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  1. I did not read everything here but did someone mention to invite your bosses boss to play in the league? In fact, let him have your spot and be the commish.
  2. RIP Bernie Casey

    I think he did some movies as well.
  3. Rams Uniforms

    Looks like a mixture of the old LA Rams and the St Louis Rams.
  4. Do I Trade Away or Let Go to Draft

    So what is the benefit of trading a player? How does it help if you can only keep two players?
  5. Saw something on the news. Nodetails. They did say he was not under the influence. Just an accident.
  6. Rumor: Washington and Scot McCloughan are on the outs

    That's how I feel about the Redskins Organization right now. I guess it would be wise to trade Cousins and at least get something for him. I think next year he can walk. Here, take it again!!!!!!
  7. Championship Blowouts + SB Prediction

    I think NE will win but will be pulling for Atlanta.
  8. Cowboys Giants

    The Cowboys are soooo undependable. The only game I root for them all year and the lose. A Giants lose would have helped the Redskins in the playoff race. Well, at least the Cowboy fans in the office will be quiet today. LOL
  9. I like Aretha but did not like what she did today.
  10. Test you musical knowledge

    Beatles - 50% I could not say I really knew any of them, purely guesses.
  11. And things get even tougher...

    Sorry to hear this.
  12. Is MFL Down?

    Have not been able to get on in the last hour.
  13. "I Started Ryan Fitzpatrick" Support Group

    You guys do know that there are people in other countries who would be happy to have started Fitz or Palmer?
  14. Cutler?

    I never liked Jeffery on my fantasy team but could not explain why. Then I watched the game last night and figured it out........Cutler.