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  1. Opening Week Talk

    Maybe Cleveland is cursed. Like the Red Sox’s were when the traded away the Babe. Curse of the Brownies!
  2. Opening Week Talk

    I may not have many weeks like this so I’ll take advantage of it. 8 sacks, 2 ints and 1 fumble recovery. Wins 27-17 💪🏈
  3. Opening Week Talk

    How about them Football Team!!! 24 unanswered points. 7 sacks!!!!!
  4. Opening Week Talk

    Football Team tied it up! Six sacks and two interceptions!!!!
  5. Opening Week Talk

    MFL has update and we Scotsman TD! 😄
  6. Opening Week Talk

    Why isn’t MFL updating for my team? I see others updating. And yes, my players are scoring points. 😂
  7. Opening Week Talk

    Football Team has 4 sacks already but gave up a 4th and long. Offense looks bad as expected. Missed a 48 yd FG
  8. Ronnie Harrison CLE

    Thanks for the info Flash. However, I’m trying to figure out who is starting. Based on huddle idp points for the week’s projection it appears Harrison. However, every depth chart show Harrison as a backup.
  9. Ronnie Harrison CLE

    So what’s his role in Cleveland? All depth charts have him as a backup. The huddle point projection seems to indicate otherwise.
  10. Zane dropping like a rock

    Draft the Washington kicker, they won’t be getting into the end zone too often.
  11. Ron Rivera Has Lymph Node Cancer

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Coach!!!
  12. (fantasypros) Washington head coach Ron Rivera has been diagnosed with lymph node cancer, according to a report from ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter. Schefter adds that Rivera has been told he cancer is "very treatable and curable". Analysis: This is shocking news and is the latest bombshell in what has been a wild offseason for the Washington Football Team. According to Schefter, Rivera has "consulted with a number of doctors and specialists and is establishing a treatment plan with the team and an outside specialist. For now, it's business as usual for Washington but a "Plan B" is in place."
  13. Guice arrested and released by Wash

    🙄 Geez!
  14. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    It’s the Brady effect. 😂