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  1. I've gone on record being as being a big Bloomburg supporter several times. I think he'd be the perfect presidential candidate.


    With that said, I am sure somebody mentioned this, but don't have the time to read through six pages of replies.


    I supported the cigarette thing as cigarettes effect other people's quality of life. This soda thing, though, rings of maddness. I'd be more in favor of a sin-tax on it (to help go towards medicade, medicare, etc) than banning certain sizes. But then, I'd support that with alcohol too.

  2. "Those blue and brown things behind me? Yeah, i remember seeing them back at the college. Aren't those the things that the guy in Shawshank used to hide his hammer? That was a good idea. Hey! I wonder if there's a tunnel behind that picture!"




  3. I always thought a good substitute for the pro-bowl would be to have various skill competitions between the players voted into the pro-bowl. You know, like a QB challenge, obstacle courses etc... Playing a meaningless football game is a terrible idea.




  4. OH MY EFFING GOD the horror - and here I was thinking stuff like the Middle East conflict or children with cancer was a serious issue. Thank God I have something really important to lose sleep on now. That poor boy!



    what beer is saying is that nobody should have a right to have a sense of humor - or - talk about their life - so long as these issues are going on.

  5. What part of the state would you live in and why? And before you go into 'why in the hell would you want to move there' it's job related...


    My 1st criteria is decent to great public schools (probably rules out Philly)

    My 2nd criteria is fishing...


    For schools, I'd go Bucks county. Its close to Philly, NYC and Hunterdon Country NJ. Descent place. Probably not as good as fishing as in further in the state, but I am sure there is some.


    why not ask whether or not religious people would be satisfied if their "marriage" was only recognized in the eyes of their church but, in the eyes of the state, they were "snorpled" just like any other consenting couple?




    I cannot see any answer that better solves the problem.

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  7. I consider myself a Christian, but...


    I cannot understand how any being of any wisdom would make something that was unerring, but at the same time allow it to be, so often, misinterprited and used for evil. The two concepts seem at odds with each other.

  8. I have but just wrapped up the game on the weekend. ME3 is probably going away until the new ending DLC comes out.



    If you enjoy online games, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't give it some play.


    Were you as pissed by the ending as most people seem to be? I don't get the complaints.