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  1. Help in the FLEX position

    BUMP, Still on the fence STARKS seems to be a big play this week I Hate messing with a line-up, but in the flex spot, leaning towards sticking with BUSH With HUNTER being a 4P start, he is out of the equation for now(At least this week)
  2. RB WDIS o Meter Poll - Will answer yours

    I think it depends on your scoring. A PPR league, I think you have to start RICE and FORTE, as I think this week, Felix will steal some of the catches that MURRAY has been getting the past four weeks. If it is a TD league, I would go woith FORTE and MURRAY, RICE is a GREAT performance league RB and it is hard to sit him, but they play the BENGALS this week, who surprisingly enough, have a really good Rushing Defense Good Luck Mine is on the board if your wish to answer Good Luck
  3. I have been riding Reggie BUSH for the past four weeks in the flex spot. Here is my situation, I have had Kendall HUNTER on my bench as well as J. STARKS. This week everyone says because of the match-up play STARKS, but if GORE sits, HUNTER gets ALL the touches. I know its a flex spot, but I am competing for my division and points race. SCORING: 3pts per TD, .1 per yard carried and recieved with bonuses at 100yds for both. .5pts per reception In a nutshell, STARKS, R. BUSH, or K, HUNTER(if GORE sits) Thanks in advance
  4. WDIS

    Looking to pick a starting QB C NEWTON v. Jacksonville M STAFFORD v. Minnesota R FITZPATRICK v. New England Performance scoring 3pts per TD, 1 pt for every 25yards, bonus for 20, 40, 60, and 80 yards PATD's, .25 for pass first downs I tried trading one of them for a TIMMONS or a good WR, no takers So I am stuck making this decision every week I have it narrowed to STAFFORD and NEWTON but FITZPATRICK makes for a good argument every week Thanks in ADVANCE!!!
  5. Rolando McLame

    I agree I watched that entire game and saw McClain fall off tackles and he just didn't look aggressive around the ball For a MLB in a 4-3 system, I am giving him one more week VERY fustrating!!!!

    Any word on the calf injury I am assuming that he is practicing?
  7. I have Reggie BUSH as a starter in a Flex Spot and it is also PPR. A guy grabbed Daniel THOMAS ahead of me in the draft who had FOSTER, so I grabbed TATE. Should I pull the trigger now and trade the TATE for THOMAS straight up or wait for week 1? I have a feeling that TATE is slated for a huge week, and THOMAS "tweeked" his hammy. What do you guys think? Thanks in Advance!
  8. Jennings or Crabtree

    Crabtree with a bigshow last week and Jennings was still his invisible self Is it time to bench him for CRABTREE Thanks in Advance
  9. What do you need Monday night?

    Need HOLMES to get 11 points in a PPR League 1 point per reception 6 Points per TD 1 point per every 10 yards Looks simple but HOLDING my breath
  10. Major Advice at RB

    I drafted Jerome HARRISON and antother team picked up PEYTON HILLIS as a handcuff I will try anything at this point
  11. Major Advice at RB

    I have Jerome HARRISON and another team picked up Peyton HILLIS I will try anything at this point
  12. Major Advice at RB

    We play in an IDP league and my defense has been carrying me so far. Here is my dilemma: Jamal Charles is my #1 RB (WOW) Choose from: James DAVIS v. Ravens Donald BROWN v. Broncos Marshan LYNCH v. Patriots Lawrence MARONY v. Colts I am in a bad way with my RB's and just trying to get though until HALEY loses a couple games and starts CHARLES Scoring: .5 per reception .1 per yard rushed and received .2 for first downs 2 points for recieving/rushes over 20yards 3 points per TD Thinking of going with BROWN cause ADDAI is dinged up, but MARONY looks a least salvagable Thanks in Advance
  13. Daryl WASHINGTON?

    Sorry.. I left out that I picked up Z. DILES last week for a filler until CUSHING coomes back
  14. Daryl WASHINGTON?

    I drafted him as a late round sleeper. He posted 10 solo last game. Is he going to be a good every week FLEX player My other LB's are: S. BRADLEY (Injured) P. WILLIS T. SUGGS J. MAYO SUGGS is listed as a LB even though he is really a DE. We Start 3LB's, 2 DB's, 2 DL, and 1 Flex (LB, DB, or DL) POINT SYSTEM: 1 Point Solo Tackle .5 Point Assist Tackle 1.5 Points for a Sack 1.5 Points Pass Defended 1 Points FF 1 Point Fumble REcovery Should I start him every week? Thanks in Advance
  15. IDP Breakdowns..

    is the best of any site I've seen GREAT Jobs guys especially with the addition to the Injury Report