup. Last year's site had a much larger picture of the cup - 2 actually - and it still appeared to be the Hooter Cup.
  8. Let's see your league sites

    The blue on blue crosshatching is one of MFL skins.
  9. TO re-injures groin...

    Well, he had a reporting bonus, so he had to report. Isn't it strange that this is all coming up when he said he would not be at camp - but has to be at camp to get paid? He's playing both sides of the issue. I have nothing to base this off of, but it seems to me like its a faked injury. Have the trainers looked at it? I cannot read the article here at work.
  10. TO re-injures groin...

    This whole things sounds like BS to me.
  11. Atlanta WR's

    that would amount to one heck of a game
  12. Just joined the Huddle.....

  13. Just joined the Huddle.....

    Welcome Big Mike. Whatever you do, don't eat the red ones.
  14. Steve Young or Joe Montana?

    Didn't Garica put up better numbers, on average?
  15. Braylon Edwards' Contract status?

    only to walk away with what? 5 million - and after all those years and millions. poor baby
  16. Fantasy Draft Board

    Never used one - but this looks pretty sweet... dig it
  17. Transaction/trade fees

    Biggest problem is collecting. Not that people don't want to pay, but they rush to pay at the beginning of the year and the motivation is not really there at the end of the year. We now collect extra up front and return it if it is not used.
  18. Rhino Spreadsheet

    last time I used it, I got a rash
  19. Cedric Benson

    From what I have seen, the guy is an ox. fought like hell for those tough yards (like there was any threat of a pass - or a catch). H did as well as any other back in his situation would have. I think that the Bears made a mistake on this one. Benson might turn out to be all world - but until that happens, big mistake.
  20. Cedric Benson

    Come on now. Did you watch any Bears games? What you said is true - in all but the worst of circumstances - but you do not get too much worse than the bs that TJ had to deal with last year. Again - look at the passing numbers. Then look at TJs receiving numbers. They only reason the clowns they put in completed any passes was because TJ was catching them.
  21. Cedric Benson

    Jones was the offense last year. He kicked but. Before Grossman went down, he had some very good games (with no real threat of a passing attack). ONCE Grossman went down, the D knew what the QB was going to do on EVERY play - give the ball to Jones - and he still did very well. Heck, I think that Jones was the leading reciever on the team as well. Drafting Benson was a real kick in the balls to TJ
  22. WestBrook

    The position is runningback. Westbrook is great out of the backfield, but pedestrian running the ball
  23. Rhino Spreadsheet

    : : :
  24. CCS

    Steven Jackson
  25. Westbrook looking to break the bank...

    He's lucky if he is the 15th best back in the league.