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  1. Dont need to get in to word play of terrorist act or act of terrors.


    I don't know why it is an issue. Why does it need to be annouced immidiately? Terrorism is done to spread terror, but also to gain attention. So long as the administration, CIA, etc... had the correct information. Why does it matter that it took some time to tell us the whole story?


    Is there any benefit to releasing this information prematurely?


    Is there any benefit to making sure our i's are dotted and our t's are crossed?


    I don't know why this is such a big issue.

  2. Miami was actually my first thought, but I seriously doubt KC just lets him walk unless someone is willing to give up the farm for him.


    I know New Orleans has at least one RB they can spare :unsure: , but to be honest, most Saints fans would give their left testicle for a pass rusher rather than another receiver..



    Miami has Matt Moore (who is better than both of their QBs) and an extra second and third.

  3. This is the reason why I'm not liking it. Console FPS are much harder to target and move around with instead of using a mouse and keyboard. I'm gotten better with the console but still get pissed when i can't target on one of the mobs. All they do is run around like crazy. I'm going to give it another week



    Stick with it Cliaz. Its a great game with a great sense of humor that offers an open world unlike any other FPS. Borderlands is not a pure FPS, so there might be a little tradeoff. Borderlands is to pure shooters what Burnout is to pure driving games (grand turismo sp?)

  4. Yeah but key losses in the off season seems to of taken its toll. They let DC Mike Nolan leave (big mistake) Jason Taylor retired (not an everydown guy but a leader on and off the field who really got the guys going) and Yerimiah Bell (let go and signed with the Jets. Don't get me started on this one) who was a defensive captain and called the plays in the secondary. Former first round CB Vontae Davis has been practicing and playing so bad he is barely making it on the field in nickle and dime situations. They are missing a few key guys to injuries at them moment but the first team defense has been really pushed around by Tampa Bay 2 weeks ago and most recently Carolina who really made them look pathetic. What once was the Dolphin's only glimmer of hope, now looks more and more like another liability, much like their offense and special teams.



    With the offense and defense both learning new systems, and with the Dolphins not having a clear cut starting QB during training camp, I would not put too much into the preseason. They might start out a little slow, but I think they will gain momentum. I think a .500+ season is realistic.

  5. The Wench and I rented a 'castle' in the mountain's for a couple weeks. It was in the neighborhood of Dollywood. Strange area. Miles and miles of gimicky restaurants, mini-golf and such and traffic that moved at a crawl. Damn near impossible to get around - which wasn't too bad seeing how we got the place to lock ourselves away for a week.

  6. The FACT is Criminals lOVE disarmed victims and evil governments LOVE disarmed citizens... 170,000,000 non military people were killed by governments in the 20th century alone. More people die everyday in the United States by FDA approved prescription drugs then guns by lawful citizens...




  7. Again, I am not saying I disagree with the assessment, however ill-advised as it was. He was clearly talking about the Palastinians, and this overlooks some issues their economy is going through (Israel). I am not saying the Israelis are the bad guys, the issue is just a little more complex than Mitt made it.


    also - with Obama being one of those evil socialists, wouldn't any red blooded republican or tea-party member see England, Israel and Poland as socialist as well? What's with all of this freedom stuff? I thought socialism and national health care was anti-freedom.

  8. so hold on....implying that Israel has a more productive civic culture than Palestine is a "gaffe"? seems like an obvious and incontestable statement of truth. that anyone is even trying to make it controvertial reeks of desperation.



    It is when you suggest: "“I’m not speaking about it, did not speak about the Palestinian culture.”


    I do not disagree with his assessment, it was just ill-advised.