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  1. Clemson vs Notre Dame

    WTF, the split screen thing sucks

    Has Ronnie Harrison taken over for Barry Church? Is Ronnie a good play tonight.
  3. Guice torn ACL

  4. I better not even mention that I made a homemade crust a few weeks ago. It was made of cauliflower and cheese. It was real good but took to long to make.
  5. I don't eat at any of the chain pizza joints. I get my pizza from a few local businesses.
  6. Alex Smith

    Have not spoken to any others. I am not crazy about it. Nothing wrong with Alex but he is short term, maybe we still draft a quarterback. So remember who the Eagles coach was when the Redskins got McNabb? Yep!
  7. Alex Smith

    I didn’t see that coming!
  8. Time Clock

    But why? It’s part of the game and time should be accounted for.
  9. Time Clock

    Does an extra point not take any time? The clock never runs for an extra point but it has to take at least a second.
  10. What do you need on MNF?

    Need D Hopkins to make one catch. He does not need to make any yards as long as he does not lose any. I am down by about .25 pts (1/4 point)
  11. Am I crazy to even consider Dorsett. He suppose to start tonight. I need 16 points. Have the Broncos kicker and one of the above.
  12. Eddie Lacy to be featured running back

    He may not be to bad an option this week since the Hawks are playing the Redskins who have a depleted line. Soooooo many injuries.
  13. I did not read everything here but did someone mention to invite your bosses boss to play in the league? In fact, let him have your spot and be the commish.
  14. RIP Bernie Casey

    I think he did some movies as well.
  15. Rams Uniforms

    Looks like a mixture of the old LA Rams and the St Louis Rams.