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  1. From the crockpot-week 2

    She did let me buy a 52" JVC Hd-ila television yesterday. A couple of hours at a picnic vs. big screen HD. I think I made a very fair trade....
  2. My old Sony 30" just bit the big one

    Just purchased the JVC 52" HD-ila yesterday. Was better than the Toshiba DLP hands down. After about 3 months of research, I couldn't find any better bang for the buck. I'm personally still not sold on plasma because of the "burn-in" potential. Don't know about the TV you're looking at, but BB has the JVC's on sale. Purchased ours at HH Gregg because I could negotiate a MUCH better deal than at BB.
  3. From the crockpot-week 2

    I'll be taking a day off from culinary duties, as my fiance and I have to attend her company picnic. Nothing special there, hamburgers, hots, and brats. I'll be planning a strong comeback for next week.
  4. Vick sucks

    Swerski - ever hear of some guy named Young? Steve Young? #8 for the 49ers? Take a look at how long it took him to be your "prototype" WCO QB. You'll be surprised. Same problems as Vick. Run first. Run second. Throw errant passes third. AND he had a guy named Rice to throw the ball to. I think he turned out all right. I agree that from a fantasy perspective, Vick is going to kill me this year (Brady and Delhomme taken right in front of me), but his winning % as a starting QB are very solid. I hated Young (being a Cowboys fan), but will respect that he became an absolute master of the WCO. With him tutoring Vick, the potential for Vick is still very high. Jenkins performed fairly last night (2nd yr. WR) and Crumpler is there. The only thing the Falcons need is a killer go to WR (ala Harrison, C. Johnson, Torry Holt, etc.). If they can get that before Vick's knees are demolished, it could be lights out for the NFC for a while (except for my Cowboys :P).
  5. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Chief, I always enjoy reading your BBQ exploits. This year I've decided to start in the crock pot for opening day (too much going on in C-bus today w/ the Longhorns in town). I'll be doing a 6 lb. prime rib for 9 hours tomorrow. In the crockpot w/ pepperoncini, onion, 2 Dos Equis, beef broth and a couple of TB of my dry rub. When cooked, you shred it up, put it on ciabatta bread, throw on the provolone and put it under the broiler for a couple of minutes. One of the best darn sammiches I've created (just too expensive to do frequently). Have a great time at your BBQ. I'll be sure to keep track of the weekly Sunday menus hoping for some additional inspiration.....
  6. Best draft pick you've gotten

    Without any doubt, last Sunday night drafted Mike Anderson w/ the 10th pick of the 10th round. Have Tomlinson, Westbrook, Martin, Larry Johnson (6th round steal) and Mike Anderson in a PPR league. Now I'm just holding out for the possible trade offers (already was offered Horn or Trent Green for Curtis Martin, still pondering my next move). BTW, Tatum Bell taken w/ the 9th pick of the 4th round, DOH!
  7. There are Only 2 Ways that the Steelers Don't Win

    Dirk, for the all the crap you took, you got it right. Not saying I'll ever bet on preseason, but props for calling your shot.
  8. Current Drive - (Last Play on Bottom) Oakland Raiders begin at 12:16 1-10-OAK 17 (12:16) Z.Crockett up the middle to JAX 36 for 47 yards (G.Favors). 1-10-JAC 36 (11:28) Z.Crockett up the middle to JAX 30 for 6 yards (D.Darius). 2-4-JAC 30 (10:52) Z.Crockett left guard to JAX 25 for 5 yards (A.Ayodele). 1-10-JAC 25 (10:13) Z.Crockett up the middle to JAX 20 for 5 yards (D.Smith). 2-5-JAC 20 (9:38) Z.Crockett left guard to JAX 16 for 4 yards (M.Peterson). 3-1-JAC 16 (8:58) Z.Crockett up the middle to JAX 16 for no gain. 4-1-JAC 16 (8:28) Z.Crockett up the middle to JAX 15 for 1 yard. 1-10-JAC 15 (7:40) Z.Crockett up the middle to JAX 6 for 9 yards (A.Ayodele, D.Washington). 2-1-JAC 6 (7:03) Z.Crockett up the middle to JAX 6 for no gain (D.Smith). 3-1-JAC 6 (6:21) Z.Crockett right guard to JAX 5 for 1 yard (D.Smith). 1-5-JAC 5 (5:34) Z.Crockett up the middle to JAX 5 for no gain (M.Peterson). 2-5-JAC 5 (5:09) K.Collins pass to Z.Crockett to JAX 1 for 4 yards (A.Ayodele, M.Stroud). 3-1-JAC 1 (4:28) Z.Crockett up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. PENALTY on OAK-R.Williams, Tripping, 15 yards, enforced at JAX 1. Nice one, Roland..... Could've been one of the best drives of the year.
  9. Shaun Alexander having a good

    How's the foot taste?
  10. Pennington Press conference

    Same thing's been said about Bill Gates... I don't think he cares.
  11. Good luck today!

    Just caught a minute this morning before heading out. Want to wish everyone the best of luck today. Weather in Columbus is not good: high wind (15 mph+), cold, light snow. If it's anything like this in Cincy or Cleveland, those are going to be some tough games. Anyhow, I hope to hear some good victory stories when I check back in after Christmas. Speaking of which, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the Huddler Nation.
  12. Fantasy Up-Sets

    In our league, the opposing division had the #4 upset the #1. (The #4 is roughly 500 pts. back from me, lowest scoring team in the league - Duckett - unbelievable). In our division, I'm the #4 (highest points scored for and against) trailing by 9. He has Kennison. I have Brown and Bennett. Also in our division, the #3 is currently up by 4 pts. over the #2. #2 has Mason left, that's all the players involved. Remarkably, the highest score for the week (61) was from a non-playoff team and the low score is 38. Normally, our highest scorer will be in the 110-120 range and the low score will be in the 50's. This is one of the strangest weeks I've seen in our league's existence (7 or 8 years). I'm off to say some prayers...
  13. The smoker's fired up for the brisket I'm doing for my friends and leaguemates. There's plenty of beer in the coolers. 2 beer can chickens for those that don't like the smoke heavy flavor of the beef brisket. And there's 2 bottles of Grey Goose, and one of Maker's Mark ready for the festivities. Before things get too hectic, I want to wish everyone the best in their FF Playoffs. After 13 weeks, it all comes down to this: Win or go home. Not for the money (but it's nice), but for the satisfaction of victory. I hope everyone does well and that all your players dodge serious injury. Merry Christmas as well. I'll be traveling for the next 10 days so won't be able to even check the boards. Hope Santa bring you all you wished for... Good Luck!
  14. Quick question...

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I've had Brown in since Tues. morning and was getting the itchy trigger finger. Glad you've brought reason back into the decision....
  15. Quick question...

    Even matchup between myself and my opponent. Should I start Brown/Smith on Monday (with a great matchup) or Pittman (w/ a horrible matchup)? Scoring, 1 pt. per 20 yds. rush. 4 pt. bonus for 100yds. 6 pt. TD's. 5 pt. bonus is over 50 yd TD. Thanks so much for any advice. It really is appreciated.